Hair balm

Hair balm

God created man in the best image, and his image in the best style, created him complete in his form, lacking nothing, he created for him a harmonious body, and God created human hair with a wonderful system - as God Almighty created in the rest of his body - the nature of human hair is strong, moist, shiny and thick ; But some factors may affect it negatively, leading to its dehydration.

Dryness of hair inflicts and entails many damages; Dehydration leads to hair breakage, breakage, dandruff and scalp inflammation, and the matter develops and hair loss occurs, which causes many damages to the hair.

Through this, it becomes clear that the problem of dry hair needs treatment and a quick solution; To save the hair from these dangers, the quick and practical solution to such problems is (use a hair conditioner).

Hair conditioner works to moisturize the hair, and helps the hair to restore its strength and vitality, and the conditioner contributes to saving hair from breakage and breakage, and prevents dryness of the scalp, saving hair from dandruff and scalp inflammation that cause hair loss, and this is what it brings to the hair of moisturizing and freshness in addition to Give hair strength and shine.

Before talking about hair conditioners, we must know the difference between shampoo and conditioner.


The difference between shampoo and conditioner:

First:- Shampoo:

The composition of the shampoo is a solution consisting of 85% of its water, and 1% of the scented substances are added to. it treats damaged and brittle hair, and shampoos help treat hair loss problems, as shampoo helps clean hair from dust and impurities related to it; Because ordinary soap may cause dry hair, and it does not remove impurities to the fullest, and the shampoo is credited with getting rid of excess fat and oils secreted by the scalp to moisturize the hair and maintain its health and freshness.

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Benefits of shampoo for hair health:

Shampoo has many benefits, including:

  • Prep hair before styling.
  • Restoring the health and freshness of the hair, after doing the dyeing process.

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  • Treating scalp problems, such as: (scalp infections - itchy hair problem - dandruff problem surrounding hair - dry hair).

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  • Treating some hair problems such as hair loss, as well as treating breakage and split ends, and it is also an effective treatment for the problem of curly hair, as it gives the hair smoothness, smoothness and strength, and every shampoo has a special feature that is not found in others, according to the blogger on its package
  • It helps to replace the lost creatine from the hair. 
  • The shampoo helps maintain the hydrolipidic film in the scalp, which maintains the freshness and elasticity of the hair.

Second: Conditioner:

The conditioner helps maintain the outer layer of the hair.

The conditioner is a chemical product, and sometimes it is supported by adding natural materials and oils. It is not a therapeutic material, and its main goal is to maintain the freshness of the hair and its hydration.

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The difference in hair balm according to the nature of the hair:

In order for the balm to give a good result, you must be careful, dear: to

  1. choose the appropriate conditioner for the nature of your hair; As each hair has a different nature.
  2. Apply conditioner to hair, combed through with a wide-toothed comb; This is to ensure that the conditioner permeates every area of ​​the head and hair.

Here are the types of conditioner according to the nature of the hair:

  • Hair conditioner with dyed hair:

When you dye your hair, Madam, you should know that it becomes very sensitive; So he needs a conditioner that boosts it, volumizes it and keeps its color going for longer.

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  • Hair conditioner with thin hair:

You, dear woman with fine hair, should also know that your hair is very sensitive; So he also needs a volumizing conditioner.

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  • Hair conditioner for thick hair:

prone to dryness; So it needs a rich conditioner that takes care of it and helps moisturize it.

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  • Hair conditioner for those who suffer from dandruff:

This type is in dire need of a conditioner that regulates sebum secretions in the scalp, treats the problem of hair sensitivity, and eliminates the problem of itching caused by dandruff.

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  • Using a hair conditioner with curly hair:

This type of hair needs a detangling conditioner; It also helps to deliver nutrients to the hair, as it prevents tangles from reaching the middle of the hair and also the scalp.

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  • Using a hair conditioner as a night mask:

It moisturizes the hair and nourishes it with the necessary and necessary elements and vitamins for hair to get hair with a shiny look and a silky touch.

The best ways to use conditioner on hair:

As we mentioned to you, dear above, that every hair has its nature in terms of using the appropriate conditioner for it, and also for every hair a special way of using conditioner with it.

  • Dry hair:

The best way to use conditioner with this type of hair is to separate the conditioner on the length of the hair only, and leave it on the hair for 4 minutes, after each time washing the hair with the appropriate shampoo for the hair.

  • Curly and coarse hair:

We advise you, dear, to spread the conditioner on the length of the hair, taking into account that it also reaches the scalp, and leave it for 4 minutes.

It is preferable to use the conditioner after each shampoo wash.

  • Short hair:

We advise you, dear, to apply the conditioner to the hair, and we also advise you to take into account that it reaches the scalp, and leave for 4 minutes and use the conditioner with each time the hair is washed with shampoo..

  • Normal and dyed hair:

 preferable to use the conditioner after shampooing 1 time per week to maintain Longer lasting colour, avoiding drying out.

  • Use hair conditioner as a hair mask: Hair

a conditioner is used as a night mask for hair; Where it is straightened on the hair and its strands are wrapped, the hair is covered with a towel and the conditioner is left on the hair for a whole night, and then the hair is rinsed well with water in the morning. You will find your hair smooth and silky smooth.

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Manufacture of natural hair conditioner for hair:

Banana and olive oil for making hair conditioner:

Banana contains potassium that is useful for hair, which helps nourish and strengthen hair, and potassium is one of the important and effective elements for moisturizing hair.

The blessed olive oil also helps to improve the condition of the hair and repair its defects and has a great ability to moisturize the hair.

  • Preparing bananas and olive oil for preparing a natural hair conditioner:
  • Bring a large banana, my dear.
  • Madam, mash the banana well, then mix it with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. 
  • Spread the mixture on the hair and head well, taking into account the permeation of the mixture to the scalp.
  • Cover the head with a plastic cap or shower cap.
  • Leave the mixture on the head for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse the head well with water.
  • Repeat the process 1 time every week.


We presented a hair conditioner and mentioned its effectiveness with hair.

The difference between hair conditioner and shampoo.

And ways to use different hair conditioners with hair types.

And we mentioned to you, dear, how to make hair conditioner at home in an easy, easy and inexpensive way.


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