Collagen hair has many benefits and features of treatment 

Collagen hair has many benefits and features of treatment 

is one of the best proteins that give the skin, hair and nails strength and freshness, and add beauty elements to it as well, as the hair that gets its need from collagen we note that it is healthy, shiny, strong and long, so many care products resorted to adding collagen Hair to treat damage, breakage, breakage and hair loss, so many products appeared, such as collagen shampoo, conditioner, serum or cream left on the hair, so what is hair collagen and its benefits, this is what we will know.

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What is hair collagen? 

Collagen is a protein consisting of a long chain of natural amino acids that nourishes and strengthens hair follicles and skin cells. These chains of collagen consist of: 

 individual amino acids such as proline, glycine, arginine, and hydroxyproline. Collagen has many benefits, namely that it renews cells, strengthens bones and gives The skin is smooth and elastic like children’s skin. The secret behind the beauty, smoothness and purity of children’s skin is that it is very rich in collagen, as the child did not lose anything from it. Collagen also works to strengthen and strengthen the skin, hair and nails, as the reasons for the flexibility of internal organs and the eye are based. 


What are the symptoms of collagen deficiency? 

Collagen deficiency appears in the form of certain symptoms that appear on the hair and skin. One of the reasons for its deficiency is advancing age, because the body’s ability to produce quantities of collagen decreases after the age of thirty, and this causes several symptoms:

  •  the appearance of skin wrinkles 
  • , weak bones,
  •  hair loss,
  • weak internal fibers of the body’s organs, 
  • weakness Nails and the appearance of skin problems 
  • Roughness of the skin and the appearance of signs of aging 


It is advised to compensate for the lack of collagen by taking collagen supplements, and there are many types of international brands in Adam Pharmacy. These supplements aim to compensate for what the body lacks of collagen to treat skin and hair problems and restore freshness and vitality to the face, as it appears full of pure skin such as children.


Benefits of collagen for hair and how to use it

collageninjection treatment enhances collagen levels in the body and this contributes to the treatment of hair loss and prevents precipitation, as it helps to prolong hair and increase its density as well. The appearance of white hair early or during the natural age of its appearance is a problem needsthat treatment because white hair causes a disturbing appearance by increasing the proportion of collagen helps to restore the original color of the hair by strengthening it and strengthening the structure of the follicle and this reduces the spread of white hair, and one of its benefits is that Protects hair from dehydration, breakage, or loss due to aging factors or factors using chemicals. This breakage makes the hair short and not long and may also be exposed to cracking and split ends, so after treatment with collagen, it strengthens the hair follicle and the structure of the hair.a healthy and shiny appearance,  


collagen contains important antioxidants that combat harmful weather factors that harm the body and the damage is reflected on the hair because of b The presence of pollution in the environment and the air, toxins are formed in the body, which leads to damage to the skin and hair, and the presence of collagen works strongly in the body, acting as a protection factor and protection against these environmental factors that damage and cause a problem. Hormonal always leads to hair loss, but when the hormones are balanced, this makes the hair strong, shiny, shiny, and fast in length.


What is the best type of collagen for hair? 

There are many medical forms and preparations that contain collagen, such as creams, serums, and oils that are rich in collagen, and there are also ampoules and solutions that are placed in the scalp and are massaged

. Collagen protein One of the best types of collagen that leads to great results in treatment is marine collagen, which is extracted from marine organisms and is in the form of capsules that supports, strengthens and nourishes hair follicles and makes the skin more elastic and pure and makes hair and skin restore its natural beauty. There are also collagen needles placed on the hair, which is A procedure performed by the specialist, where a lotion containing collagen is applied to the hair after the hair has been exposed to a high temperature.


The advantages of hair treatment with hair collagen 

Treatment with collagen hair leads to obtaining many advantages that make the path to recovery easier and easier from diseases and problems related 

  •  to hair.
  •  Collagen protects against hair damage, as it treats breakage, split ends and falling out, and strengthens the hair follicle
  • . Marine collagen works to get rid of harmful cells that damage hair and works to remove dead hair roots that do not grow and get rid of them to cleanse the scalp and give an opportunity for strong follicles to breathe and grow
  •  Collagen treats hair loss that occurs Because of age, 
  • it treats hair loss resulting from hormonal imbalances, which causes a significant shortage of hair follicles, some of which weaken and some suffer from precipitation, but collagen treatment helps the elderly to keep the follicles strong for as long as possible.
  • Benefits of collagen for light hair as it increases hair density and the number of folliclesstimulates germination, which leads to filling the voids and intensifying the hair
  • Collagen helps the hair to lengthen and helps prevent The appearance and delay of graying The damage that occurs in the hair cells leads to the loss of its color and causes graying, which has genetic factors. Collagen helps in the prevention of this defect and damage and thus strengthens the hair with its properties rich in antioxidants, which makes the hair stick to its color and reduces graying and does not spread and spread.


Treatment of collagen ampoules for hair 

There are types of collagen ampoules for hair in the pharmacy. These ampoules are only used in some problems that are severe and the previous solutions did not work with them, such as severe hair loss or cases of baldness, as well as those who suffered for long periods of hair problems without any progress in treatment The doctor chooses the method of collagen ampoules for hair and after he performs a sensitivity test and chooses the appropriate and optimal type for the skin and hair according to the type of scalp and body. There are many types, including those of animal origin, including marine collagen of marine organisms origin 

  • . From the collagen of the hair
  • , special needles are used, which are specialized needles for injection into the scalp in order for the collagen to reach the deepest part present and reach the follicle
  •  The collagen is absorbed in the body, where the treatment is carried out in two ways. The second is to stimulate the natural collagen secretion of the body
  • . After the injection, it feels a little pain. It is considered a natural symptom that is not worrisome and will be controlled by the doctor
  •  . After that, the improvement will begin and new and strong hair growth will be noticed. Others, but after a period of months in this period between the injection and the other injection, the treatment is done by taking nutritional supplements or topical products that contain collagen. 


What are the causes of collagen deficiency? 

As we have already said that the most important reason for the lack of collagen in the body is that the natural secretion of collagen decreases after the age of thirty. This is a natural thing so that it is not sufficient for the functions of the body, but there are several other reasons that cause a decrease in the amount of collagen secretion in the body, including: 

  •  Iron deficiency 
  • Exposure to diseases Immunity, 
  • thyroid problems 
  • hormonal imbalances
  •  , wrong and unhealthy diets,
  • alcoholism or drug addiction,


all of this leads to a decrease in the percentage of collagen, which results in several problems in the skin and hair. Therefore, we resort to treatment by taking hair collagen in various forms of medicine, through which you get the skin Impeccable childishness.


session method Collagen hair straightening and its benefits  

Collagen hair straightening is the use of an extract consisting of collagen protein and keratin and is considered free from damage, although many important precautions must be taken during the treatment using collagen hair, and it is used to straighten damaged hair and treat it from breakage and dehydration It is in the form of a cream And the method of individual hair with collagen is to wash the hair with shampoo that contains a composition of collagen and clean it well and then dry it with an electric dryer until it is straight and divided into sections and distribute the hair collagen substance like dye, noting that it is placed at a distance of 2 cm from the roots and leaves for an hour when it dries. A narrow comb, then washed and dried with the electric dryer again, then pulled with the electric iron until it is completely straightened to be silky smooth. The treated collagen session is not just an individual hair, but rather a treatment for dryness, embrittlement, breakage and weakness, and the effect of this session lasts from four to six months.

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