Skin tones

Skin tones

God created us all different, we are different in nature, different in shapes, different in bodies, different in hair color and nature 

also different in skin color, and you should know dear that you are always beautiful, beautiful and you are white, beautiful and you are wheat-colored, beautiful And you are brunette, you are always beautiful with different skin tone; This is because you were made by the Almighty Creator, always beautiful with your vitality, charm and femininity.

But it is important, madam, to know the nature of your skin.

The nature of your skin, my dear, depends on its color. According to its color, the way to deal with it is the way to deal with it. By knowing its nature, you know the precautions that you must avoid in order to preserve it. Thus, your skin will be fresh and attractive, and you will also be safe from the problems that may befall it.


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The nature of skin colors:

It is normal that skin colors vary and differ; It varies from person to person according to the melanin pigment in the skin.

Skin colors range from dark brown to light white, and heredity is a major factor in determining a person's skin color; A light-skinned child inherits light-skinned from his parents, and in contrast a dark-skinned child also inherits it from his parents, and this is what is called foundational pigmentation. 

Why do people differ in the colors of their skin?

Before talking about the different skin colors in humans, it is necessary for us to know the reason for the different skin colors.

Under the outer layer of the skin there is a pigment called melanin, depending on the amount of melanin in your skin determines its color.

There is also another pigment located under the skin and is responsible for the yellowing of the skin color and this pigment is called carotene, and thus the colors of the skin differ, and you should know, dear, that with different skin colors, the skin is all the same.

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Skin tones:

Very white skin:

This skin has the least amount of melanin pigment, and it is less than it contains the pigment melanin zomat.

This skin is characterized by excessive sensitivity, we used to be the most sensitive skin to the sun's rays, and when this skin is exposed to the sun a lot and continuously, it may be exposed to burning, and the owners of this skin often have blond hair, or it is red.

This very white skin is difficult or even impossible to change color as a result of the sun's rays, but you may get freckles from the impact of the sun, and this skin may get irritated or get red dots.

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White skin tone:

This skin is close to very white skin; It is greatly affected by the sun, as the sun causes inflammation and dark spots, and this skin may become red or have red spots in it.

It is known that the owners of this skin are closely related to the ultraviolet rays in the areas they inhabit, as they are concentrated in areas far from the equator.

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Medium skin tone:

This skin is characterized by the fact that it contains a greater percentage of melanin pigment than its predecessors. Medium skin is naturally affected by the sun, but this effect is of course less than the previous two skins, very white, and white skin. When this skin is exposed to the sun directly without any Barriers, this skin becomes dark, or the skin gets brown spots, or the skin may get pimples.

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Wheat or wheatish skin tone:

This skin is in the middle between white skin and brown skin, but it tends to white skin more.

This wheaten skin is the most prevalent skin in the world, and this skin is characterized as being the least sensitive to sunlight; As its color is difficult to change to a dark color as a result of too much or direct exposure to sunlight.

And owners of this skin often have brown eyes or brown hair.

Dark skin tone:

This is the darker degree that is the color of chocolate, a degree of dark brown, and it is characterized by its little sensitivity to sunlight, but almost non-existent; As its color does not change due to sunlight.

Very dark skin tone:

This skin is characterized by its black or very dark color, which is characterized by its luster and distinction, and this skin is not affected by the sun at all, no matter how long it is exposed to it; This is due to the abundance of melanin pigment in this skin, where it is abundant in it, so it is one of the strongest skin resistant to the sun.

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How to take a test to know the degree of your skin tone?

Know, my girl, that there are several tests that help you know your skin color:

  • The sun test to know your skin tone:

Many of us are exposed to the sun, either periodically or at intervals, and the sun test is one of the easiest tests; As you, my dear, notice the color of your delicate skin when exposed to the sun.

If your skin is affected by the sun greatly, know that in this case you have a warm or neutral complexion.

And if your skin is not affected by the sun's rays, know that you, dear in this case, have cold skin.

  • Examination of the veins for skin tone:

In this test, you test and note the color of the veins of your hands below the wrist.

If your veins under your wrist are blue or purple, then you have cold skin.

If your veins under the wrist are green, It means you have warm skin.

And if you don't specify a particular color, madam, it means that you girl has a neutral complexion.

  • White paper test to find out skin tone:

Madam, put a white paper next to your face or skin.

If you notice, my dear, that your skin is more yellow, then in this case you have a warm complexion, but if your skin appears pink, then in this case you have a cold complexion. 

  • Jewelry test to find out your skin tone:

Madam, notice your skin when you wear silver jewelry; If your skin is more attractive, this means that your skin is cool.

But if you noticed, my dear, that gold jewelry and jewelry are more attractive; It means you have a warm skin dear.

In the event that the subject is neutral; You, my dear, in this case, have a neutral complexion.

  • Color test to know skin tone:

You can notice the colors of clothes and their attractiveness on your skin tone.

If the bluish colors are in harmony with the color of your skin; You have cold skin.

And if your skin tone is more in harmony with the colors that tend to green; It means that you, my dear, have a warm complexion.

And if all the colors harmonize with your skin tone; This means, my dear, that you have a neutral complexion, and that you are lucky to get dressed.

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We talked about skin tones. 

We mentioned the determinants of skin color.

We mentioned how to perform a skin type test. 

In the end, my dear, after you have determined the color of your skin, you must treat the hand of your skin in a way that suits it and is suitable for it; In order to maintain your beauty, freshness, attractiveness and charm.


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