Normal skin, its specifications, problems, and methods of care 

Normal skin, its specifications, problems, and methods of care 

Normal skin is a skin that is moderate in its moisture. It is not dry and at the same time, it is not oily. It is in a middle area between dry skin and oily skin. Among the characteristics of normal skin, it does not show oily secretions and at the same time does not show any manifestations. Dehydration, and knowing the type of skin is by observing those specifications that explain its type properly. Normal skin is the best and ideal type among different skin types, but it is not common due to weather factors, pollutants, heat and hormonal factors in the body. The skin type changes and tends to dryness to turn into dry skin or You tend to overproduce sebum and turn oily skin. 

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What are the normal skin types?

Normal or Eudermic skin, which is perfectly balanced in terms of appearance, secretions and texture. It is not shiny like oily skin, nor is it rough like dry skin. Normal skin may be uniform and sometimes mixed, and it may also suffer from dehydration for a period due to factors such as the use of unsafe care products and may be Parts of it are oily. To maintain the nature of normal skin, care and treatment instructions must be adhered to, and adherence to the daily and weekly routine that proves the freshness of normal skin and gives it smoothness and balanced moisture, which in turn protects the look from the effects of premature aging.


Normal skin care methods Normal 

skin is considered the least type of skin that suffers from various problems due to its balance and mediation among the rest of the 

types All of the above, but normal skin needs care with appropriate methods in order to preserve it and strengthen it from the following instructions: 

  • Avoid exposure to the sun without using a sunscreen to protect against ultraviolet rays with a high degree of protection 
  • The use of sunscreens works to delay the signs of aging also 
  • Attention to drinking the amount of water that It suits the needs of the body 
  • Adopting healthy diets rich in fibers that contain mineral salts and vitamins 
  • Paying attention to moisturizing the skin with creams and lotions that suit the type of normal skin
  • Adopting high-quality products that depend on combinations of natural materials and natural oils 
  • Applying a daily night-time routine before bed that contains the stages of cleaning, moisturizing and applying a cream Nourishing night that works to nourish and moisturize all hours of the night  


Why is normal skin better types skin

There are several Reasons It made it considered the best skin type, which is: 

  • Uniform color without pigmentation
  • Soft, smooth and fresh skin 
  • Strong, not easy to be sensitive 
  • Its pores are narrow, small and invisible 
  • Its texture is visible and does not suffer from dryness 
  • Balanced and moderate moisture level 
  • that can suit most skin care products 


What are the most important problems of normal skin? 

Although it is a balanced and strong skin that does not suffer from dehydration and does not suffer from the secretion of excess fat, it is a moderate skin, but it may also suffer from some problems as a result handling of it or as a result of weather changes. Among these problems that normal skin suffers from and needs treatment or care are the following: The 


  • problem of dehydration 

 Because of the many times of washing or using dried soap or medical and cosmetic products that lead to dehydration, normal skin may be exposed to dryness and needs hydration, and it must be sufficient to wash the face twice a day, morning and evening, with the need to choose the appropriate lotion for normal skin.


  • The problem of blackheads is due to eating some unhealthy and fat-rich foods such as fried food, and some medications may cause blackheads to form in normal skin. It is necessary to adhere to a healthy diet that contains vegetables and fruits, reduce fat, and pay attention to eating what the body needs from (vitamin A) and antioxidants, which are Which works on the freshness of the face and the freshness of the skin in general.
  •  The problem of grains and pimples

 due to hormonal changes, the body may secrete a percentage of fat that normal skin cannot tolerate and lead to clogging of pores and the formation of some pimples and pills. treatment , lotion must be used twice a day attention to hygiene and disinfection, while avoiding eating fried foods and foods that contain fat.


  • The problem of spots and pigmentation:

 Normal skin must be protected from the problem of spots and pigmentation that occurs Because of the fluctuations of the weather, high temperature, weather changes between seasons, and intense exposure to the sun, all of this leads to discoloration of some areas of the skin to a brown color, and it must be protected by using the appropriate sunscreen and not direct exposure to the sun for long periods.


  •  problem of freckles

 , although it is considered a sign of beauty, but for some it is a problem that they seek to treat due to the lack of acceptance in their shape, especially if they were newly formed and the amount of freckles increased in a quick way. Freckles are treated through laser sessions and the use of some peeling creams and treatment for freckles. 


  • The problem of loss of freshness

 The problem of loss of freshness leads to the occurrence of wrinkles, facial lines and sagging and leads to the occurrence of cellulite in the body and brown spots on the skin. The loss or lack of freshness comes as a result of the use of products containing chemicals, which loses the skin’s freshness and leads to the appearance of signs of aging early. It is advised to completely stop using any cosmetics or products. It does not contain unsafe substances, and attention must also be paid to searching for nutrients that the body lacks and that cause this loss of freshness.


 The difference between normal and dry

skin Normal skin is balanced and fair skin that does not suffer from dryness, but dry skin lacks moisture and suffers from rough and dry texture and problems that result from dryness such as cracking and dry skin may suffer from sensitivity and fine lines and looks dull but normal skin is moist and moderate And soft and thin, and dry skin needs to be constantly exfoliated and moisturized, while normal skin does not need peeling and deep cleaning with a scrub only once every two weeks. And light moisturizers suitable for normal skin All products are available 

in the highest quality in Adam's pharmacy and all international brands.


care routine that suits normal skin, 

you must follow the application of a care routine suitable for normal skin that ensures its safety and purity and ensures that it maintains its freshness softness, which is characterized by, there is a morning routine, evening routine and weekly routine 


  •  Morning routine 

Clean the face with a wash suitable for normal skin free of sulfates and sulfates and put a light natural alcohol-free toner and put it by applying it with cotton on the places that secrete fat such as around the nose and the top of the forehead, then use a face moisturizer that contains sunscreen with a protection factor above 30. The moisturizer can be used and wait So that the skin absorbs it and then put the sunscreen before going out.


  •  night routine:

 Clean the skin with the appropriate lotion for normal skin so that it is free of pollutants, using a light toner and using a nourishing serum containing vitamin C, using a light eye contour cream for nourishment, moisturizing and treating dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. This procedure protects against the formation of wrinkles in the future, then applying moisturizing Suitable for the skin by applying a nourishing night cream and letting it act during the night hours.


  •  Weekly routine

 Exfoliation of the skin regularly through safe acid compounds, applying weekly masks that nourish normal skin, such as a honey mask and a yoghurt mask, and some important instructions must be followed such as healthy nutrition, regular drinking of sufficient water for the body, sleeping early, quitting smoking, and avoiding the use of chemical products on the skin. .


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