Hair loss analyzes and the most important tests 

Hair loss analyzes and the most important tests 

Hair loss analyzes are very necessary to determine the cause that led to the hair loss, especially if the case of

severe hair loss may lead to the occurrence of voids in the hair and in some cases lead to baldness, so in order for the diagnosis to be correct, hair loss analyzes must be conducted and after a proper diagnosis The doctor will come up with the ideal treatment after which the patient will notice the improvement and get rid of the worrying problem of hair loss.

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What are the most important analyzes of hair loss?

Hair loss analyzes are divided into several sections, each section heading in a specific direction, but it is very important in the diagnosis. These sections are: 

  •  Hormonal
  •  test Iron test
  • Thyroid function analysis
  • Complete blood picture CBC
  • Fungi 
  •  Scalp 
  • biopsy 
  • Hair plucking
  •  test Check number Hair Hair
  •  pulling
  •  test Blood picture test
  •  Hair density
  •  test Syphilis


test Types of hair loss tests for women

There is a condition of hair loss in women called: (Terbular hair loss), where a sudden change occurs in a woman’s life cycle due to hormonal imbalance during adolescence and puberty, she is also exposed to it During pregnancy and childbirth, you may be exposed to psychological problems during pregnancy and after childbirth, such as postpartum depression. Women’s hormonal changes push them to go through a bad psychological state due to some problems such as: 

stress, exposure to surgery or childbirth, exposure to rapid weight loss, gaining Rapid weight, thyroid problems, taking some medications, all of these problems, together or individually, contribute to psychological pressure on women, which leads them to a state of stress hair loss, which is a condition in which hair falls out as a result of stress. to which women are exposed.


What are ’s hair loss analyzes 

menFor hereditary baldness in which the hair begins to fall out and the hair line regresses and recedes backwards, and the hair at the top of the head weakens and suffers from weakness, thinning and falling until it is complete with partial or complete baldness. The analyzes that prove the injury are: 


Hormonal tests, hormonal imbalance causes hair loss, so it is necessary to quickly adjust the body’s hormones, especially: 

  •  testosterone 
  • , growth
  • hormone, luteinizing
  • hormone, androstenone
  •  , prolactin
  • , growth
  •  hormone
  •  thyroid hormones
  •  , estrogen,


analyzes to find out the cause of hair

loss. The analysis that reveals hair loss? The answer is that it is not a single analysis, but rather several necessary analyzes, the most important of which is a hormone test, as hormonal imbalance plays a major role in hair loss and causes poor hair stability in the follicle, causing it to fall out heavily. A test must be performed for testosterone, prolactin, follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, thyroid hormones, and androgens hormones. And estrogen, in addition to the analysis of growth hormone, and the hormonal imbalance that occurs temporarily during pregnancy and the post-menopausal period also leads to the same problem, which is hair loss. It is exposed to severe hair loss and there are some nutrients such as minerals and vitamins whose deficiency or imbalance in their levels leads to the emergence of hair loss disease such as zinc deficiency, biotin deficiency, vitamin D deficiency and niacin deficiency. Hair density test Hair count test and syphilis test.


Does hair loss lead to baldness? 

Hair loss may lead to hereditary baldness when there are genetic genes, and baldness may affect both men and women, but the loss can cause very annoying symptoms even if it does not cause baldness, such as very light and thinning hair, cracks and breakage of the ends of the hair. Hair and hair spaces in the front of the head and the withdrawal of the hair line back are all disturbing and disturbing manifestations and affect the appearance and appearance. Falling occurs as a side effect and complications of some diseases such as: 

  • Thyroid diseases
  • Tinea capitis
  • as a result of unhealthy diets that lack sources of hair and follicle nourishment such as iron and protein
  • Exposure to treatment Chemist 
  • Exposure to psychological factors such as stress and depression
  •  as a result of aging and manifestations of aging 
  • genetic factors 
  • Bad habits in dealing with hair such as pulling back or washing with hot water 
  • Exhaustion of hair with dyes, chemical straightening and hot styling tools 



The most important methods of treating hair

  • loss By getting the important nutrients for hair by following a rich healthy diet.
  • Drinking the amount of water the body needs
  • Treating anemia or any disease due to lack of food
  • Taking nutritional supplements containing biotin, iron and zinc Available in Adam’s Pharmacy 
  • Preventing habits that damage hair 
  • Using natural oils recipes such as masks 
  • Massage the scalp with treatment materials that open the pores of the skin and allow blood and oxygen to reach Follicles 
  • resorting to laser treatment and modern techniques 


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