The color of wheaten skin

The color of wheaten skin

God Almighty created people differently; So you find them different in their morals. Different in their races, different in their shapes, different in their stature, different in the color of their hair, different in the color of their skin.

With this difference in skin colors, each one is beautiful with her skin color, beautiful and always radiant with her color.

You are always attractive and charming whether your skin is white, or whiter, or wheaten, or dark, or very dark.

But many women look at the woman with white skin with admiration, wishing that she was the owner of white skin, and they may resort to cosmetics, or lightening creams to lighten the color of their skin, and this lightening is, of course, for a temporary period, until they reach their skin to white, and they are unaware that her natural skin color The Lord is much better than this dazzling, artificial color, which is much closer than what the clown does to his face, deceiving himself and the audience.

Your natural skin color, my dear, is much better than these tricky colors that you talk about in your natural skin tone.

And my talk now is directed at you, my girl with wheaten or wheatish skin. You may consider someone else's skin to be better than yours, but no way.

You have a complexion that is one of the best skins, but rather a precious gem of the most expensive jewelry; Your wheaten skin, my dear, reveals the beauty and charm of your eyes.

Also, your wheaten skin, which sometimes makes you lucky to own it, is a firm, strong skin that resists the heat of the sun. It is less affected by the sun, but far from being affected by its heat. So your skin is far from flawless that other skins have.

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Methods of caring for wheaten skin:

Madam, who has a wheatish skin color, you must follow the following in order to maintain the distinctive, charming skin color that God has blessed you with.

  • Drink a lot of water to maintain the color of wheaten skin; Since water is the secret of skin freshness, it is the secret of life.

Your abundance of water, my dear, preserves the freshness, charm and beauty of your wheaten skin.

  • Eating a lot of fruits to maintain the color of wheaten skin, eating fruit periodically is not only beneficial for your skin, but is suitable and beneficial for all types of skin, as the vitamins available and present in fruits in abundance maintain the freshness, health and beauty of your attractive, charming wheaten skin.
  • Eating a lot of vegetables to maintain the color of your wheaten skin, as vegetables are characterized by the availability of all kinds of vitamins in them, and they are far from the sugars that are found in fruits and affect some negatively.

Vegetables are safer than fruits, and like fruits, they provide the skin with all the vitamins it lacks, thus preserving the freshness, charm and beauty of your wheaten skin, and giving dear vegetables to your skin an attractive luster. 

  • Clean your skin with foaming cleansers to preserve the color and freshness of your wheaten skin; Foaming cleansers clean the skin, allowing the pores of your skin to open, which ultimately helps to ensure the health, beauty, freshness and luster of your luscious wheaten complexion.

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  • Exfoliate your skin with exfoliating products once every 7 days; This also creates the opportunity for the pores of your skin to open, which guarantees your wheaten skin freshness, health and vitality.

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  • Putting moisturizing creams on the skin to preserve the color and freshness of your wheaten skin, as it is preferable, my dear, who has wheaten skin, that you moisturize your face periodically and constantly, as this prevents your wheaten skin from drying out, and it also helps to face the wrinkles that affect your skin.

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And creams that are effective in moisturizing your skin, madam, and that give satisfactory results are those that are alcohol-free, and that consist of natural oils useful for the skin, such as: (almond oil - jojoba oil).

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  • Stay away from bleaching creams to preserve the color and freshness of your wheaten skin; As your skin, my dear, does not need such creams; These creams lead to spoil the beauty of your wheaten skin.
  • Steam sessions to maintain the color and freshness of your wheaten skin:

This step is considered one of the most important steps for cleaning the skin, as it helps maintain the color and freshness of the wheaten skin, where the skin is exposed to the steam of boiling water. Consider covering the head for five minutes, taking care to put one of the moisturizing oils in the water, as the temperature emanating from the steam bath expands the pores.

It also helps to increase the softness of the skin, which contributes to the process of highlighting white and black pimples, especially in the areas (nose - cheeks - chin), and also helps to remove dead and accumulated cells in addition to getting rid of oily secretions and makeup , which makes them more visible, making them easier to remove.

deeply, so it helps you, dear, to get rid of suspended dust, and it also stimulates and improves blood circulation in the face

  • skin

. Home, as it consists of cucumber juice or rose water.

Apply the toner to the skin, leave it to dry, and then remove it.

Dear toner helps you clean your skin and also helps you get rid of impurities and damaged skin, which restores your skin's freshness and vitality and restores its luster, and also helps balance acidity, and helps you to expand the pores of your skin; Which ensures his freshness and vitality.

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Wheat skin tones: Wheat

skin has several types of shades. Among these types, my dear:

  • Light wheaten skin:

This skin tends to a light brown color, as it takes a medium color between light and dark.

This light wheaten skin is sensitive to sunlight; As it is affected by the sun's rays and becomes red when exposed to direct rays, and this light wheaten skin is widespread in the Levant.

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  • Brownish-brown skin:

This skin tends to brown, it is greatly affected by the sun's rays until its color reaches a dark color, but this skin despite this does not burn from the sun, and it is said about this skin also olive, it is lighter defects than its relatives of skin colours.

And spread this skin in the countries of the Arabian Gulf.

Wheaty skin in men:

the eastern man is characterized by the wheaten or wheaten color, and this degree of wheaten color combines light and dark brown shades, this color is one of the attractive colors for men; Where the man is more fortunate, especially when he coordinates the colors of his clothes that increase his elegance and attractiveness.

A man who has a wheatish complexion should observe the following:

If his skin is light, then he must avoid wearing dark black clothes, and avoid pure white.

A man with wheaten skin must strive to choose the red color that matches his skin color, or choose the violet color that increases his elegance, or choose the light beige color, earth colors, or purple colors, or choose the light blue color, all of these colors increase his elegance and attractiveness.


We're done talking about wheaten-wheat skin tone.

We mentioned how the owner, thanks to her, is one of the lucky ones.

And the ideal ways to maintain wheaten skin.

And wheat skin tones, as we mentioned the features of each degree, and what goes with it.

We mentioned the wheaten skin of men, and what goes with it; Which increases the elegance and attractiveness of the man with wheaten skin.


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