Eyebrow mascara its features and best specifications 

Eyebrow mascara its features and best specifications 

Eyebrow mascara is the tool that is used to obtain the best eye makeup looks, as it adds to the eyebrow length and density and gives it a natural fullness that changes the features of the look and makes it more beautiful and attractive to the eyes, and   

mascara has multiple types and specifications that differ from one type to another with the best international brands that It was keen to present the best specifications of the mascara, which does not depend on mere beautification and giving the look, but rather on nourishing and strengthening the eyebrows, making them thicker and increasing their growth 


What are the types of eyebrow mascara? 

Eyebrow mascara is an essential step in obtaining complete makeup and a wonderful face look, as it helps to obtain the appearance of thick eyebrows, fills in the gaps, and adds a bright color when the color of the eyebrows is dull, and helps to obtain a healthy appearance of the eyebrows without voids. Transparent eyebrow mascara can be used in the absence of The desire to add color, and there are many international brands of eyebrow mascara that are designed to be waterproof and last for 24 hours with soft and quick-drying formulas that do not cause irritation or scales on the skin, such as: Benefit Eyebrow Mascara, Essence Eyebrow Mascara, Character, and Maybelline, all of these brands It is designed to resist water, including transparent ones, and different shades of colors to suit every look.

How to use mascara eyebrow 

There are easy and simple steps that enable you to use eyebrow mascara like a professional without having to go to a 

  • beauty 
  • salon
  •  . Eyebrow gaps with powder and pen
  •  . Make sure that the edges of the eyebrows are symmetrical.
  •  Use transparent mascara to fix and refine the shape of the eyebrow
  •  . Concealer can be used around the eyebrow to darken the drawing, refine its shape and make it more attractive
  •  . Through this appearance, you can get a beautiful shape for the eyebrows while filling in the gaps and adding color to the dull eyebrows .You
  •  can use mascara Colored eyebrows instead of transparent in case you want to be in the natural color of the eyebrows.
  •  must choose the appropriate color for the shape of the face, the color


eyelashes hair and

of theScatter which gives confidence in It fixes the eye shape and gives you a professional look that suits every face.

What are the harms of mascara eyebrows?

When the eyebrow mascara is from international brands that use natural formulas that are beneficial for hair and skin and do not cause allergies, it is safe, but many cases wonder: 

Is eyebrow mascara harmful? It may be harmful in the event that the good type that depends on nature is not used in its composition, as cheap types with chemical compounds that may spread may be harmful It causes weakness and loss of eyebrow hairs and may cause allergies, so you must be completely careful not to use these harmful types and be careful to choose distinctive and safe brands, and Adam Pharmacy  all types approved The same brands that have adopted moisturizing and nourishing formulas for the skin and eyebrows, which are characterized by water resistance and stability for a long time, as they keep your look stable and tidy throughout your day. 

colors mascara Eyebrow   

  • There is a brown eyebrow mascara that helps enhance the color and add a bright 
  • look Transparent eyebrow mascara for fixation while giving a natural luster and preserving the natural color of the eyebrow It fixes its drawing throughout the day  
  • Black mascara and you can choose the most appropriate color for each look 
  • Blonde color 
  • mascara in its shades Gray color mascara 


How do you choose the best eyebrow mascara? 

Before you choose an eyebrow mascara, you must search for the best eyebrow mascara and to find out what is the best formula on the basis of which you choose the eyebrow mascara. These are some of the advantages of the international brands of eyebrow mascara on the basis of which you adopt the most suitable for you.: 

  • Types that contain fibers to fill in the spaces in a colored gel formula to make Eyebrows are thicker, like Essence 
  • Mascara, with a formula that builds eyebrow hairs without clumps, with stability and water resistance, like Benefit 
  • Mascara. Mascara works on coloring, moisturizing, and adjusting the appearance of hair at the same time, with a soft, easy-to-control formula, such as Tinted Brow
  • Mascara, a gel designed with a sculpting head for optimal application on Eyebrows and a separate spoolie brush to apply like Maybelline's mascara with glycerin rich waterproof formula.
  • A transparent mascara for applying to volatile hairs, organizing and fixing it, and it is quick to dry and does not flake like a transparent essence mascara. 


instructions for best use 

  • ProfessionalAbsolutely not to absorb any other color of the makeup used, such as the foundation, so that the gel does not become colored
  •  When choosing the color of the eyebrow mascara, you must follow some instructions that suit your look, such as choosing the darkest degree of the color of your face and hair in the case of white skin. Choose a mascara color lighter than the hair color.


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