What are the symptoms, types and methods of treatment  

What are the symptoms, types and methods of treatment  

fungi Skin he is A disease that affects the skin due to the attack of microscopic organisms, namely: (fungi) and infects the skin through infection. Many types of antifungal creams can be used without a prescription, but if the situation does not improve, you must immediately resort to the doctor. Today we will learn about skin fungi, methods of prevention methods treatment


What are the causes of skin fungi? 

them to multiply, infecting the skin and changing its composition and appearing in different forms, and the causes of infection with these fungi are multiple, including the following 

  •  : atmosphere forRed These spots develop into fungal infections
  •  Using human tools infected with skin fungi and this leads to direct infection through the use of clothes, socks or shoes
  •  Excessive sweating and not using deodorants after showering and personal hygiene and drying after showering because wetness or moisture is a good environment For the growth of fungi
  • . If the feet or hands come into contact with places contaminated with fungi, the infection will be immediately transmitted, even if it is in swimming pools or because of touching contaminated gear
  •  . There are some care products, soapy ingredients that lead to dry skin and then the occurrence of fungal infection.
  •  Do not dry in sensitive places after the bath and leave Sensitive places are wet. This leads to the appearance of fungi in these places.
  •  Not drying well after showering, wearing clothes, and leaving the body wet


Symptoms of infectioncases of skin fungi,

  • an unpleasant smell appears from the foot, especially if the shoe continues to be worn for a long time, so that the socks are wet with 
  • sweatSevere and redness in the areas affected by fungi


Types of skin fungi 

There are many types of infections that affect the skin with fungi such as White skin fungi, red skin fungi, brown skin fungi and brown skin

fungi without itching

, as well as the types of skin fungi in men and red skin fungi between The thighs, as well as skin fungi in children, these types can be divided into the following: 


  • Tinea pedis For athletes because of the length of time they wear compression shoes which can be a suitable environment for the growth of fungi of the type fungi. White skin and abound between the fingers And turning it white and filled with crusts.
  •  Ringworm of the scalp is more common in children It causes hair loss, and then after healing is complete, the hair grows back.
  •  Ringworm of the nails infects the nails, causing a yellow color and increasing the thickness and size The nail and makes it easy to break, and you can get
  •  tinea corporis or ringworm in one nail, which is a red skin fungus Which spreads in the thighs area due to red skin fungi and arises from the moisture in the thighs area and the lack of interest in drying it or because of the presence of sweating for a long time in the curves area where it is not Drying sweat for long hours, and this is a good environment for the growth of fungi.


Is skin fungus dangerous?

The question that patients are looking for remains, is there a concern about skin fungal disease, is it dangerous, and what is the final solution for skin fungi, skin fungi is not a worrisome disease if it is dealt with quickly and if the skin is preserved by some simple prevention instructions and we will now talk about ways Prevention and methods of treatment Methods of prevention of skin fungi, namely: 

  •  Maintaining the cleanliness of the skin and paying attention to drying in all areas of the body so as not to create a damp environment that allows the growth of fungi
  •   Use the appropriate soap for the type of skin and the use of antiseptic anti-fungal soap 
  • Paying full attention to drying all body curves and places that cause retention Sweat inside
  •  . Attention to the type of clothes in terms of being cotton clothes that absorb sweat and not cause friction such as nylon or polyester 
  • . Maintaining ventilation of the feet and cleaning socks and sports shoes. Putting anti-fungal powder inside the shoes and feet
  •  . Paying attention to changing socks on a daily basis. If the number of hours out of the house is long, it is desirable Take a clean sock for a change in the middle of the day
  •  Try to wear open shoes that dries up the sweat See a doctor in case Skin fungi not responding to primary treatments


Methods of treating skin fungi

 There are many medicines and products that preserve the skin to apply a routine for prevention as well as methods of treatment after infection. All of them are available in Adam's Pharmacy from the latest global treatment trends and the best brands that are characterized by therapeutic efficacy and safety, among the most important of these products are creams Antifungal creams are available in pharmacies without a prescription or you can consult a pharmacist. Steroidal anti-itch creams that treat redness and a sterile powder placed between the feet to treat interdigital fungi. There are many ointments for this as well. There are oral treatments that are taken if the infection is severe and are taken under supervision. Medically, you can consult the pharmacist at Adam Pharmacy for the treatment of skin and nail fungus. 


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