5 best hair creams for women

5 best hair creams for women

We offer you the best 5 types of hair cream for women available in Adam's Pharmacy, after having healthy and shiny hair has become an obsession for many, especially women, with the scalp fatigue when using dyes, chemical preparations, pollution and heat. 

That is why people are looking for products that take care of their hair and restore its vitality, such as hair creams. There are many hair creams to choose from depending on the result you want to achieve whether it is the desire to control or smooth frizz, or to moisturize and nourish the hair.

How to choose the best hair cream?

Choosing a hair cream does not only depend on the need to use the cream, but to get the best results, you must know the type of hair. Hair type does not only fall under the category of oily hair and non-greasy hair, there are several factors that determine the type of hair, the most important of which are:

 Hair texture

according to the diameter of the hair, it is either fine, medium or thick. The easiest way to determine the texture of the hair is to compare the diameter of the hair to the diameter of a regular thread used to sew fabrics. 

If the hair is less dense than the thread, the hair type is thin, and if the thickness of the hair is equal to the thickness of the thread, the hair type is medium, but if the thickness of the hair is greater than the thickness of the thread, the hair type is thick.

Hair density

is the number of hairs covering the scalp, and it can be inferred from the spaces in the scalp. 

If the distances are many, then this hair is of a low density type, and if the distances are few and many parts of the scalp cannot be seen, then this hair is of a medium density type, but if the areas are almost non-existent, this type of hair is of high density.


It is a testament to the health of the hair and how easy it is to style it. To determine the elasticity of the hair, we pull one hair from both ends, if the hair breaks immediately, the hair is of low density, but if the hair is pulled to more than 50% of its original length, the hair is of high elasticity.

type of curls

You should know the type of curls before buying a hair cream, and after washing the hair and leaving it to air dry, the pattern of curls will be determined. 

The hair is distributed according to the type of curl into:


  • Smooth: No waves.

  • Wavy: Not wrinkled, but wavy.

  • Curly: Maintains curl even after styling.

  • Spiral: The curls are very tight and defined, with the hair shrinking to more than half its length.

Production of natural oils

To find out how greasy the scalp is after washing and drying the hair, a handkerchief is placed on the scalp. If oil spots are observed, this hair is greasy.

 If you find a few spots of oil then this hair belongs to the medium oily hair. 

If there are no greasy spots then the hair is dry.

In the event that there are oil spots on part of the tissue and other areas that do not contain any spots, with dryness of the ends of the hair. This hair is mixed and is found in the vast majority.


This property expresses the extent to which the hair absorbs and retains moisture, and the lower the porosity, the greater the ability of the hair to resist chemical compounds. 

To determine the extent of hair porosity, hair is placed after washing and drying in a bowl of water. If the hair is drowned, it belongs to hair with high porosity.

 But if it sank after a period of time, this is the type with medium porosity, and if the hair keeps floating on the surface, it is of low porosity.


After knowing your hair type, it is easy to find out which type of hair cream is suitable.

The best 5 types of hair cream for women in Adam's pharmacy, 

  • Paris Collection, olive hair cream | 475ml

  • J.Casanova Paris Hair Cream Regular | 150gm

  • Dabur Amla Hair Cream With Protein | 140ml

  • Himalaya Hair Cream Softness and Shine | 140ml

  • Eva Honey Hair Cream | 185g

Types of Hair Creams for Women 

There are many types of hair creams for women that should be used to maintain healthy hair, avoiding the wrong or excessive use of bad products.

As well as hair cream products that cause a lot of problems for the hair or scalp, so you must choose the specific type that is appropriate for your hair type to take care of it.

So in case of problems, there are different types of hair, including dry, brittle, greasy, and all of these types need certain types of creams.

Also, you should not use any hair cream with any hair type so as not to negatively affect the health of the hair.

It also causes many problems that women need, so that they can have healthy and shiny hair.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose the specific types that suit the scalp and hair type.

To know the types of hair cream for women, it is necessary to determine the type of hair. If your hair is dry, a certain type should be used to solve different hair problems.

Especially those that lead to dryness and brittleness, so the hair must be given all the necessary elements for proper nutrition that increase the luster and strength of the hair.

In addition to eliminating dryness permanently and eliminating frizz that accompanies dry or natural hair.

It is necessary to choose a special hair cream that helps give the hair extra softness, and fix the strands in order to reduce the problem of frizz.

Dry hair creams are also used to protect the scalp, as they are characterized by the presence of layers to isolate dust or any air pollutants.

It can be used for men who suffer from dry hair, as it gives the hair shine, strength and health.

Hair cream bath 

Women are interested in obtaining many hair care products, in order to obtain an attractive appearance and maintain the health of the hair for the longest period. 

But there is a common mistake that a number of women make, which is not using the product correctly, which leads to not getting the desired result and sometimes counterproductive results may appear.


One of the products that women most mistakenly use is a cream bath for hair , so it is necessary to choose the right type of cream bath for hair.

 The quality of the hair controls the selection of the appropriate type to obtain a satisfactory result, and it should not be used in excess, it is enough once a week, with the need to pay attention to good nutrition because the cream bath gives an aesthetic appearance and has nothing to do with the health of the hair.


It necessary to take into account the length of time during which the cream bath is left on the hair, preferably not to exceed a quarter of an hour only. Washing the hair with cold water after the cream bath is over to close the pores of the scalp. Finally, coconut oil and olive oil can be applied to the cream until it gives satisfactory results.

In Adam's pharmacy, there are many cream baths for hair, including:

Cap Fashkool cream, hair oil bath from aloe vera extract |Vatika

Hair Treatment Oil Bath with Nigella Sativa | 1 kg (black)

Bonawell Oil Bath Intensive Treatment Wheat Protein | 810ml


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