Sudden skin sensitivity and how to deal with it and modern treatment methods

Sudden skin sensitivity and how to deal with it and modern treatment methods

The sudden sensitivity of the skin that may affect the patient is due to direct exposure to the stimuli that cause the appearance of allergy symptoms, and there are many stimuli that differ from one person to another, so how do we deal with sudden skin allergies and what are the best and latest methods of treatment.

Causes of sudden skin allergies and their treatment 

  • Aromatic products and smells 
  • Beauty
  •  products Hygiene products such as shampoos, soaps
  •  fresheners 
  • clothes 
  • and air fresheners
  •  Nickel metal found in jewelry
  •  Latex in gloves
  •  Cosmetics 
  • sunscreen 
  • nail polish
  •  Hair dyes Hair 
  • henna
  •  Some types of medicines
  •  and some types of creams and women
  • Some types of antibiotics Vitality
  •  Dirt
  •  Feathers
  •  Some animal bodies


All of these things and more can cause a sudden skin allergy attack.

Causes of sudden skin allergy with itching 

There are many other symptoms such as redness and swelling all caused by increased secretion of histamine in the blood, and treatment is by taking antihistamines orally or by topical medications. It has the body through the senses or contact. The stimulus differs from one person to another and from time to time. The patient must avoid irritating foods, preparations and products, and keep away from contact with dust, feathers, and metals. By repeating the experiment, the person can know the irritating stimulus precisely and identify it with the help of the doctor and when avoiding stimuli with eating Regular treatment and use of topical anti-allergic creams when necessary, the patient can control the attacks of skin allergy.


The best ways to treat sudden skin allergies 

should initially try to find out the cause that led to a sudden allergic attack in the skin and then remove the causes and stay away from them completely accompanied by severe itching, and the skin can be calmed by making cold water compresses, it works to calm and comfort the skin from the effects of friction, Sudden skin sensitivity occurs from a chemical reaction such as medicines, or occurs from rubbing clothes or accessories, or occurs as a result of high body temperature, or organic reactions, or occurs as a result of viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, and the reason may be the use of poor care and cosmetic products containing harmful chemicals, the treatment is By trying to calm the body locally and control the secretion of histamine in the body, but antibiotics must be treated in the event of any viral or bacterial infection, taking into account all the necessary instructions for patients with sensitive skin, including: 

  •  Staying away from heat
  •  wearing cotton clothes
  •  making sure to use safe care, hygiene and cosmetic products that contain On natural materials and completely away from chemicals in cleaning materials and others.


To treat skin allergy and itching, there are several modern methods and techniques used, especially in cases of chronic allergies or that do not respond to treatment. Adam's Pharmacy All modern treatments and techniques and drugs for treating skin urticaria


What are the causes of sudden skin allergy without itching 

There are some other symptoms that may cause severe itching and itching of the body, but there are some types of allergies that are without itching and differ from one body to another. There are symptoms such as: redness, stretching, spots, blisters, dry skin, rough spots Scales, some of which may be accompanied by itching and others may be without itching. Itching and itching are considered a dangerous symptom because they may affect the skin and result in cuts, scratches or bleeding. There are some symptoms that are alarming if they occur suddenly, namely: If the itching prevents life activities Such as sleep and work, and if it does not respond to treatment or may be accompanied by sweating and weight loss, and if itching persists for more than three days, a doctor should be resorted to.


What is the sensitivity of the skin from eating? 

Skin allergy to food is an allergic reaction to the immune system that appears on the body due to eating a certain type of food. The reaction occurs quickly as soon as food is eaten. It appears in the form of a rash, swelling, or even itching, and it may develop into swelling of the lips and throat and pain in the The abdomen feels dizzy and faint, a desire to vomit, a sharp drop in blood pressure and dizziness may reach the point of losing consciousness. You must consult a doctor who will order completely away from the type of food and avoid it and try to discover other types. Then the doctor also advises introducing food to young children in small quantities To be completely sure that he does not have an allergic reaction before giving him a large amount and treatment is through medical supervision by means of antihistamines and other medicines.


What foods cause the body to be allergic The

 type of food that causes the body to be allergic varies from one person to another according to the nature of the body and according to the immune system’s acceptance of this type of food. Some people are allergic to: 

  • Milk
  • wheat 
  • nuts 
  • peanuts
  • soybeans
  • as well as seafood and fish
  • Fruits such as strawberries and bananas
  • Eggs


and immediately stop the food that causes allergies and try to use steroid creams such as hydrocortisone, which works to relieve pain, scratching and itching, and numbing creams can be used if the skin irritation rate is large, along with antihistamines that are taken orally and through topical creams as well.


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