causes of pimples on the face and how to prevent and treat 

causes of pimples on the face and how to prevent and treat 

The causes of pimples on the face are multiple and differ from one person to another, and these reasons differ in their effect according to each skin. The problems of pimples spread in different forms, types and causes, such as acne that most young people suffer from in adolescence, and such as pimples and pimples that oily skin suffers from, which are Blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged skin pores, and causes of pimples The face will not go beyond the scope of hormonal disorders from one period of growth to another, as well as excessive secretion of fat due to the increase in oil glands in oily or mixed skin, as well as diets have a major role in the appearance of facial pimples, especially if the followed system is an unhealthy system rich in fats, oils, fried foods, and sugars. 

In order to overcome the problem of facial pimples, there are many recommendations, medical treatment methods, and modern technologies.

What are the causes of pimples in the face?

  • Psychological factors such as stress may cause the emergence of acne or increase its spread 
  •  Hormonal changes in the body due to the increase (androgens) that are secreted during puberty in girls and boys. These hormones increase the production of sebaceous glands in the face, which causes acne pimples and pimples to appear. 
  • Some medications can lead to The appearance of facial pimples such as corticosteroids, testosterone, and lithium 
  • Some unhealthy diets rich in oils and fats such as fried foods, fried potatoes, packaged potato chips and fried chicken pieces in oil exacerbate the problem of acne and the appearance of pimples 
  • The use of some chemical cosmetics that clog pores with a fatty composition and ingredients that increase From the accumulation of fat on the face.


Where do grains in the face indicate?

Infection with pimples on the face, such as the forehead and the area of ​​the letter T, which is the forehead of the nose, as well as the area of ​​the cheeks, the jaw area and the chin, for each area there are indications when pimples appear in it. Hair growth under the skin and unpopular blisters appear due to clogged pores, and the reason for the appearance of pimples in the forehead area is that it is the most areas of the face that contain fat cells that secrete oils and fats, especially in the youth stage or during pregnancy and childbirth or before the menstrual cycle, and for the letter T area It is the forehead and chin, as it is full of fat cells whose mission is to moisturize the skin, but sometimes these cells secrete fat so much that it works to clog the pores and the appearance of many grains in the area of ​​​​the forehead and nose and around the nose. As for the area of ​​​​the cheeks, grains may appear in them due to friction resulting from improper drying. Or applying some inappropriate care products that irritate the skin, and the cheeks area is affected by friction while holding the phone directly and rubbing it against the nose, or due to friction with sleeping pillows. If it is furnished with non-cotton bedding, this friction may increase the possibility of pimples occurring on the face, cheeks, jaw area, chin area, and in the U-shaped area. the girls.

Methods of treating the appearance of pimples on the face 

There are many tips that must be adhered to in the event of pimples appearing on the face, including washing the face frequently during the day using a medicated lotion twice a day, using a lotion suitable for oily skin and treating acne that contains glycolic acid, salicylic acid

or sulfur, and using ointments or Creams containing benzoyl peroxide which treats acne bacteria and prevents their multiplication so as not to cause infection and a larger spread of pimples. Pay attention to developing a daily routine of creams or care products that contain salicylic acid it helps in cleaning and opening pores and relieves the problem Clogged pores of oily skin.

The reason for the appearance of pimples on the face suddenly

and one of the most important reasons that result in the appearance of pimples on the face directly is anxiety and psychological state, or the use of medications that help the appearance of pimples. A diet that does not contain oils and fats, a healthy diet that contains substances rich in vitamins and mineral salts must be maintained, with attention to drinking quantities of water appropriate to body weight, 

and one of the most important reasons that cause pimples is air pollution, as it may affect sensitive skin and lead to the appearance of pimples. Suddenly or due to high humidity in the air, care must be taken in using care products and applying a special care routine that suits the skin type and with the use of care products that contain natural materials free of chemicals. All skin care products of all kinds are available in Adam Pharmacy from the best brands with natural ingredients that are safe for the skin.


What are the types of pimples in the face? 

  • Whiteheads, which are non-inflammatory skin pimples spread on the face in the case of oily skin.
  •  Blackheads, which are also non-inflammatory pimples spread on the face and neck 
  • , pustules, which are inflammatory pimples that may be red in color. They are treated by topical preparations
  •  . Papules, which are inflammatory pimples produced due to contact dermatitis. It may be associated with the presence of eczema or psoriasis
  •  , cysts, which are inflammatory grains that occur due to infection in the sebaceous glands, and may require surgery


Reasons for the sudden appearance of red pimples on the face

One of the most important causes of pimples on the face that appear suddenly and are red and inflamed is contact dermatitis, which is a type of eczema that may occur due to dryness and peeling of the skin, and the reason for their sudden appearance is exposure to allergens or inflammation resulting from friction It is advised to use skin moisturizers, moisturizing creams, and topical steroids in the form of creams or lotions, and some moisturizers that relieve skin irritation, while staying away from foods that cause an allergic reaction.


Causes of pimples on the face for men

pimpleson the face in men may be linked to acne in adolescence due to hormonal disorders and may be associated with several other causes such as stress or tension, excessive drying of the skin, washing the skin with hot water, or due to exposure to pollution and exposure to the skin. For bacteria in the case of incorrect uses of towels or unclean shaving tools, or the use of chemicals that irritate the skin, and skin pimples may appear in men and due to unhealthy diets, and it is advised to choose products suitable for men’s skin and that these products are made of natural materials and contain natural compounds and vitamins Paying attention to the cleanliness of the face and skin with drying and sterilization using soft cotton towels, taking care not to rub the skin or peeling off pimples and grains, and avoiding wrong habits that affect the skin, such as smoking, staying up late, or an unhealthy lifestyle, and paying attention to moisturizing the skin by drinking amounts of water suitable for body weight with hydration With natural materials such as aloe vera.

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