Skin colors and their different names

Skin colors and their different names

vary colors as the human skin color starts from dark brown in its degrees until it reaches light pink and bright white. Melanin is produced and the more melanin, the darker the color in the human skin, and the less melanin, the lighter or white the color.


Why do skin colors differ Skin

color varies from person to person according to the color pigment in it, where the colors fall and vary from one gender to another, starting from the light Caucasian color and found in northern Europe to the dark dark black color and found in Central Africa and there are many different colors between them According to the degree of belonging to brown or white, there are three colored factors that determine the color of the skin, which are: 

  • Melanin pigment is a dark brown pigment found in the outer skin cells The melanin pigment 
  • is
  •  carotene phrase An orange pigment that is found in the outer layers of the dead cells of the Lipider Ms and is found in 

the fat cells that lie under the skin layer and there is carotene in abundance in carrots, tomatoes and colored fruits. The final color of the skin is the final product of mixing the three pigments together, especially melanin.


What causes the appearance of skin tones? 

 several factors, including: 

  • As a result of biological and genetic processes,
  •  between whites and blacks and between different degrees, and this produces new degrees. 
  • from 
  • intermarriage 


skinThe body is exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and this exposes them to the possibility of developing skin cancer.


Characteristics of brown skin colors Brown skin tones 

are characterized as the skin that enjoys the production of a quantity of melanin capable of protecting it from ultraviolet rays. Brown skin tones range from the degree of wheatish skin and increase in degree until it reaches the dark brown color, where some races produce an amount of Sufficient melanin is what protects them from the sun's rays that they are exposed to in very hot places. They tolerate very hot rays in Africa. In cold places, the sun remains dangerous, especially since the owners of these countries do not have the protection as in brown skin because of their light skin.



 because it tends to wheat skin tones wheatishWheat skin with its beauty, as it is the preferred color among the skin tones. It is an attractive pure color and is not exposed to skin wrinkles, lines and signs of aging except at an advanced age. Wheat skin needs special care and attention in order to preserve its beauty, purity and freshness known. Available in Adam's pharmacy best international brands. 


Specifications of light white 

skin tone White skin also falls between several levels starting from light white and medium white skin The light color degrees in white skin is because it contains a small amount of melanin and white skin needs great care and preservation and protection from the sun because the melanin A few cannot protect it sufficiently, as it is necessary to use sunscreens with a very high degree of protection that does not bear the ultraviolet rays of the sun and has a negative effect on it, as it is exposed to burns and changes in the color of the skin, and dark places appear in it. Medium in whiteness and they certainly tolerate radiation at a slightly higher rate than very white skin, but in general, white skin needs more care and prevention and complete distance from sunlight so as not to be exposed to the dangers of burns or cancers.


What is the most beautiful skin color?

The well-known is that the color of wheaten skin is the most beautiful at all, but this estimate cannot be unanimously agreed upon, as all types and colors of the skin are considered beautiful and should not be distinguished between them. Just because the skin has certain shades of tan, but it is necessary to be convinced of the color of your skin and be proud of it, for it is certainly beautiful, but lightening creams and lightening operations were made in order to treat pigmentation caused by the sun 

or pathological spots, but some women resort to skin lightening or skin lightening operations in the belief that white skin is more beautiful than skin The brunette, but this belief is definitely wrong skin is the natural color that God created.


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