Except for days that are good for hair cutting

Except for days that are good for hair cutting

hair is a great blessing that God has bestowed on man, beside the other great blessings that God Almighty enjoys. He made honoring hair and cutting it one of the ways of religion, rather he made it one of the ways of the natural instinct upon which all people were made.

And know, my dear, that you repent when you cut your hair if your intention is to perform the Sunnah prayer, then you will be rented for this, and you are cutting your hair, which guarantees it health, safety and freshness. Cutting helps to save damaged, brittle and cracking hair and treat hair loss.

here's my dear:

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Benefits of hair cutting:


Know, my dear, that hair cutting brings great benefit to you on the hair itself, and also improves your psychological and mood situation

  • . From their lives, recent studies have proven that cutting hair causes happiness and joy in women.
  • Rejuvenate the appearance of your hair, and also break the boredom of your look.
  • It makes it easier for you to deal with your hair, making it easier for you to comb it, which saves your time and effort.
  • Activating the follicles, which helps reduce the burden and weight on the hair roots.

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  • Increase the density and freshness of your hair, especially if the end of the hair is less dense than the top.

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  • Getting rid of split ends and damaged hair, and this, dear, prevents the extension of splits that may reach the top of the hair, which improves your appearance, freshness and brilliance.

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When should hair be cut?

Know, my dear, that your hair always needs great care; So enjoy good health.

So, girl, you have to pledge your hair with hair care products, such as (shampoo - conditioner - oils - creams), and other products that help you demobilize, give your hair a decent appearance, and facilitate you in demobilization.

Healthy and safe cosmetics help you repair the defects of your hair from splitting, cracking or falling out, and some of them help to thicken hair.

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Dear, you should cut your hair when:

  • your hair is intertwined and complex greatly:

as this tangle and complexity makes your hair cut off when using a comb or brush, which damages it, you dear in this case, you need to cut the ends of your hair equally and this helps you to style and release it easily It is easy, and it prevents being cut off.

  • hair than normal size:

As you have to speed up cutting your hair in order to save it from its lack of density and restore its health and return to its normal size.

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  • Injury to hair by splitting: If

dear, you must intervene in saving it, and one of the quick ways to save it is cutting, especially if its ends are damaged and stressed; As the split ends, my lady, extends to the entire hair, destroying it and leading to damage.

  • Having uneven layers of your hair:

this requires you, madam, to speed up cutting the ends of your hair, and this cut must be equal, so you, dear, should divide your hair into two equal parts, and make a braid in each section so that it is easy for you to notice its equality in the two sections.

  • hair:

This dehydration is the result of using straightening products such as keratin, protein and other products that contain harmful chemicals, or dehydration resulting from chemical dyes.

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This dryness needs quick rescue, and one of the quickest ways to rescue is to cut the hair to save it from this dryness.

  • Leaving the hair for a long period of time without cutting it:

this requires you, my girl, to cut it quickly, because Because the hair in this period is like being exposed to breakage or damage, or it has been exposed to dryness, all of this you need to cut quickly.

  • If your hair is long and thick:

many women with long thick hair may find it very difficult to style it, and this, of course, may affect your hair negatively, whether it is split or broken.

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The solution in this case is to cut your hair tiered; This is to reduce its density, and in this case you will find your hair comfortable while styling it.

After you have learned, dear, the benefits of hair cutting, and when you should cut your hair, we will now show you the best days to cut hair.

The best days for hair cutting:

Some believe that the only days that are suitable for hair cutting are the white days of the Hijri month, which are the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth days of each Hijri or Arab; As the moon is full at this time.

  • There are those who believe that hair cutting brings the desired fruits on the sixth and seventeenth day of the full moon, for reasons:

  • The human body these days secretes hormones. Days accelerates hair growth and increases its length, and helps to increase hair volume.
  • And some of them believe that the days that are suitable for hair cutting in the white days of the Hijri month (the thirteenth - fourteenth - fifteenth) are related to the phenomenon of the tide in which sea water extends, and thus the hair is affected by this phenomenon, and when cutting is done in these days, this helps him To grow quickly, and also helps to increase the length of hair.
  • Some believe that the days suitable for hair cutting are related to the Gregorian months, as they said:

  • The days suitable for hair cutting are certain days of the Gregorian month, and they vary between the beginning, middle and end of the month.
  • And whoever saw that the days suitable for hair cutting are different days of the Gregorian months, and they said in this:

  • that each of the Gregorian months has certain days that are different and different from the other month, for example:

the ideal days in October are: (1-3 - 4 - 6 - 9 - 12 - 16 - 17 - 22 - 23 - 25 - 28).

The ideal days in August are: (2 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 10 - 11 - 13 - 15 - 16 - 18 - 20 - 21 - 24 - 26 - 27). 

But all this talk has no way of truth, this talk is completely devoid of scientific or logical evidence, studies or even religious texts.

These days that they assumed are nothing but a kind of divination, which religion forbade and the Prophet, the Chosen One, the Master of the Messengers warned against, when he said: (The astrologers lie, even if they happen to be truthful).

Here, deardays

are suitable for cutting hair, madam, are:

  • the days when your hair reaches the point of frizz and tangles, in which breakage and cracking occurs during combing, so these are the days that are suitable for cutting hair with you.
  • When your hair dries up a lot, this dryness that leads to breakage and breakage, these are the good days for cutting your hair.
  • When your hair is splitting a lot, you are afraid that the hair breakage will penetrate into the rest of your hair, as these are the good days for you to cut your hair.
  • In which your hair has been affected by harmful chemicals in some dyes, or some harmful substances in creams, shampoos and oils that harm your hair and harm it, these are the good days for you to cut your hair.
  • Which came after many days of neglecting your hair or not cutting it, and it starts to dry out or breakage, so these are the days that are suitable for you to cut your hair.
  • In which your hair has grown long and thickened to a long degree that hindered its styling, these are the good names for cutting your hair.
  • Say your hair is more than natural, in this case you need a quick way to save it, these are the good days for you to cut your hair.
  • In which your hair has reached its levels to change, in this case you need a way to adjust its levels, and cutting these days is the best way to cut your hair, madam.


Thus, we ended the days of good hair cutting.

We mentioned the benefits of hair cutting.

And when should you cut your hair?

And the days that some claim to cut hair.

And we confirmed that the days they chose are nothing but astrology, which has no way of validity, whether scientifically, theoretically or logically.

And we mentioned the real days of cutting your hair, which is when your hair seeks refuge and needs help, and this help is cutting.


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