Skin allergy causes, treatment and prevention methods 

Skin allergy causes, treatment and prevention methods 

Allergy Skin It is a condition in which the skin becomes irritated due to exposure to a certain thing that worries the immune system, and the skin may be allergic to food or to treatments or stimuli such as smoke, dust and pollen. Red spots or dots that appear suddenly and spread widely on the skin. We will now learn about skin sensitivity and methods of prevention and treatment.


What are the types of skin allergies 

There are many types of skin allergies. These types are classified according to the causes and according to the manifestations that appear on the skin as a result of the occurrence of the following types of allergies: 

  •  Allergic contact dermatitis

 This type of allergy occurs as a result of the skin coming into contact with any substance that may cause irritation and sensitivity, and then allergic symptoms occur. and pain.

  •  Airborne contact dermatitis is

 a response Allergic reaction to anything in the air such as dust, smoke, cigarettes, pollen and feathers, this type affects the head, neck and eyelids.

  •  Urticaria

 This type occurs as a result of the body’s secretion of histamine, this substance is secreted when the body is exposed to an allergic reaction, then it is secreted in abundance as a kind of reaction from the immune system that leads to allergic manifestations and symptoms 

 such as swelling and redness of the skin The body shows traces of bruising, red in color, of different sizes and shapes. The type of urticaria has two types: acute urticaria, which is associated with a specific type of food that stimulates the occurrence of allergies, such as an allergy to eggs, strawberries, or some foods and chocolate, and chronic urticaria, and this type may last for a period months or years and it is not caused by certain triggers.

  •  edema

 occurs in the deep inner layers of the skin And soft tissues and spread in the eyelids, mouth and genitals, and do not have a specific cause.

  •  Hereditary angioedema, 

which causes swelling in all parts of the body, such as the hands, feet, face, and also The airways do not respond to antihistamines and require medical supervision.

The most important symptoms of skin allergy are 

many of the allergic symptoms that occur when the skin is exposed to one of the stimuli, these symptoms are in the form of redness, itching, swelling and swelling. Redness, the exit of some fluids under the sensitive skin, swelling and these are the symptoms of eczema. As for the symptoms of allergies of the type of urticaria, the most important thing that distinguishes them are itching and white spots, as well as different forms of spots that appear on the hands, legs, face, legs and lips, and this type is treated by antihistamines, as for the symptoms of Skin sensitivity due to allergic contact dermatitis is a rash, itching, redness of the skin, the appearance of bumps in the skin, peeling and cracking of the skin.


What are the causes of skin allergy? 

There are many causes of skin allergy or the so-called triggers and stimuli that lead to an allergic reaction from the body’s immune system, such as: 

  •  perfumes and industrial odors 
  • Metals such as nickel, gold and jewelry
  •  Latex in rubber gloves and balloons
  •  Some cosmetics 
  • Sunscreen 
  • -up products
  •  Hair dyes and black henna
  •  Some Types of creams and ointments
  • are some medicines and analgesics

and every person must know the thing that causes an allergic reaction and causes him to have an allergic attack, and stay away from it completely and avoid it.


What is the treatment for sudden skin sensitivity? 

Urticaria skin allergy may be sudden due to the exposure of the skin to an allergic stimulus, and there are many ways to 

treat skin sensitivity and itching

when this occurs. For each person, there are also antihistamine medicines and they come in several drug forms such as tablets or syrup and drops. They also work by controlling the proportion of histamine in the body and there are many types of them, some of which cause drowsiness and some that do not cause drowsiness and the doctor is the one who determines the best type according to age and weight Patients with skin allergies should stay away from chemicals and wear protective gloves when dealing with chemical hygiene products, paints and others. It is advised to wear cotton clothes and stay away from wool and feathers and everything that may cause allergic reactions to the skin. To a sudden allergic attack, all topical and pharmacological treatments, 

including tablets, syrup and drops, are available for all antiallergics at Adam's Pharmacy.

Symptoms of skin allergy in children 

Children are often exposed to attacks of skin allergies, especially from foods due to eating a certain type of milk or due to eating a recent food that has been introduced to the child in the food table. He orders the use of special milk suitable for the child and is anti-allergic. The child has an allergic attack and the child shows symptoms such as grains or rashes, redness and swelling. There are some children who may be allergic to some fruits such as strawberries, chocolate and eggs, as well as from the stimuli that lead to children being exposed to an attack of skin allergy and symptoms of eczema It is because of rubbing the diaper and wearing it for a long time without changing. Skin moisturizers that contain olive oil and zinc must be used to keep the baby’s skin clean, disinfected, and sterilized before placing the diaper. The place must be constantly ventilated, dried and cleaned. Lack of hygiene may lead to a rash, severe redness, or some scratches on the skin. Itching and dry skin, the symptoms that appear on the skin of children in children are redness and severe itching, thick scaly patches, white spots and white scales, scratches, dryness and redness. Hand and skin ulcers or swelling in the eyes, lips or face, and in severe cases may lead to dizziness and fainting, and the doctor must be resorted to as soon as the rash appears on children, adhere to the doctor’s orders, and stay 

away from the causes and allergens, and the doctor prescribes the appropriate dose and the appropriate type for each child.


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