Treat constipation in a minute

Treat constipation in a minute

Constipation is a common problem that happens to us many times, the causes vary, but increasing dietary fiber and physical activity can often help prevent and relieve this intestinal complaint, andfiber supplements and stool softeners can also help prevent constipation, but sometimes The condition may require treating constipation in a minute, and this is what I will present to you in this article.

What is constipation?

Constipation occurs when the bowel becomes difficult to pass, and the normal interval between stools is greatly increased. Frequent bowel movements of less than three bowel movements per week. 

Diagnosing this digestive problem involves a physical exam and a number of tests, such as a blood test and colonoscopy.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have a bowel movement every day to be considered regular.

But more than 3 days without a bowel movement is too long. By then, passing stool becomes more difficult.


Symptoms of constipation include:

  • lack of bowel movements.
  • Difficulty passing stool (stressing).
  • Small or hard stools.
  • The feeling that everything was not right.
  • Swelling or pain in the abdomen.
  • vomiting.

Treat constipation in a minute

Medicines and treatments can have side effects on the body, it is best to follow natural remedies to treat and prevent constipation. 

If you have a stomach ache or irritable bowel syndrome, be careful and disciplined. Listen to your body and try to see if you are experiencing symptoms of constipation. If yes, then follow these simple home remedies to relieve constipation.

Peach juice Peach

juice is an effective and quick remedy for constipation.

  • Prepare 2 cups of peach juice
  • . Drink one cup in the morning and one at night.
  • You can also eat some prunes instead of drinking the juice.
  • Doing this for a day will provide instant relief from constipation.


  • Peaches are rich in fiber, which makes stools bulkier and easier to pass, and they contain dihydroxyphenyl isatin, which speeds up the functioning of the colon. 
  • They also contain important vitamins and minerals, and they also have antioxidant properties.
  • Make sure to allow the first cup of juice to pass through your digestive system before the next. One in the morning and one at night works fine. If not enough vacuum is provided, excess prune juice in the system can cause diarrhoea.


You will need

240 ml of liquid magnesium citrate or 2 tablespoons of milk of magnesium Water or juice

Mix magnesium citrate in water or juice and drink it. You will recover from constipation within a few hours, as it is considered one of the effective methods of treating constipation in a minute.

If you cannot find magnesium citrate, you can also use milk of magnesium to treat constipation. Mix two tablespoons with a glass of water and drink it before going to bed.

Drinking magnesium citrate at the same time will help relieve constipation. 

Magnesium citrate and milk of magnesium have the same mechanism of relieving constipation. As they pass through the digestive system, these compounds draw water into the intestines. Excess water softens dry stools and also creates pressure, which leads to muscle contractions that expel the stool. Milk of magnesia has been shown to be safe for use in children.

Magnesium compounds can cause dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water after taking it. In addition, diarrhea is noted in some individuals. If you have a sensitive digestive system, please consult your doctor before using this home remedy.


You will need:

  • 1/3 cup lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 liter of warm water for
  • an enema.
  • Mix lemon juice and salt in the water. Fill a syringe with this water and gently insert it into the rectum.
  • The enema bag with the remaining solution should be 20 inches above the rectum. Slowly open the clamp and fill the tube with the solution, removing any air from it.
  • Lie on your side, facing the left side, and gradually insert the nozzle into the rectum (or anus).
  • Release the clip to allow the enema solution to flow into the colon. 
  • Hold the solution for eight to 10 minutes. Go to the bathroom immediately, because you will feel the urge to pass stool.
  • One enema works well for constipation.
  • Using an enema softens the stool and causes pressure in the intestines, helping you to pass it more easily. Lemon juice and salt help cleanse the colon of excess stool and balance the pH.

Fiber intake

You will need 2 cups of high-fiber foods

Eat at least 2 cups of high-fiber foods per day. Some examples of these foods are whole grains, brown rice, oats, broccoli, apricots, nuts, apples, potatoes, and beans.

Do this daily to get rid of constipation in the long run.

It is very important to have an optimal fiber content in your daily diet. Focus on simple forms of fiber rather than complex carbohydrates. 

Eat a varied diet that is high in fiber at each meal as fiber retains water and adds bulk to stools, making them softer and easier to pass. 

Also, improve your snacking habits by eliminating complex carbohydrates and fried foods. Instead, choose salads and sandwiches made with whole wheat and oatmeal.

Castor oil

1 tablespoon castor oil

Take castor oil in the morning.

If you find it difficult to swallow the oil, you can mix it with lemon juice or a glass of warm milk.

Do this every day for a few days.

Castor oil works very well in treating constipation. When taken on an empty stomach, this oil softens stool and relieves constipation within two hours.

 Olive oil

2 tablespoons olive

oil Eat olive oil in the morning on an empty stomach.

Do this for a few days until the problem is resolved.


Natural oils are also a good way to treat constipation as olive oil acts as a laxative by softening the movement and excretion of stool. 

It can be used for both adults and children. It has a natural tendency to coat the walls of the intestines, making it easier to pass stools. You can also use olive oil in food preparation, apart from taking it on an empty stomach.

Tips to overcome constipation

Avoid foods that cause constipation, such as:

  • white rice and other refined grains.
  • Unripe bananas.
  • tea.
  • Cheese.
  • chocolate.

Doing exercise regularly and as much as possible.

Physical exercise and regular physical activity are very beneficial for your health, so it is not surprising that they help regulate the digestive system.

Set a regular bathroom time and respond to the urge to go right away.

In the event that you suffer from constipation, try the methods of treating constipation in a minute that we presented in this report, but in the event that the symptoms persist for more than three days, visit the specialist doctor or seek advice from the clinical pharmacist at Adam Pharmacy to prescribe the appropriate medication for your condition.


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