brazilian hair protein

brazilian hair protein

You are always beautiful and charming with your hair; Your hair is one of the secrets of your beauty. Any defect in it, my dear, affects you and your mood. Many women suffer from hair loss, lack of hair on the head, weak hair, hair bombing, or hair breakage.

Some of them suffer from dry hair that leads to its fragility, breakage, or split ends. All these problems affect the beauty and freshness of your hair, and also reduce its charm and attractiveness.

All of these problems have one solution, and one treatment that eliminates them all, which is the hair protein.

Advantages of protein hair treatment

  • Protein hair treatment gives the hair an ideal appearance, making it flexible, increasing its density, and enhancing its strength.
  • strengthening and stabilizing hair follicles in the scalp; As the protein creates a protective barrier in the vicinity of the follicle, protecting it from possible damage.
  • Protein helps to get rid of weak hair; It makes it more strong and durable, which increases and improves the health of the hair.
  • Protein is an essential component of hair; As protein is the basic building block of the hair structure.
  • The protein enhances the supply of hair with an alternative protein substance that in turn prolongs the hair, as well as makes the hair more vibrant and healthy.
  • Hair protein is an effective treatment for the problem of split ends. As protein makes the hair able to retain the main and important nutrients for the hair, and this thus helps it avoid breakage.
  • Hair protein is characterized by the fact that it consolidates the bonds and bonds of the protein present in the scalp, and thus prevents breakage and treats breakage, and protein treats splitting.

But, dear, in order to maintain the health and freshness of your hair, you must resort to the Brazilian hair protein.


Why Brazilian hair protein?

  • Dear Brazilian hair protein is unique in what is not found in other types of protein; As the Brazilian hair protein is made from 100% natural animal and vegetable products, this is not found in other types of protein.
  • Brazilian hair protein is ideal for straightening hair without side effects.
  • The Brazilian Girl Hair Protein also contains substances equivalent to the acidity of the scalp; So it does not cause irritation to the scalp, nor does it lead to redness.
  • Other hair proteins depend on formaldehyde, which when heated is considered a toxic substance and gas, and causes cancer, and may lead to death, so some health organizations have warned a big warning against the use of formaldehyde in cosmetics.
    The use of formaldehyde has been criminalized in America, and has already been criminalized in Canada, Europe and many countries of the world.
  • Hair protein may suit some hair types and not others, but Brazilian hair protein has been proven to suit all hair types.

Brazilian hair protein

Brazilian hair protein is extracted from animal horns, claws, bird feathers, and wool as well. It also contains many types of natural oils that are very important for hair health, and they have no side effects. It contains olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and aloe vera extracted from Aloe vera, avocado extract and other fruits.
Brazilian hair protein also contains a nourishing complex of hair vitamins.

It is characterized by containing natural herbs available in Brazil, such as (annatto) acai berry.

The amazing benefits of Brazilian hair protein

  • Restores hair flexibility, facilitates styling, and also improves its appearance.
  • Brazilian hair protein softens the hair, helping to style it; As the keratin in the Brazilian hair protein works to soften the cells, which leads to an increase in hair density and luster.
  • Brazilian hair protein reduces the high porosity of the hair; Which increases its density, and it also strengthens the hair strands.
  • The keratin in the Brazilian hair protein treats the phenomenon of hair frizz that results from dryness and reduces the frizziness of hair; Which makes styling easier, and it also helps straighten hair curls.
  • An integrated food for the hair, as it gives the hair all the food it needs, and it also restores the necessary substances that the hair has lost, so it reduces the presence of the hair dandruff, and increases the moisture of the hair, and this ultimately improves the appearance of the hair, as it increases the resistance of the hair to factors external pollution. 
  • Brazilian hair protein also helps hair grow better.


How to apply Brazilian hair protein

In order for the Brazilian hair protein to come to the desired fruit, you must follow the following steps:

  • Dear, you have to clean the hair before using the Brazilian hair protein treatment; As you, my dear, you should use a strong protein treatment cleanser, and the Brazilian hair protein is often accompanied by a cleaning package, and this cleanser is based on sulfur and sodium chloride, they help lighten the pores of the scalp, and they also help loosen hair bonds and leave the cleaner on the scalp Head for five minutes on top of this for the most curly hair.
  • Take care to apply the spray well; As after cleaning the hair, you should distribute the spray evenly on the hair; It even balances the protein and oils in the hair that increase the hydration of the hair, creating a good base in the scalp that is resilient, and is also treatable.
  • The protein treatment should be carefully and carefully applied to the scalp; My girl requires you to be very careful when distributing protein on your scalp.
  • My dear, straighten the hair completely, and make sure to cover it all from the roots to the ends.
  • Leave the Brazilian protein on your hair for 30 to 45 minutes.
  • And wash your hair, dear, with water well.
  • Madam, you have to take care of moisturizing your hair after the treatment with the Brazilian protein, where you should, dear, use moisturizers that rely on oils that are beneficial for the hair, and they should also contain proteins that promote hair health. It provides moisture to your hair, and helps prevent hair loss.

How to use moisturizer on hair:

As we mentioned to you, dear Anfa, you should use the appropriate moisturizer for hair, which contains argan oil and wheat protein.

  • Apply a good moisturizer to your hair, taking into account the coverage of the hair from the inside out, and its access from the scalp to the ends of the hair.
  • Leave the conditioner for two minutes on your hair.
  • Rinse the moisturizer well with water.

By following these steps, madam, the Brazilian hair protein comes with the best results.

Damage caused by misuse of Brazilian hair protein:

If the Brazilian hair protein is not used incorrectly, it may result in some effects:

  • It may cause watery eyes.
  • Causing headaches.
  • Eye pain or redness.
  • feeling dizzy
  • Irritation in the nose or pharynx.
  • Breathing problems.
  • rash.
  • Feeling sick and vomiting.
  • It may cause skin itching.
  • chest pain.

So, dear, we showed you the Brazilian hair protein, and the importance of protein for hair in general.

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