Skin types and their characteristics and the best methods of care The 

Skin types and their characteristics and the best methods of care The 

well-known skin types are five types: normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, mixed skin, sensitive skin, and each of these types has its own characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and certain methods for taking care of it and maintaining skin health. There is a difference in appearance, texture, secretions, and healthy appearance. Each type has its own characteristics that distinguish it, and this is what we will know now.

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Skin types and how to know them

We can know the type of skin by the distinctive characteristics of each type. It is known that oily skin is characterized by abundant oily secretions, and dry skin is the one that lacks fat and suffers from a lack of its natural fats and always needs moisturizing. Normal skin is characterized by balance and that it is complexion Moderate, sensitive skin is quickly affected by external stimuli, so appearance is the one through which we can know the type of skin, and the types of skin are: 

  •  Normal skin

 which is fair and balanced in its secretions and texture, and has several characteristics, including that it does not suffer from acne and does not suffer from allergies, and it is characterized by its narrow and natural pores, smooth texture, fresh appearance, uniform color, and no pigmentation and spots. Of the grains or pimples



  • oily skin,

 which is a type of skin that has problems secreting fat significantly, which leads to a change in the characteristics of the skin and infection with pimples, grains and acne.


  •  Dry skin

 is the one that always suffers from dehydration as it lacks its natural lipids in an annoying way and suffers from cracks, crusts, pigmentation and dehydration, and is harmed by fluctuations in weather, water and heat, and one of its characteristics is that it always suffers from a feeling of tightness, a feeling of itching, and a heterogeneous and rough texture. Parts where the skin is oily and parts where the skin is dry and difficult to care for, because caring for oily areas dries up dry areas, and taking care of dry areas harms the oily areas and increases their fat. Blackheads and acne appear.


  •  Sensitive skin

 suffers from allergies due to cosmetics, care and hygiene, and special products should be used to treat and care for sensitive skin, as it is quick to irritate and its characteristics are rapid redness and itching because it is dry and the feeling of burning spreads and sensitive oily skin is greasy in summer and dry in winter.

  • Mixed skin which contains oily places and dry places in the same skin and may be sensitive and this is difficult to deal with and needs special methods of care and treatment.


What is the shape of oily skin and its advantages?

Oily skin is famous for its shiny appearance, greasy texture, secretions, and acne, and one of its advantages is that it gives a younger age than its real age. The question here is: does oily skin never age? The truth is that it does not age easily, because it is a skin full of fat, it contains an increase in the amount of natural moisturizers because it has an overactivity of the sebaceous glands and this makes the fine lines that appear in the elderly are not noticeable and this delays the appearance of wrinkles on oily skin where the skin is thicker and this Makes wrinkles and lines invisible.


Mixed skin types Mixed 

skin is considered one of the most difficult types of skin to deal with, as it contains all types of skin in one skin, and mixed skin suffers from the difference in the size of the pores in it. The pores are narrow and the skin is dry and there is also an unevenness in the color of the mixed skin. It is an uneven skin because the oily areas are shiny and darker than the dry areas and it is difficult to care for them. As we have already said that caring for oily areas harms dry areas and vice versa because the problem is in the presence of oily areas And dry in the same place and this is a difficult problem, for mixed skin types, there are three types of mixed skin: 

  •  mixed oily
  •  mixed dry
  •  and mixed normal, and 

this makes it very difficult to care, oily mixed skin is where the secretion of glands, oils and fats is large and its pores are wide It contains black heads, and the difference between oily mixed skin and original oily skin is the presence of some dry areas in oily skin Mixed skin only oily skin is uniform in all its parts, dry mixed skin always suffers from itching, redness, continuous dryness and skin tightening and is prone to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, normal mixed skin, in which fat is concentrated in the shape of the letter T in the forehead and nose area, skin problems Normal mixed skin is less than oily, mixed oily and dry mixed skin, and it also suffers from pimples and blackheads on the nose area, but the problems of normal mixed skin are easy to respond to treatment.


What is the hardest skin type ? 

Mixed skin is the most difficult type of skin as it is difficult to take care of, and its characteristics with a shiny appearance in a T-shaped area at the forehead and nose, those large pores, blackheads and acne, all these manifestations that are available in places, but other places suffer from dryness or suffer from This sensitivity leads to not knowing the proper care methods for it, and a care routine must be adopted, where exfoliation must be done for mixed skin, especially in the crafts area, where this peeling is at a lower rate than oily skin so as not to cause dehydration of dry areas. Also, all care and cosmetics that It is devoid of oils, even in the sunscreen product, because oils may exacerbate the problems of mixed skin, especially in places that are oily

so it is considered one of the most difficult types of skin, and we can call it compound skin because the skin type differs in it in the forehead and nose area from the cheeks area Which is always dry with narrow pores The reasons for the formation of mixed skin (combined skin) is the increase in the natural secretions of oily sebum in the oily areas and the lack of this sebum in the areas other.


What are the best types of skin?

Normal skin is one of the best types of skin, because it is a perfect, moderate skin that does not suffer from major problems. It is in a moderate area between oily skin and dry skin. It does not suffer from sensitivity and does not appear on it pimples, pimples or dryness and does not suffer from scales It is not very sensitive It is difficult to see the pores of the skin in it, and it is always glowing and supple, and it is considered that normal skin is the best skin type, and normal skin care methods are easy and must be applied in a daily and weekly routine. With food and a natural healthy diet rich in grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy products while reducing fatty products, and taking nutritional supplements that contain natural vitamins to strengthen and nourish the skin and appear in the best appearance, taking care of vitamin A, which is available in many foods such as fruits, leafy vegetables and whale liver, taking a supplement A diet that contains vitamin A and not only food All nutritional supplements are available in Adam's pharmacy  Caring for products Which contains vitamin B2 and vitamin E and is considered one of the most important vitamins that normal skin needs to take care of and maintain a smooth, velvety complexion. Pay attention to the application of natural masks to preserve the beauty of the skin, such as a banana mask and honey, a mask of honey and olive oil, with the use of a tonic that closes the pores after cleaning, using cleansers And pure skin cleansing products that contain natural materials. Apply a facial massage after deep cleaning because the massage runs blood and blood circulation inside the skin, which achieves many benefits. The massage is by using the fingertips in a circular motion in a clockwise direction, taking care of making a steam bath for cleaning and opening Pores and deep cleaning.

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