Skin pills and their different types and the best treatment methods The 

Skin pills and their different types and the best treatment methods The 

problem of facial pills sometimes disturbs young people and adults and it has several forms and types, including what needs to be consulted by a doctor, and some of them are removed with simple home recipes, but it is a troublesome problem because skin pills spoil the beauty of the look and the body, so what are the types and methods of treatment? 


The most important care and treatment products suggested by Adam Pharmacy  


Types of grains in the face Facial 

grains are divided into inflammatory grains and non-inflammatory grains. Inflammatory  

grains cause irritation and redness of the skin and they are formed due to clogged pores from contamination with oily sebum and excess skin oils and then a bacterial infection, these grains are mostly Painful and can leave behind traces of spots or scars, such as papules, pimples, nodules and abscesses, and need to be treated with antibiotics under the supervision of a doctor. As for non-inflammatory pills, they are small spots that are raised from the surface of the skin, such as blackheads and white heads, and are treated with antiseptics and astringents. And peelers to try to deep clean and open the closed pores, there are some instructions that must be taken care of, including not peeling or tampering with the grain so as not to aggravate the matter and leave traces in the form of holes and stains in the skin.


 Treatment of the appearance of pimples in the face

Types of treatment between chemical peeling or phototherapy and there are treatments with peeled and antiseptic products. In the case of inflamed acne, a prescription may be required by taking some antibiotics that help get rid of fat in the skin and get rid of inflammatory bacteria, and applying topical treatments Which contains acids useful in deep cleaning, exfoliation of dead cells and disinfection of acne-causing bacteria.


Instructions for treating skin pimples 

There are some instructions and tips used to help treat skin pimples, including the following: 

  •  Washing the face twice a day, in the morning and evening, and repeatedly in the case of oily skin,
  •  using the appropriate lotion for the skin according to its type, 
  •  using care products that adopt natural formulations and completely away from chemicals,
  •  taking care of topical treatments for acne Because it helps to cleanse and treat 
  • Do not overuse chemical peels because they harm the grains and exhaust the skin.
  •  Use useful home recipes for grains such as apple cider vinegar, baking soda, honey, lemon, lemon juice, yogurt, turmeric and aloe vera 
  • . Attention should be paid to drinking water frequently to cover the needs of the body and keep it hydrated.
  •  A healthy diet free of fat and rich in mineral salts and vitamins 
  • Paying attention to moisturizing the skin and using appropriate products for it


causes facial 

and skin pimples The main reason for the occurrence of skin pimples is the clogging of pores by dead skin cells and oily sebum secreted by oily skin or pollutants, which leads to the formation of pimples and pimples, and also One of the reasons is the use of medicines that lead to the emergence of pimples, the use of skin care and treatment products that do not suit the type of skin itself, the use of make-up and cosmetics products and unsafe make-up tools, and the lack of interest in removing make-up, as well as hormonal changes that occur in adolescence and grains also increase due to weather and weather changes. And fluctuations in the psychological state, anxiety, stress and depression are all these reasons, with clogged pores leading to the spread of pimples.


Treating bacterial pimples on the face

 Treating inflammatory facial pimples requires medical attention and care, because they are sebaceous glands that have become infected after being clogged and may be filled with pus and be red, swollen and painful 

. Oily skin is greatly affected by the 

presence of fat in the body and appears on the skin in the form of excess secretion that aggravates the aggravation of pimples and pimples and helps their spread. What do they indicate? We will find that the grains of the forehead and chin, which spread in adolescence, indicate hormonal imbalances that lead to the spread of grains on the skin of the face, upper back and shoulders. In the event of a bacterial infection and inflammatory pills, consult a doctor to ensure that the infection is eliminated without Exacerbating the problem, as it may leave traces on the skin in the long term in the form of pigmentation and scars.



What are oily skin

pills Oily skin pills in most cases are inflammatory pills because of the increased secretion of fat and oily secretions in the oily skin that leads to blockage of some sebaceous glands and this leads to the formation of grains and it gets worse in the case of sensitive oily skin pills that need extreme care And a suitable anti-allergic treatment so that the skin is not exposed to irritation and leave traces that are not easy to remove.


What are dry skin pills?

The percentage of pimples appearing in dry skin is less than that of oily skin, but you can get some pimples. The reason for the appearance of dry skin pills is the use of cosmetics and care products that are not suitable for the type of skin, which causes clogging of its pores and then the problem of grains appears, as well as smoking and the situation contributes Psychological stress, psychological stress, anxiety, air pollution, air differences, and an unbalanced healthy diet. All of these factors contribute to the appearance of pimples on dry skin. It is recommended to use astringent dry skin lotion that treats pimples and balances the natural oils in it. Do not overuse exfoliators that may harm the skin. Choose appropriate cosmetics. Which contains combinations of natural materials and vitamins.


 Treatment of mixed skin pimples

One of the most important reasons for the appearance of pimples on mixed skin is the presence of places with oily skin that secrete fat and greasy sebum in abundance. In mixed skin, fat appears in the forehead, chin and nose, which are the places where pimples appear due to clogged pores, bacterial infection, and the appearance of inflammatory pimples such as abscesses and pus-filled pimples, and they need to be treated with antibiotics under medical supervision. All topical treatments and care products are available with the highest quality

in a pharmacy Adam.


Treatment of normal skin pimples Normal

skin is exposed to pimples due to air pollution and exposure to pollutants or failure to clean with the appropriate lotion and may cause pimples due to the use of products that do not fit by using regular skin lotion and the use of light moisturizers that balance natural oils. Contains benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid for a healthy lifestyle, free from smoking and pollutants.


problem of skin pills under the skin

is exposed to the appearance of pills under the skin, which is a blockage of pores due to oily sebum and large amounts of sebaceous glands that secrete oils and break this phenomenon on the face, chest and back when they accumulate below the surface of the skin because of this swelling and swelling and then due to a bacterial infection that leads to The appearance of pills under the skin and is considered something that a pregnant woman in particular and women may be exposed to during the menstrual cycle, and poor psychological state, stress and depression may contribute to its spread, and blockage of the hair follicle may also lead to the accumulation of fat under it and the appearance of these pills under the skin, and some medications are considered an aid factor In the emergence of pills under the skin, such as medicines that contain lithium or testosterone, to treat pimples under the skin or under the skin, it is recommended to use a face wash and medical ointments containing salicylic acid and some topical antibiotics. In the case, there are home methods that also help to treat pimples under the skin, such as using cold water compresses or using tea tree oil and aloe vera, and if the pills do not improve b You should consult a doctor immediately.


Causes of the appearance of skin pills for pregnant women and their treatment 

One of the most important causes of acne or pimples on the face of the pregnant woman or the skin in general is hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, as well as because the pregnant woman is exposed to anxiety and excessive thinking, which helps to exacerbate the situation and the spread of pills during pregnancy, which is a sensitive period that cannot be In which the pregnant woman takes all kinds of medicines without consulting the doctor, and the pills appear in the first months due to the high level of the body’s hormones at this time, especially and their appearance decreases in the last third of pregnancy. For the treatment of facial pills for pregnant women and the use of some mild acids such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, which are in the form of products placed topically to clean pores and kill bacteria and many safe products for pregnant women, and pregnant women are exposed to the appearance of some pills in the face, back and shoulders during pregnancy and these pills may be Inflammatory and non-inflammatory, and if these pills are from the remnants of acne or acne itself, they need attention and treatment, especially medical prescriptions that must be entered A to the pregnant woman so that she does not expose the fetus to the dangers of medicines such as the use of apple cider vinegar, baking soda, citrus fruits, honey, coconut oil, oats and cucumbers by applying them topically to the grains.


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