Symptoms of skin cancer and signs of the disease 

Symptoms of skin cancer and signs of the disease 

The symptoms of skin cancer that tell the doctor about the possibility of infection and it is also one of the signs of the disease, as the disease affects the places of the body exposed to the sun and affects all skin types, whether dark or light, and the main cause of skin cancer is a change in the DNA of cells A mutation that affects healthy cells causes improper cell growth and a cancerous mass is formed.


What are the symptoms of benign skin cancer?

Benignthat do not pose a danger like malignant cancer, most of them are treated with surgical removal and have several types such as cutaneous fibroma, hemangioma, bronchial tumor, moles, warts, and skin growths, all of which are skin growths that do not Dangerous ones and are treated by surgery or laser.


What are the stages of skin cancer?

The doctor begins discovering skin cancer by taking a biopsy of the skin and analyzing it to determine the type of cancer and some other tests through which the type and stage of the disease is determined 

  • . upper skin.
  •  The stage of transitional or metastatic skin cancer, which spreads in places deeper within the skin or may reach other parts of the

 body. The layer is of three types:

  • the squamous cell layer, which is the lining of the outer skin, and
  • the basal cell layer, which produces new cells for skin renewal.
  • The layer of melanocytes is responsible for producing the pigment melanin, which gives the skin its color. The production and secretion of this pigment increases in case of direct exposure to the sun in order to protect the inner layers of the skin. 


Causes of skin cancer 

  • Exposure to the sun with a genetic susceptibility to ultraviolet rays causes skin cancer in some cases.
  • Damage to DNA in skin cells resulting from exposure to ultraviolet rays directly and for a long time without protection or a protective factor
  • Direct exposure to toxic and chemical substances for long periods such as arsenic
  • Weak immune system with genetic susceptibility to disease  



What are the early symptoms of skin cancer? 

Complete control Symptoms Which the doctor can suspect and are signs of the occurrence of skin cancer are: 


  •  Changes related to asymmetry in the texture and shape of the skin and the presence of strange spots and asymmetry of the limbs 
  • Spots with raised and asymmetric borders
  • Itching of skin cancer  
  • Various colored spots red, blue and white  
  • Circular spots and the diameter of the spots is constantly increasing
  • the appearance of New moles of different sizes are constantly increasing in size and have a prominent texture,
  • spots that change color from brown to black, 
  • the appearance of spots inside of them lumps  
  • moles with a hard surface
  • moles that itch and bleeding moles 
  • spots of different appearance and strange from the color of the body.


Is skin cancer patient cured? 

This disturbing question is about the fate and fate of skin cancer. Is the disease cured, is skin cancer fatal, and how long do skin cancer patients live? 

It is the most frequently asked questions that express concern about the seriousness of the disease 

answer is that melanomas are considered one of the most tumors that achieve a cure rate of up to 85% , and the disease may achieve a cure rate of up to 100% in the case of early detection of the disease and immediate start of treatment and periodic examinations for prevention and follow-up All advanced modern treatments are available in Adam's Pharmacy to treat skin cancer tumors with the latest global treatment level.



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