Best sunscreen for skin and how to use

Best sunscreen for skin and how to use

You certainly know that sunscreen is one of the most important skin care products. Failure to apply this product may lead to a lot of damage to the skin and the loss of its freshness, health and youth, especially in the summer to benefit more from the benefits of sunscreen, you must apply it in the right way by following some Basic steps. From here we will reveal to you how to use sunscreen to protect your skin one hundred percent from environmental factors.
Benefits of sunscreen
This lotion has many benefits on the skin, including:
Fights dark spots and scars
Fighting dryness in the skin and giving it moisture
Avoid wrinkles and signs of aging caused by the sun
It treats the signs of aging if it is rich in antioxidants
Protect the skin from burns
Avoid getting skin cancer
How do I choose a suitable sunscreen for my face?
Sunscreen should be used anytime outside of the home for longer than 20 minutes, even in winter.
Sunscreen should also be applied, because the ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause damage to the skin within 15 minutes, and thus increase the risk of skin cancer, so it is best to prevent sunburn by treating it by applying sunscreen in general at any time outside or during the day.
A suitable sunscreen can be selected considering the following:

Setting sunscreen protection time:
You should consider the number of sun protection factor (SPF), the time it takes to sunburn when applying sunscreen compared to not wearing sunscreen, and its effectiveness in blocking UV rays from the skin.
If the protection factor is 30, then what is meant is that it is possible to spend 30 times in the sun before burning, compared to not applying sunscreen, that is, 5 minutes without sunscreen equals 150 minutes in the sun without burns, and protection can be the percentage of sunscreen 60, and it is not considered Poor quality, because there is no sunscreen that blocks 100% of UV rays, and it is better to use a sunscreen of 30 or higher.
Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen:
Sunscreen prevents sun damage that causes burns, however the sun emits ultraviolet rays that damage the skin and cause signs of aging, wrinkles and dark spots that cause skin cancer.
Broad-spectrum sunscreen against UV rays and some sunscreens may not be written "broad spectrum".
But it should be mentioned how well they protect against UVB and UVA rays, and most broad-spectrum sunscreens contain inorganic ingredients such as titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide, and contain organic ingredients such as Avobenzone, Cinoxate, or Xybenzone
Choosing a waterproof sunscreen:
 You should look for a waterproof sunscreen, because the body repels water through sweating, and this is necessary if a person is particularly active, such as running or hiking, or if they are exposed to water.
Water-resistant sunscreen is reapplied every 40-80 minutes or as directed, and some prefer to spray sunscreen.
 While others prefer creams or gels, by applying a thick layer of it.
 And sunscreen spray is better for areas with hair, and some also prefer to use sunscreens that are better for dry skin.
 While gel sunscreen is useful for oily skin, and a wax from the sunscreen can be placed on the area near the eye to protect it from the sun's rays, and it is useful for children because it may not reach the eyes. .
Choosing the right sunscreen for your skin:
 By trying a part of the sunscreen on the wrist so that it does not cause a skin problem or sensitivity to the skin, buying and trying different sunscreens to obtain appropriate protection for the skin, or consulting a doctor in case the skin is allergic, or itching, redness, burning or pimples are all signs of allergy.
Apply sunscreen before exposure to the sun:
Sunscreen contains chemicals and it takes some time for the skin to become fully protected by applying sunscreen before going outside, sunscreen should be applied to the skin 30 minutes before exposure to the sun, and use enough sunscreen Apply sunscreen all over the skin Exposed to sunlight, rubbed on the skin to protect it from sunlight.
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How to use sunscreen
When applying make-up, it is necessary to ensure that the skin is protected with the appropriate sunscreen, and it is not difficult to apply make-up with sunscreen and we will talk about the method:
Make sure the face is clean by using clean facial wipes, or using a little rose water with a cotton pad to massage.
Apply a little sunscreen to the face and neck, being careful not to overuse it, as too much of it will make the makeup start to slip all over the place.
Start by applying makeup as usual.
Tips for using sunscreen
Here are some tips to follow when choosing the best sunscreen:
Make sure the date of manufacture: The expiration date of the sunscreen should be checked, because the ingredients in the sunscreen can degrade quickly, so it is important to make sure that it is suitable for the skin or not, so that no sunscreen is stored in cupboards until its expiration date.
Make sure that the sunscreen does not contain dangerous ingredients: by examining the ingredients on the package, it will help to find out what oxybenzone in the sunscreen contains, a hormonal agent that causes allergic disorders.
Check for titanium dioxide or zinc oxide: When checking the ingredients list, look for titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide, as these ingredients protect against UV rays, because Be zinc oxide can make the face pale, and it also damages the skin.
Protect acne-prone skin: Use a water-based sunscreen if skin is oily or acne-prone.
Also, you should not use the sunscreen in a circular way, but it should be applied to the skin in a straight way in one direction.
Also, you should not overuse sunscreen as there is a misconception that applying more sunscreen protects more.

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