Black skin

Black skin

The difference is a cosmic year of the laws of the universe; Since the difference exists in all beings, if we look at the universe around us, it becomes clear to us that the difference exists between the planets, as each planet is different from the other, for example, the planet Earth is different from Mercury, and Mercury is different from Earth and Venus and so on… the planets, and in Our planet finds a difference in the seas, as every sea is different from the other, and this is what also happens between rivers, each of them is different from the other.

The theory of difference is also rooted among humans in their morals and behaviors, they are also different in their shapes, voices, and statures, and the difference is also in the nature of their head hair, as it is found in the color of their hair, and the difference in humans is also in the color of their skin.

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The main reason for the different colors of people:

There is no doubt that the color of the skin depends on genetic factors. People with white skin often have white skin, and also people with wheat or wheat skin often have wheat skin and also the case with people with black skin often. Their children are black.

The main factor behind the different colors of human beings lies in the fact that there are certain cells under the outer layer of the skin that are responsible for making a pigment called melanin, and the amount of melanin pigment varies from one skin to another. darkening of the epidermis;

There is a second pigment, carotene, which is found in the inner layer of the skin, and carotene is also a major factor in determining the color of the skin, as it determines the extent of yellowing of the skin.

Sections of skin tones: Skin tones 

differ from one person to another, and this is according to what we mentioned above. The difference is according to the extent of skin pigmentation with melanin and carotene.

Skin colors are divided into 6 colors or shades.

Very light or very white skin:

This skin is the main reason for its light color because it contains very small amounts of melanin, and this skin is the most sensitive type of skin; This is because it is the lightest at all, it is easily affected by the high rays of the sun, and it is highly affected by various external factors, and this skin is of two shades, the light white color, and the very light pink color.

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One of the negative aspects of this skin is that freckles appear most of the time on the color of the skin, and the owners of this skin often have blonde or copper-red hair. 

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White skin:

Some believe that there is no difference between very light skin and white, but there is a difference between them, as white skin is less sensitive than very light skin, but it corresponds to it in its excessive sensitivity to the sun, and external factors.

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Medium skin:

This skin tends to be wheatish in color, and it is characterized by the presence of melanin pigment in a greater proportion than its predecessors.

Wheat or wheaten skin:

This skin ranges in color between medium brown and light brown, but tends to be more light in color. It is the most prevalent in the Arab world, and is characterized by low sensitivity to the sun and its rays, and a strong resistance to external factors.

Dark skin:

It is characterized by a dark brown color or what is called the color of chocolate, and it is the least sensitive to the sun, as the sun does not affect its color, and this skin is rich in melanin pigment, and this color is called brown or bronze.

Very dark or black skin:

This skin is characterized by a dark or shiny black color, and the reason is the large number of melanin pigment in this skin, and it is considered rare sensitivity to the sun; It is not affected by direct sunlight, no matter how long it is exposed to, and this skin is the darkest color of the skin, it is black and not brown.

  • Advantages

  • of black skin: Black skinned people besides having a rich skin of melanin, they also have a lot of melanomas, which in turn provide great protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.
  • Although dark skin absorbs sunlight more than light skin by 30-40%, dark skin does not increase the skin's absorption of internal heat, and this is in the case of intense sunlight.
  • This skin is less affected by heat, as the surface of the body does not heat up the internal cells, and this also happens during the exercises of black skinned people, as their bodies also produce less heat during exercise.
  • People with black skin have less signs of aging compared to people with fair skin. Because their dark skin protects them from the damage of solar radiation. 

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  • Important advice for the woman with black skin:

  • Dear, do not try to lighten your skin:

your black skin is a distinctive sign of your beauty, so you should not resort to skin-lightening recipes, and not resort to lightening creams; Because resorting to these products is harmful to your skin and harms it because it distorts the beauty of your brown skin color.

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  • Be very careful not to resort to bleaches or lightening creams.
  • You, my dear, should drink a lot of water. Because drinking water gives your skin and your skin vitality and freshness. It gives your whole body health and strength, and even gives it life. Where water is the secret of life.
  • You have to eat a lot of vegetables to ensure the vitality of your black skin; It is rich in many vitamins of hair, nails and skin that your delicate skin needs, and it compensates for what your body loses in vitamins and minerals, so you should increase the variety of vegetables, especially (broccoli - mushrooms - spinach) and others.
  • Eating more fruits to ensure the freshness of your black skin; As the fruit is rich in many vitamins and immune boosters that are important to your body and help keep your skin healthy.

There are fruits rich in vitamins important for the health of your skin (strawberry - orange - guava - kiwi).

  • You have to eat a lot of proteins to ensure the vitality of your black skin: Proteins

are very important for the beauty and health of your skin, so you should eat a lot of proteins, especially poultry and white meat in general.

  • A lot of fish rich in omega-3:

it restores your skin vitality and freshness, so you have to eat a lot: (tuna - mackerel - sardines) and fish in general.

All this guarantees your skin health, freshness and vitality.


My girl, we're done talking about distinctive black skin. 

We mentioned the synthetic nature of this skin.

And skin types, and the distinctive characteristics of each skin.

We mentioned how to deal with your black skin, and the precautions that must be taken into account while dealing with black skin.

And how to maintain the health and freshness of black skin, and all skins.


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