Skin cancer symptoms forms and treatment methods 

Skin cancer symptoms forms and treatment methods 

Skin cancer is the appearance of abnormal cells or strange changes in the skin and often the direct cause of the occurrence of skin cancer is intense exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays without protection, and there are different types of skin cancer, forms and symptoms, and early detection of the case is considered The greatest opportunity for proper treatment and cure, and we will now talk about the causes of skin cancer, its symptoms, forms, the prognosis of the disease and the rates of cure.

Types of skin 

  • cancer basal 
  • cell carcinoma squamous cell carcinoma 
  • skin cancer melanoma
  • melanoma 

What are the symptoms of skin cancer 

Symptoms appear as various forms of skin cancer: 

  • Bleeding 
  • ulcers Scaly ulcers Brown 
  • scars 
  • Waxy bumps 
  • Red hard nodules 
  • Flat lesions 
  • Squamous surface and crusts 
  • Dark brown spots 
  • Lesionsare 


the stages of skin cancer?

illness Skin cancer transforms in two stages: 

  • the localized stage, where the cancer affects the surface of the skin only. 
  • The metastatic stage: where skin cancer develops and affects the deeper layers and spreads under the surface of the skin

What are the symptoms that indicate skin cancer?

There are some disturbing symptoms that appear suddenly or strangely, and when they occur, you should immediately consult a doctor,  

such as: 

  •  the appearance of a recent swelling in the skin that has no cause,
  •  the appearance of any change in the skin that is strange in shape, the
  •  appearance of a wound that does not heal and does not heal within weeks 
  • , and the appearance of a strange texture for moles or advantages

The doctor can detect the disease as soon as a clinical examination by looking at the eye, but the result is not confirmed until after the analysis by taking a small sample of the skin in which the injury is and analyzing it. The biopsy is taken in the operating room with local anesthesia . .


dangers of light skin cancer 

The lighter skin is the most dangerous in the possibility of exposure to skin cancer, as there is no melanin pigment that protects against ultraviolet rays except in small percentages, and this makes the risk factors in it considered more, but skin cancer may affect all colors and types of skin as well, color Light skin is one of the risk factors for the disease and other risk factors for the disease is the frequent incidence of sunburn, long and direct exposure to sunlight in hot areas without the use of a sunscreen, the presence of many moles on the skin that may expose it to the risk of cancer, and the presence of a genetic family history of diseases Cancer in the family, a person’s history of previous cancer, the disease may recur again after recovery, and also one of the most important risk factors for skin cancer is weak immune system, exposure to environmental pollution and environmental risks, or when the skin is sensitive and attention must be paid to the complications that can It can occur from skin cancer where the cancer can return again after complete recovery, and one of the most risks is the possibility of skin cancer spreading to surrounding tissues until reaching the muscles, nerves and organs other in the body.

What parts of the body are prone to skin cancer? 

Places that are directly exposed to the sun are the most exposed to the possibility of skin cancer, including the face, lips, ears, neck, chest, hands, arms and scalp. It may occur very rarely in places that are not exposed to the sun, such as between the toes and nails and in the genital areas. Skin cancer affects all skin colors and all races.


What is the itch of skin cancer? 

Many of the symptoms of skin cancer are related to the occurrence of itching, so it was called skin cancer itching, which we can worry about, such as the presence of severe itching with skin that tends to yellow or brown, indicating the occurrence of cancer, and redness on the breast also indicates the occurrence of cancer, and there is vulvar cancer, which is It consists in the form of an itchy ulcer, and itching in the skin often has many causes that are not alarming, but we must be concerned in the case when the itching is due to cancer. infection with these species. 


Is skin cancer fatal?

The most frequently asked question is is skin cancer patient cured? Is skin cancer fatal? 

answer is: 

melanoma (skin cancer) is one of the infections that has the highest cure rate among all other tumors, with an 85% to 95% cure rate for patients who have suffered from skin cancer in the Kingdom in the United States for more than Five years, skin cancer accounts for 40% fewer deaths than other cancers.


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