Large facial pores and the latest treatments 

Large facial pores and the latest treatments 

pores The face is a natural opening in the superficial skin layer that specializes in excreting sweaty and oily skin secretions. These openings are subjected to expansion and enlargement or blockage due to the accumulation of dead cells or the accumulation of skin secretions or pollutants, which leads to the emergence of facial pores problems such as widening, clogging and the appearance of large pores. Now on the methods of solutions and the latest treatments, the 

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What is the cause of the appearance of pores in the face?

Facial pores appear due to several reasons, either clogging, expansion, or large size, and this causes a problem in 

the appearance of the face.

These reasons are: 

  • Increased secretion of natural sebum while not cleaning it in a daily routine, which leads to its accumulation This accumulation makes dead cells accumulate with oily sebum and clog pores and make them not breathe
  •  . The sebaceous glands secrete excess fat on the skin while not cleaning it for a long time, which leads to an increase in the size and enlargement of the pores and some problems that may enlarge if they are not avoided in time 
  •  Not following the routine of cleaning oily skin on a daily and weekly
  •  Not following the methods of deep cleaning the skin
  •  Not removing make-up And cosmetics every time the use
  •  of some cosmetic and care products that do not suit the type of skin leads to the expansion of pores 



What are the causes of facial pores?

There are many reasons for the appearance of the expansion of facial pores, as they are caused by various factors such as: 

  • direct exposure to the sun without the use of sunscreen appropriate for the type of skin 
  • Genetic susceptibility to the appearance of facial pores expansion 
  • occurs as a natural phenomenon of progression In old age, it is one of the manifestations of aging, 
  • increased secretions of oily sebum 

, which occurs as a natural result of not following a daily cleaning routine routine for a deeper clean using scrubs, toners and masks suitable for skin type 

  • Excessive use of beauty products on a daily basis and for long hours 
  • Using chemical care products that irritate the skin 
  • hormonal imbalances in the body for several reasons such as pregnancy and lactation as well as teenage, puberty and menopausal periods 
  • Following unhealthy diets that contain fatsdegree 
  • Excessive sweating cells in the body 


problem of large facial pores

and is caused by increased secretion of fat in the skin. Also, some wrong skin routines or the use of care products that are not suitable for skin type lead to a blockage in the skin and Expansion of pores, infections, or pimples and pimples. Facial pores are small openings through which the skin breathes and sweat and oily secretions pass to the surface of the skin. The problem of large facial pores is one of the problems that disturb the beautiful look of the face, which we always strive to be pure, smooth and polished like our skin. Children full of collagen, so what are the ways that make us make those pores disappear and not be visible, that washing the face frequently and especially In the evening, deep cleaning is one of the best reasons that help close the pores, as well as taking care of using appropriate care and treatment products, maintaining moisture in the skin and not drying it out as well, with the use of modern techniques for routine skin exfoliation.

Wide facial pores and their treatment

The problem of large facial pores is one of the most important skin problems that affect the look and this leads to annoyance, anxiety and lack of self-confidence. There are many methods of prevention, medical treatment and treatment by natural methods. The 


  • use treatment and care products, because this texture is suitable for oily skin and facilitates the disposal of excess oil secretions that help clog pores and lead to the accumulation of fat, so the water-based product helps to clean deeper and open pores
  •  Attention to a daily and weekly routine The daily routine includes the appropriate wash For the skin, which helps reduce the accumulation of fat and oils on it. As for the weekly routine, it includes exfoliators and taking care of the care routinely without interruption and periodically
  •  in the event that the skin is oily, the face must be washed twice a day deeply, in the morning and evening, with a lotion for oily skin that works to remove deposits and dead cells and works on Reducing the greasy appearance and working to clean deeply and make the skin become balanced in the secretion of oils Choosing a gel cleanser or lotion for use on the skin, as it helps to drink it faster and easier, and helps on the surface of the pores and get rid of dead cells. Reducing the wide appearance, taking care of removing make-up before bed, using a lotion that cleans the pores of the skin internally and externally,
  •  taking care of strengthening the health of the skin through healthy food and by drinking what the body needs of water, as well as taking nutritional supplements that suit the skin. 


Treating large pores in the face naturally

There are many natural ways to treat the problems of expanding the pores of the face and skin, and therefore it is recommended to resort to them in some cases, especially in the case of pregnant women and intolerance to the use of drugs that may irritate the body or in the case of mixed skin in which some parts are greasy and some parts are dry if Excessive use of oily skin products leads to dryness and problems in the mixed skin in the parts that suffer from dryness, treatment with natural materials, although it takes a long time to show results, but it is characterized by the absence of harmful symptoms and does not cause irritation, as it treats many problems in a way Safe, easy and simple at home without resorting to a doctor, and natural treatment with natural materials and natural oils purifies the skin and helps to obtain healthy, safe skin without side effects, and there are many natural recipes to treat the expansion of skin pores, including the following 


  • : Starch to close the pores of the face
  • mud mask and works to treat and narrow wide pores 
  •  Eating a healthy diet full of vitamins from vegetables and fruits
  •  Using ice 
  •  Baking soda 
  • mask Egg
  • mask Apple cider vinegar
  •  mask Gel mask Aloe vera 
  • mask oats and eggs
  •  turmeric mask
  •  Steam sessions and
  •  ice packs


Ways to get rid of facial pores permanently 

Many of those who suffer from the appearance of large pores are looking for a final solution and dream of a smooth appearance of the face.

and before search for use  better Face pore cream and the best 

treatment for face and nose pores. The instructions and recommendations through which we preserve the skin of any kind and prevent the appearance of large and open pores. Care, preservation and prevention is the best before the problem is expected. Young people and young people must be taught to maintain an appropriate skin routine for them and accustom them to it from Young people so as not to be exposed to this problem that affects the person’s appearance and shakes his self-confidence with regard to obtaining an ideal and attractive look, if The appearance of open facial pores spoils the look, and women need to hide the pores and get a smooth appearance for the face by applying foundation creams and cosmetic products specialized in hiding the appearance of the pores, and there are many medical treatment methods that get rid of the problem of large facial pores permanently, there are modern techniques alternative to surgery Its results are high and advanced more than any other previous solutions, as it restores the bright appearance of the skin through the treatment of widening pores and their large size through several techniques: 

  •  Chemical peeling of the skin gives the skin many benefits, removes the effects of scars and acne and gives the skin freshness, as it gets rid of large pores, pimples and accumulations.
  •  Surface peeling, which is divided into levels, superficial peeling, medium peeling, deep peeling,
  •  treatment of large pores with micro-needles, this technique is micro-needling or microneedling, which makes the skin look more youthful and freshStimulates the production of natural collagen in the skin, which leads to the constriction of the pores and the disappearance of the appearance of widening. Wheeler to treat large pores 
  • treatment Laser facial pores Laser

technology is one of the best modern techniques used in the treatment of large pores that give very effective results and give the skin a wonderful result, radiance and youth by raising the skin temperature in the lower layers, which maintains collagen production and gives a childish appearance to the skin and hides the effects of aging and has types such as : Fractional laser and Clear Lift technique.

  • Treatment of facial pores by plasma injection. It is one of the good options in treating enlarged pores by extracting a liquid rich in platelets from the patient’s blood and then re-injecting it in the affected places to stimulate the building of new cells and stimulate collagen production. Injecting under the skin
  •  using creams For the treatment of large pores and there are many effective creams such as Rob Mantra cream It is ideal for tightening the skin, closing and minimizing pores, removing fat from the skin, and giving the skin the appearance of closed facial pores. 


Dry skin pores problems

To prevent the manifestations of widening pores in dry skin, care must be taken to clean the skin, wash the face, deep cleaning, and pay attention to closing the pores after steam sessions, using astringent creams for the skin in the daily care routine, using natural masks that contain astringent substances such as lemon juice, and taking care of moisturizing the skin Always use creams for dry skin for deep hydration and care for the use of skin care products that do not irritate it and do not cause it to have the unpleasant appearance of large pores on the face.

Treatment of large pores for oily skin A 

daily and weekly is free of alcohol and chemicals and helps to get rid of excess oil from the skin and helps open the pores. Steam masks and skin protection masks must be used and careful attention to applying sunscreen before direct exposure and choosing the type and degree that suits For the skin according to its type and always treat any problems that appear on it with a preventive care routine.


Herbs to close the pores of the face and natural methods 

The use of natural herbs to close the pores of the face and skin is one of the good options through which the use of creams and materials containing chemicals, alcohol or sulfates may be eliminated. These materials may be harsh and irritate the skin and cause itching or redness.

 These herbs: 


  • Thyme works to close the pores through its use of a lotion that purifies the skin.
  •  Garlic is a disinfectant for the skin and closes the pores and hides the appearance of their expansion
  •  Lemon tightens the skin and closes the pores 
  •  . Black currant oil is an antioxidant that contains vitamin E and C. It is very effective in treating skin pores
  •  . Tea tree oil is used to treat the skin. Oily skin from large pores Marigold
  •  treats herboily skin
  •  Cinnamon oil reduces the pore appearance 
  •  Clove oil closes the pores and contributes to softening the skin and treating enlargedpimples

Freshness of the skin and how to get it and methods of care 


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