Multiple and modern methods of bleaching eyebrows

Multiple and modern methods of bleaching eyebrows

bleaching is a cosmetic procedure that aims to lighten the color of the eyebrows so that they are suitable for the shape and color of the face, the color of the hair and eyes and the type of make-up style. Some of them are traditional and very simple, some are by natural methods, and some are modern through the laser eyebrow bleaching technique. 


Modern techniques of laser eyebrow bleaching

The technology of eyebrow bleaching by laser is one of the latest technologies that gives eyebrows bleaching for a long period of up to months, where the laser beam is shed on the eyebrows hair in a certain way and with a certain wavelength and it may take one session or several repeated sessions That depends on the type, density and color of the hair and the degree of bleaching required. This ray makes the eyebrows look blonde. It can also reduce the density of the eyebrow or make the hair relatively thinner so that the blonde color is obtained for a long time without repeating the bleaching process. This technique differs from the technique of eyebrow hair removal, as bleaching It does not remove the hair completely, but only reduces it or reduces the thickness of the hair and makes it thin, but in the process of removal, the hair follicles are completely removed. The laser peeling process is a simple process that does not require anesthesia and may give results from the first session.


 Bleaching of the eyebrows naturally and why do we need bleaching? 

Some cases need to bleach the eyebrows and it is the best solution in the event that the color, density and shape of the eyebrows do not match the shape of the face and do not suit the color of the hair and eyes. Lightening the eyebrow color through dyes, but the light dye does not affect it as a result of the dark or very dark eyebrow hair color. It does not absorb the lighter color and also uses laser bleaching when wanting to save time, effort and money wasted in repeating the bleaching process on a daily basis, as it is an expensive and tiring thing and wastes time and effort But laser bleaching enables you to get lighter eyebrows for a long time, bearing in mind that laser bleaching is not suitable for those eyebrows with light hairs or voids and is not suitable for those who do not want to bleach permanently. 


way to better eyebrows 

duration of eyebrow bleaching varies from one method to another. There are some methods that last only for a day only, and they are through bleaching with make-up products, and there are some other methods, such as dyes, that may last for a week, 15 days, or a month with a lot, but the laser method may extend to Several months, and this depends on the method and on the type of eyebrow, the type of hairs, their color and the extent of their response to bleaching. The best method is the one that extends for a longer time and with it you do not need to waste time or effort and money, so laser bleaching eyebrows is one of the best methods of bleaching, and there are several natural methods that are used For bleaching, such as using makeup products or coloring products or using a bleaching powder on a daily basis, which is a powder that is placed to get bleaching quickly and frequently, as it is placed daily. These are easy ways, but you need continuity, as they need time, accuracy and professionalism.


The best eyebrow bleaching products 

There are many eyebrows Julienproduct, and the eyebrow bleaching powder product from several brands that adopt safe natural materials and give several degrees of bleaching to the eyebrows. All safe bleaching products are provided by Adam Pharmacy with the highest quality. 


Is there any damage to eyebrows bleaching?

Should To understand the way in which the eyebrow bleacher and the components of eyebrow bleaching work before we know whether there are actual damages arising from bleaching the eyebrows. The bleaching uses a moderate formula of hydrogen peroxide with its bleaching effect on the hair and gives it a lighter color than the natural color. The way the bleaching formulations work depends on breaking the bonds of the natural dye For the hairs, it happens that they decompose and lose their focus, so they become lighter and in order to obtain different degrees of bleaching, the dye can be left for different times. Skin, red eyes, redness of the skin, the appearance of white hair or eyebrow hair falling out. In this case, the traditional methods that are considered an alternative to bleaching the eyebrows must be followed, which is the use of hair removal by shaving, tweezers, or waxing, or returning again to dyeing, taking into account Use a safe dye type.


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