skin Dry its specifications, methods of care and treatment

skin Dry its specifications, methods of care and treatment

skin suffers dry from many problems, all related to dehydration, as it is a skin that does not secrete natural oils, so it always needs moisturizing, care and combating and problems such as cracks, roughness and itching dryness . It is not safe for the skin and needs special care methods and treatment of dryness in several medical and natural ways.

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is dryWhat skin ?

skin Dry is a type of skin that suffers from moisture loss due to weather factors or chemical factors. This loss results from exposure to dehydration and many of its related problems. Also, dry skin suffers more, especially in the winter, from the problems of itching in the skin and cracks, and there are special methods to deal withskin is safe, especially as it is always exposed to the problems of early wrinkles, facial lines and early signs of aging, which add to the look more life than the real age and this is not pleasant dry . Which increases its dryness and loses its moisture and natural oils, which exposes it to many problems, and one of the most important characteristics of dry is that it appears in the form of crusts in the skin due to dehydration and the skin appears tight and irritated as the secretion of natural oils in it is slow and little.


What are the problems of dry skin ?

skin is exposed Dry to many problems, the most important of which is severe dryness of the skin and loss of moisture, which in turn causes peeling and deep skin cracks . To the appearance of yellow or white scales, these scales may turn into microbial or be attacked by germs, causing infections and itching.


Methods for treating dry skin naturally 

oils rich in antioxidants is one of the best ways to replace dry it with rich ingredients that moisturize it deeply from the inside out moisturize natural 

  •  .moisturizer that makes the skin absorb fat and moisturizes it deeper.
  •  Honey is one of the ideal materials for dry skin because it contains anti-inflammatory. It treats many dryness problems. It also contains a pure natural moisturizer.
  •  Aloe vera gel is one of the best natural products and plants that moisturize the skin
  •  . Oatmeal has anti-itch properties. And redness and inflammation, and it is used by placing the body in oats soaking water
  •  . Olive oil is one of the best natural oils that treat dehydration and fight infections at the same time


Causes of dry skin and medical treatments.

One of the most important causes of dry is exposure to heat and high temperature, whether in the air or using hot water. High heat, this irritates the skin and exposes it to infections, as well as exposure to the sun damages dry skin, and one of the most important factors What causes dehydration more is exposure to climate change between inside and outside the house, especially in winter and exposure to morning air humidity and . dewIn order not to be exposed to the problems of cracks, and among the most important medicines that treat dry skin are antihistamines, anti-itching agents, and steroid creams, it is also recommended to use moisturizing ointments instead of lotions that are light in their fatty contents. Shea Butter, which has a wonderful effect on moisturizing dry and very dry skin with ingredients of hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, glycerin, nolin and vaseline, all these medical formulations are included in dry skin care products ..


Dry skin care methods in winter 

  • direct heating sources such as fire or direct heat
  •  Use warm water and avoid exposure to high temperature water
  •  Avoid care products that contain alcohol
  •  Use hand and skin sanitizers that contain moisturizers
  •  Do not use clothes that cause friction or sensitivity Like wool
  •  , avoid rubbing the skin or rubbing it vigorously when drying.
  •  Avoid severe rubbing of the skin so as not to cause wounds and infections 
  • . Creams that moisturize the skin after bathing. Use creams and lotions with deep moisturizers.
  •  Apply a daily moisturizing using day cream and night cream. Adopt a weekly routine moisturizing skin


Moisturizing creams for dry and sensitive skin 

should always use moisturizing creams with high-quality ingredients that contain nourishing and moisturizing natural oils such as shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil. From two to three times a day and before bedtime, use sleeping creams and moisturizers Body with the application of the use of lip balms that contain natural materials so that the lips are not exposed to dryness, tingling or severe cracks Always use gentle skin moisturizers that do not contain any chemicals, perfumes or penetrating odors while avoiding the use of detergents that contain soap and it is recommended to use Masks for dry skin that deeply moisturize routinely three times a week.


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Complications of dry skin problems If dry

is left skin without moisturizing and special care, this may cause serious complications, and from these complications are the following: 

  •  Severe wounds or bleeding may occur due to friction and itching
  •  The skin peels and breaks, and it may also be exposed to Very deep cracks that cause infections in which bacteria form.
  •  Lack of attention may lead to eczema and infections 
  • . Risks of severe infections and the appearance of spots and redness in the skin and may develop into swelling on the skin.
  •  If this happens, dry may not be easy to treat through home products, and treatment may not work with it. Dry skin with herbs

         and need to consult a doctor.



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