Skin allergy cream, its benefits and its different types

Skin allergy cream, its benefits and its different types

Skin allergy cream is a topical treatment that contains antihistamines that work to calm the irritating symptoms of the skin due to the high level of histamine in the blood that is secreted by the immune system.

The best antihistamine topical cream for adults

is the most important treatment for skin allergy and itching for adults, as it works to instantly soothe and stop the annoying itching that may expose the skin to scratches and wounds. The best allergy cream for adults is the type that is characterized by speed and high effectiveness in calming Symptoms of allergic attacks arising from many causes, and allergy creams for adults are used in many cases of itching and dermatitis arising from allergic attacks. It consists of many compounds, the most important of which are the following: 

  • Creams containing corticosteroids relieve itching and redness of the skin.
  • Creams containing calcineurin inhibitors soothe skin irritation
  • Anesthetic formulations Topical itching, such as capsaicin and doxycycline 


 Skin allergy cream for children

Babies and newborns suffer from frequent skin allergies for several reasons, including that their skin is thin and sensitive and affected by fluctuations and changes in the weather, as well as they are affected by the products used and the treatments that enter their bodies, and they may be exposed to an allergic reaction as a result of diapers and their continuous change or leaving them for a long time without changing, The child needs an allergy cream for children in all places where it appears allergic, and a safe type of cream must be chosen that helps treat dehydration. This is especially in the diaper area, and one of the types used for treatment is a topical children's allergy cream, which is safe on the child's skin and fast-acting. All types are available for all cases at our Adam Pharmacy The best quality.

Sun Sensitivity Cream 

Sometimes there is an allergic reaction as a result of exposure to sunlight, which results in the occurrence of some symptoms such as a rash, itching, some pimples and hives, and then resorting to a sun allergy cream that contains antihistamines and creams that contain Cortisone, anti-itching and antimalarials, and as a preventive factor, we also need to take care of the need to protect from the sun’s rays and not expose the skin to it, and to use a sunscreen of a type suitable for the skin and also contains an anti-allergic, with the use of corticosteroid ointments and aloe vera ointments for moisturizing and the application of ointments that treat dehydration so as not to weaken the skin It is exposed to sensitivity from the sun, and the irritated areas use an ointment to relieve sunburn, such as: calamine, aloe vera, sunscreens, and wearing glasses and wearing head coverings when going out in the day is what contributes more to the prevention of an allergic attack from the sun.

Skin Sensitivity Cream for Pregnant 

The pregnant mother is exposed to many types of allergies during her pregnancy as a result of the imbalance of hormones inside her body and the change in secretions and types. To use a skin allergy cream that contains mild substances that do not harm the fetus, including: Kom Elica, Keratin, Panthenol, Panaderm, Acretin, Canesten, Allergix, Sudo Cream Zenta Mycin, this list is one of the safe ointments that are used for allergies in pregnant women and also can Resorting to some advice in case of scratching and itching, especially during the last months, in the skin of pregnant women, which may cause the appearance of cracks and dryness 

 Or red spots on the skin of a pregnant woman and the type of fetus.


Skin sensitivity cream for sensitive areas Sensitive areas

are exposed to dehydration or some mild disorders that result in the appearance of itching in women and men and may be due to sexually transmitted diseases or for simple reasons or allergens. It is used to treat itching by some antibiotics and antifungals, and sometimes this causes an allergic reaction in The skin of sensitive areas, making them irritate for many reasons, such as using some hygiene products that cause them to be allergic, or wearing some clothes that contain non-cotton or polyester fabric. The source of the irritation that led to skin irritation must be completely avoided by using some creams, lotions and detergents, and applying a treatment and prevention routine. By applying safe types of cream and lotion, which contain effective substances, but are safe on sensitive areas because they are very thin, and also use formulations containing antihistamines and moisturizers. If there is a bacterial infection, then you must immediately resort to the doctor.


 Skin sensitivity cream after shaving

Shaving as a daily or almost daily practice is one of the processes that may result in skin irritation due to the blade, and care must be taken to preserve the facial skin before and after shaving in order to ensure that no allergic reaction occurs, and there are some important tips such as: Use cold water during shaving and that Because it closes the pores, choosing a moisturizer suitable for skin type to use after shaving, keeping the skin from exposure to the sun immediately after shaving, using a shaving cream that contains natural materials with the use of after-shave creams that contain safe compounds and avoiding those that contain fragrance formulations or Alcohol Avoid drying the skin by using aloe vera gel before bed and after shaving.


Symptoms of skin sensitivity after shaving 

 The skin irritation that occurs from the blade may have severe symptoms such as: severe itching, itching and redness, the appearance of bumps and rashes, this irritation is caused by the blade making the hair go against its natural direction during shaving and is also caused by Do not use shaving gel or cream or apply forceful pressure, then this irritation must be eliminated by using aloe vera gel and natural essential oils after shaving, taking into account all the previous tips.


Instructions for the prevention of sudden skin allergies 

There are many tips and instructions through which to live with allergies, as there is no treatment for skin allergies at all, but there are some tips that prevent attacks or reduce them if they occur. These tips are: 

  •  Try to avoid scratching the skin stronglyorder not to be exposed to scratches and wounds, 
  • take care to trim the nails so as not to injure the skin, and if the condition of the itching is severe, you must wear gloves before bed, 
  • use lukewarm water in the shower,
  • wear soft cotton clothes, avoid fleece and polyester,
  • avoid contact with any substance that irritates the body, 
  • take care to take antihistamines on a regular basis and according to the doctor’s orders 
  • Use the appropriate skin sensitivity cream for your skin type 
  • maintain the routine of applying sunscreen during the day, and not be exposed to the sun without it.


A quick treatment for allergies and itching from natural materials 

  • Aloe vera gel relieves itching and treats sunburn and insect bites 
  • Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties and topical itching treatment is used diluted with water in a ratio of one to one, a mask is made and then
  •  cold compresses are rinsed with water using a cotton cloth that leads to the relief of itching. For cold water, some ice is placed in it and cold compresses are made, which have a great effect on relieving itching and calming the body.
  • Some essential oils, such as peppermint oil, tea tree oil, violet oil, and chamomile oil, relieve itching.


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