Steps for cleaning the skin

Steps for cleaning the skin

You always like to be a beautiful, charming witch, and your face is the secret of your beauty, but sometimes your face is affected by simple things, but despite their simplicity, they greatly affect your face and its freshness, sometimes your face gets pimples, which are simple but affect your beauty and freshness. And sometimes your face gets scars that affect your beauty, and cause you psychological anxiety, or annoying pills that negatively affect you, and that make you anxious, which makes you want to get a safe and quick solution to save you, madam, from this problem.

So, you are always keen on the freshness of your face and looking for something that guarantees its vitality and maintains its health.

But before you start knowing the steps of cleaning the skin, you must know the nature of your skin and how to deal with it, as the skin is more sensitive and affected by external and environmental factors, as the skin loses its freshness and vitality and becomes damaged, it lacks a lot of nutrients and oxygen, it is dry, very sensitive and more prone to infections and infection, so Care and attention must be paid to cleaning the skin completely because it contributes to protecting the skin and maintaining its health for a long time and helps in moisturizing and nourishing the skin and getting rid of blackheads and dirt.

Skin care methods differ according to the type of skin, each skin needs its own care and preparations suitable for it.

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  • Mixed and oily skin:

Mixed skin contains oily areas and dry or moderate areas and this requires different care from dry skin, so when dealing with mixed and oily skin, you must use mixed and oily skin care products that absorb fat from the skin and at the same time maintain skin moisture and do not It causes dehydration.


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  • Dry and sensitive skin: 

its care products must contain natural oils and suitable foodstuffs free of perfumes and alcohol so as not to cause increased dryness of the skin and lead to irritation and inflammation. Antibacterial soaps that deplete the natural oils of the skin should also be avoided.

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Steps to take into account before cleaning the skin:

  • Drink enough water a few days before cleaning the skin so that we get easy-to-clean skin as it helps remove pimples and blackheads.
  • Use clean towels and utensils.
  • Waiting enough time before makeup after cleaning the skin, as cosmetics may cause skin irritation, especially after the peeling process.
  • Use sunscreens when exposed to the sun, and you should choose a high-quality product that is suitable for your skin type.

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  • Avoid products that irritate the skin.

Steps for cleaning the skin:

  1. Cleaning the skin with a face wash:

is washed with a wash suitable for the skin type, then the face is dried using a soft cotton towel to dry the face. It is also preferable to wash the face with cold water and avoid washing it with hot water, which causes dryness and peeling of the skin.

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  • Benefits of cleaning the skin with a face wash:

  • It works as a substitute for makeup remover and excess oil on the skin and dust.
  • Maintains skin moisture.
  • Makes the skin supple and smooth
  • Reducing skin irritation.
  • Get rid of acne.

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  1. Cleaning the skin using steam:

The use of steam on the skin helps to clean the skin from the inside out, as the warm steam cleanses and lightens the pores, making it easier for any dirt or impurities to come out, and the steam bath is easy to perform at home.

  • Steps to clean the skin with steam:

  • pull the hair back and tie it, put a collar in the front, and a shower cap can be worn.
  • Wash the face with the appropriate face wash for the skin type.
  • Put five cups of boiling water in a glass bowl.
  • Put the glass bowl on a table.
  • Sit on a suitable chair opposite the table.
  • Placing the face over the pot is due to the ability to withstand the temperature of the steam, but if the steam is hot on the face, the face can be moved away from the pot a little.
  • Cover the head and the bowl with a towel so that all of the steam is directed to the face.
  • Steam cleaning continues for 10 to 15 minutes until the steam reduces or the water cools.
  • Wipe the face with a dry paper towel.
  • Bring some ice and put it on the skin while stirring to close the pores of the skin and tighten it.
  1. Cleaning the skin with exfoliation:

Peeling the skin removes fine particles and dead skin on the skin in preparation for the emergence of new cells that were underneath.

Peeling the face is one of the most important steps for cleaning the skin to obtain a fresh, smooth and distinctive skin, due to the advancing age, especially in women, as the renewed cells produce less and reduce their efficiency, due to the low percentage of collagen, which causes the accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the skin, which affects its appearance and distorts its beauty. Clean the skin by exfoliating to get fresh young skin, and to get this result, it is necessary to choose the type of scrub that is appropriate for the type of skin.

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  • Benefits of cleaning the skin with exfoliation:

  • It removes dead skin cells andremoves signs of aging.
  • Repairing skin defects in the outer layer.
  • Lightening dark spots in the skin and unifying the skin color naturally.

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  • Contributes to the renewal of skin cells.
  • It activates and improves blood circulation, which leads to its veins and freshness.
  • Makes the skin more fresh and lively.
  • Helps lighten and moisturize dry and very dry skin, because it stimulates the production of moisturizing oils for the skin.
  • Increasing the efficiency of moisturizers and creams that are applied to the skin to moisturize and smooth it.
  • Steps for cleaning the skin by peeling:

Peeling after the steam bath for the face, where the pores are open and ready for cleaning and more responsive to peeling.

Conducting a sensitivity test for the peel to ensure the safety of the skin by placing a very small amount of it behind the ear for 10 minutes, and if there is no sensitivity to the skin, it can be used safely.

The scrub is placed on the face and distributed evenly all over the skin, concentrating on the nose, forehead and around the mouth because they are the areas with the most damaged and dead skin cells.

The scrub can be distributed with a small cotton pad or with two fingers on the face in circular motions to remove the dead skin completely.

Scrub the face and massage the scrub for five minutes.

Remove the scrub with lukewarm water, not hot, and then wash the face with cold water to close the pores.

Dry the skin with a clean cotton towel.

Natural exfoliators can be made for the skin and used for exfoliation.

Natural face scrub:

  • Coffee scrub with olive oil:

preferable to use it with dry skin, and it can also be used with oily skin, but by replacing olive oil with a light moisturizing cream that helps exfoliate.

Steps to clean the skin with a coffee scrub:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of coffee with one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of water.
  • Scrub the skin with the mixture in circular motions for 4 minutes.
  • Wash the face with water. 
  • Sugar and lemon scrub:

A tablespoon of sugar is mixed with drops of lemon juice, then the scrub is placed on the face for only three minutes, and the sugar and lemon scrub should not be left for a long time on the skin because it may cause skin inflammation.

  1. Clean the skin with a skin mask:

A face mask helps moisturize the skin and remove dead cells and impurities to improve its appearance.

  • Normal skin mask:

Sandalwood powder is mixed with rose water and the mixture is distributed well on the skin and left until it dries, then rinse the face with water.

  • Mask for oily and mixed skin:

A teaspoon of clay is used on the skin, as it helps reduce oily secretions. It is distributed on the face, left until it dries, and then rinsed with water.

  1. Cleaning the skin using a toner:

it restores the balance of the acidity rate in the skin and helps to lighten the skin and close its pores, and works to moisturize the skin.

You can also use a natural toner.

  • Natural skin toner:

Mix cucumber juice and rose water, then put the toner on the face using fingertips and leave it to dry, or put it in a sprayer and spray it on the face.

  1. Moisturizing the skin:

can be moisturized with a nourishing moisturizer that suits the skin type, to prevent its dryness, as every skin needs its own moisturizer. With alpha hydroxy acids.

It is preferable to use an alcohol-free moisturizing cream or use natural moisturizers such as argan oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil.

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  • Benefits of cleaning the skin:
  • Get clear skin.
  • Clean the pores of the skin and face, making the skin fresh and lively. 
  • Ridding the skin and face of the deposits and accumulated fat.
  • Get rid of blackheads.
  • Remove damaged and dead skin layers.Treatment of acne scars and scars that appear on the face. 
  • Skin rejuvenation.
  • Contribute to the removal of stretch marks in the skin.
  • Lightening the skin and reducing skin pigmentation.


We discussed the steps of cleaning the skin and how to take care of it.

So, dear, we briefly showed you what your skin needs to enjoy new health and freshness.

We mentioned the perfect ways to clean your skin and make it soft and lively.

And the benefits that accrue to you when you make sure to clean your skin.


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