Oily skin lotion, its components and types

Oily skin lotion, its components and types

Oily skin lotion is one of the most important steps of the skin care routine. It is a product for daily use, and cleaning is an essential step of the care stages through which the skin is preserved and the best results are obtained. It meets its needs and maintains it without causing dehydration or any other symptoms.

Perfect cleanser for oily skin

Before choosing a type of lotion for oily skin, we must know what are the most important ingredients that give us ideal results when they are in the lotion formula. These components are:

  • Activated charcoal works on deep cleaning while fully preserving the natural vital elements of the skin.
  • Squalene reduces the secretion of natural sebum, which gives a shiny appearance to oily skin.
  • Rosemary, it cleanses the skin and prevents the deposition of fat on it.
  • Aloe vera provides natural moisture without oils and deposits.
  • Tea tree oil removes impurities and deeply cleanses.
  • Rosehip oil cleanses and is an easily absorbed oil that reduces the appearance of enlarged pores on oily skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid restores the natural hydration of the skin and prevents dehydration.
  • There are some compounds that should be avoided as they are heavy on oily skin and may cause an excess of sebum production, such as coconut oil, lanolin, and petroleum jelly.

Lotion for oily skin and acne

The appropriate lotion for oily skin that suffers from pimples must have special specifications so that it works to reduce the secretion of oils that clog pores and acts as an aid to the treatment of pimples, and a preventive factor against the emergence of new pimples. Therefore, the use of a specialized lotion for oily skin and acne has several benefits:

It reduces the secretion of sebum and prevents the appearance of glossy and shiny skin as a result of the secretion of excess oils in it and prevents oily skin lotion and acne from reappearing grains and prevents clogging of pores that cause the formation of grains and treats blackheads and leaves the skin pure and free of defects, and it also works as an exfoliator and removes dead cells and in the same Time it works so gently that it does not cause dryness of the skin and leaves the skin pure.

Best cleanser for oily skin and blackheads

Among the most important skin care products are oily skin washes, such as:

Neutrogena lotion for oily skin This lotion controls the secretions of the natural oils of the skin so that it makes it regularly prevent excess secretion that causes shine and causes the luster of oily skin and causes the formation of grains and clogged pores and then the possibility of black or white heads and is characterized by a light gel texture that is easy to absorb and never causes irritation The skin gets rid of impurities and dirt easily.

CeraVe lotion for oily skin

It is a gentle lotion that does not clog pores, contains hyaluronic acid, which provides natural moisture to the skin and deeply cleanses the skin from the inside out, gently removing dirt from it.

Cetaphil lotion for oily skin

A light, low-foaming gel cleanser that contains vitamin B3, panthenol and provitamin B5. It is very effective in terms of hygiene, removing dirt, excess oil, make-up and beauty products. At the same time, it is very gentle on the skin and maintains it and moisturizes it free of parabens and does not cause any skin irritation.

Bioderma lotion

Bioderma lotion is characterized by the fact that it treats pimples and acne. It contains zinc sulfate, which regulates the secretion of fat. It is a good regulator of the secretion of natural fats on the skin. It does not cause dehydration, but treats and makes the skin moist at the same time.

Lotion for oily skin for men

Men's skin requires special care, so there are many products suitable for men for daily cleaning, especially for oily skin, and there are many international brands, the most important of which are:

Sensai Wired Foam Face Wash cleans with a very soft and gentle foam. Cleanser Sensai Wired Foam Cleanser keeps the skin moisturized while trying to get rid of excess oils and sebum and the appearance of large pores.

There is also Clinique Oil Control lotion that helps purify the skin and get rid of blackheads. Clinique facial wash for oily skin is one of the best types that help rejuvenate oily skin and get rid of its problems.

What is the best medical lotion for oily skin?

The types of medical oily skin lotion consists of effective formulations to treat the skin and also maintain its freshness at the same time. There are many oily skin lotion products, such as:

  • Laroche lotion.
  • Cetaphil lotion.
  • Garnier lotion.
  • Bioderma lotion.
  • Neutrogena lotion.
  • Himalaya lotion.
  • L'Oreal lotion.
  • Clean & Clear Lotion.

It must be taken into account that there are conditions before choosing the type of lotion, including choosing a lotion that does not contain fatty or oily substances so as not to aggravate the problem of oily skin, and choosing a lotion that is free of chemicals, rich in natural substances, devoid of soap and parabens, and preferably contains natural ingredients such as The components of natural clay, tea tree oil and the acid of some important compounds such as salicylic, and zinc are those substances that treat oily skin problems and fight the appearance of large pores in them that are subject to clogging. These substances clean deeply and prevent clogging or expansion of skin pores.

How to choose the right lotion for oily skin?

Care must be taken to choose the appropriate oily skin lotion, meaning that it is free of oils and that the lotion is in a gel form because the gel form is more suitable for oily skin as it is easily absorbed and helps open the pores of the skin that have been clogged and helps in cleaning the oily skin deeply from the inside out. And the lotion should be free of oils, and if you choose a lotion with oils, there should be some oils that suit the composition of oily skin, such as:

Lemon oil, rosemary oil, they also fight pimples and infections, and the components of salicylic lion, benzoyl and peroxide, these formulations are suitable for oily skin, and a type of lotion must be chosen for oily skin that calms it, treats problems and infections and prevents irritation.


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