Avogen hair spray is the magic treatment for hair loss and baldness 

Avogen hair spray is the magic treatment for hair loss and baldness 

Avogen hair spray is the best treatment for genetic baldness and hair loss. It contains minoxidil, which works to re-grow hair follicles and fill the voids. It is considered the ideal treatment for all cases of hereditary baldness, and minoxidil is originally a substance to treat high blood pressure. It was found by chance that one of its side effects is the re-growth of hair follicles and a significant increase in their density. It was produced in several different concentrations, and one of its known defects is that it must be used continuously and not to be interrupted, in case of interruption, hair loss will return and voids will appear again.

does Avogain spray lengthen the hair?

The remarkable therapeutic effect of product appears through the development and intensification of new hair follicles and increased hair growth. This is reflected positively on hair intensification by strengthening the follicles and germinating new hair in the spaces where the patient notices the speed of hair growth and therefore the treated cases have noticed that Avogain spray works to lengthen Hair is also not only a treatment for hair loss and baldness, but also helps in the growth of thick, healthy and strong hair and renews the growth and lengthening of new hair follicles.


What are the side effects of Avogen spray?

The most important damage to the person who uses Avogen spray may be the rapid and thick growth of hair in unwanted areas of the body, and also may be exposed to some side effects such as redness or irritation of the scalp and may develop into eczema, the product must be tested before using it on The skin and it is prevented in case of allergy to minoxidil, and it is prevented in the case of pregnancy and lactation, and from defects and damage from the occurrence of some side effects to it, such as that some may suffer from fluid retention in the body as a result of its use or skin irritation with itching on the scalp or change in the texture and shape of the skin Scalp, headache and dizziness You should tell your doctor if any of these or other side effects occur.


The use of Avogen spray for the chin. Avogen

spray is used to treat beard problems, as some men suffer from the presence of voids that lead to an unpleasant appearance, weak beard hair growth and loss, or the problem of not growing a beard from the original, and then the doctor may prescribe Avogen 5  For the treatment of the beard, and after continuing the treatment, the man will get a beautiful, abundant and harmonious beard within only four months, bearing in mind that hormonal analyzes must be conducted to exclude the effect of hormonal imbalances in the problem of loss, lack of density or lack of beard growth. If it is proven that the hormones are moderate, the doctor begins In the use of Minoxidil, and if there is a hormonal imbalance, then hormonal treatments must be taken in addition to the use of Avogen hair spray.


The most important side effects of using Avogen spray

One of the most important side effects of using monoxidil is the famous complaint that I used Avogen spray and my hair loss is not worrisome, because Avogen treatment works to get rid of damaged and weak hairs at the beginning of use, where the loss increases in the first two weeks in large quantities The patient notices an increase in the amount of hair loss, so he may be worried about the effect of the medicine, while this hair is the one that will not be treated, but rather be disposed of. It nourishes and strengthens it, and one of the side effects that bothers the patient who uses Avogen hair spray is the problem of hair growing profusely all over the body, even in undesirable places, and it is removed periodically. This makes the removal process frequent and difficult, and side effects vary from person to person, including what causes irritation In the skin and in the scalp, redness, infections, or a drop in blood pressure and may lead to a sudden increase in weight, these symptoms are not common with everyone, but differ from person to person. another li.


 The difference between Avogen 5% and 2% 

hair spray is that the first one that contains 5% is considered a treatment for genetic baldness cases in men. Severe hair in women, and of course this percentage expresses the concentration of moxidil in the spray, this concentration on the basis of which the therapeutic effect will occur


When will the results of the Avogen spray appear?

The use of the Avogen spray needs a long period for the results to appear, and some cases need to be maintained, especially in cases of genetic baldness, but the appropriate dose must be used at the time specified by the doctor and repeated periodically, and to obtain the best results, adjust the appointments for treatment by placing Avogen on the hair, and if a certain dose is forgotten, it must be compensated immediately so as not to cause side effects such as relapse, weakening of the follicle, and the start of hair loss again. According to the concentration of the spray, for men, the doctor always prescribes 5% twice a day in the morning and evening for women, a concentration of 2% twice in the morning and evening, making sure that the scalp is dry and avoiding the use of any materials or care products after using the spray for four hours, such as shampoo, hair creams or perfumes, and the dose must be placed And let it dry for four hours to take full advantage of the active substance.


How to use Avogen hair spray 

  • Use on clean, dry hair.
  •  The amount determined by the doctor is placed on the affected area and the massage is done.
  •  We must avoid washing hair with shampoo after applying Avogen hair spray
  •  use a hair dryer after applying Avogen hair spray.
  •  Leave the treatment to dry for four hours
  •  . It is only placed on the scalp. 
  • The most important precautions must be taken care of. Including not spraying near the eyes
  •  . Do not worry if the hair fall continues for two weeks because the treatment gets rid of weak hair.
  •  You should not use any dyes during the treatment.
  • Pay attention to applying a care and treatment routine loss hair 
  • Read the attached instructions well and apply them with the doctor’s orders and the pharmacist’s advice before using Avogen hair spray


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