Oily skin and its multiple problems and treatment methods 

Oily skin and its multiple problems and treatment methods 

Oily skin is a type of skin whose owners suffer from excessive secretion of oils, which makes them shiny and the pores are open and the secretion of fat is highly concentrated at the forehead and around the nose, and oily skin is always prone to the appearance of grains and pimples due to clogged pores The fats and their remnants are the natural oils that they secrete in abundance and it is one of the required healthy manifestations that preserves the life of the skin and protects it from wrinkles, but what happens to the owners of oily skin is that it is excessive to the point of clogging the pores, which gives an opportunity to form grains and the appearance of an unpleasant gloss and oily skin needs special care and treatment Its many problems.

What are the types of oily skin?

Oily skin needs more care than any other type of skin, because it secretes many amounts of fat, so it is prone to the formation of acne 

. Other parts are dry or normal, and the oily skin of the face is concentrated around the nose and chin. For sensitive oily skin, it has a special treatment. It needs to be washed with cold water only, and completely avoiding soap in use because it irritates the skin. Make-up removers must be used before cleaning and the appropriate lotion should be used with drying. Light pressure method (plump) and avoid rubbing. 

What are the causes of oily skin?

The causes of oily skin are often genetic and genetic, and sometimes normal skin turns into oily skin due to hormonal changes or because of stress. There are some medications that increase the possibility of oily skin turning as well. Diets and types of food intake help in the possibility of turning the skin into oily skin, as well as the care products used. It contributes to the formation of oily skin, which is characterized by an oily glossy appearance and large pores, and it is always exposed to the appearance of pimples, but one of its most important features is that it delays the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging and makes a person look younger than his real age.


The benefits of oily skin that can be obtained The 

most important features of oily skin are that it is not exposed to wrinkles or facial lines. Moisturizing and not exposed to dehydration, and this is also an advantage, as there are many problems with dehydration, as through the availability of natural oils in them naturally, you only need light moisturizing through the use of a lotion free of oily substances.


Oily skin and acne problems 

One of the most important damages of oily skin is the problem of acne. Oily skin and pimples are two problems that are often linked together, because oily skin secretes its natural oils in abundance, which helps the appearance of pimples and pimples on the skin, causing clogging of its pores and the formation of dead cells that form pimples and pimples. Different types, as well as hormonal changes in the body cause a large number of pills on oily skin. To overcome this problem, care must be taken to sterilize the skin and clean it twice a day with lukewarm water with the use of an acid wash and keep applying skin masks and scrubs once a week with the use of a skin purifying toner and sterilizer in the places that abound It has the secretion of oils such as the forehead, nose and chin. Oily skin in the summer needs special summer care by using a protective cream against the sun and heat that suits it, with interest in cleansing the skin and cleaning it deeply to protect it from the formation of bacterial grains.


 Oily skin for men and how to take care of it 

The causes of oily skin in men are related to genetics and hormonal changes and oily skin in men needs more care than oily skin in women, because of the repeated shaving process that contributes to skin irritation and the possibility of increasing the appearance of pimples and grains, so the man needs attention Especially for oily skin, and one of the most important of these instructions that must be adhered

 to are: 


  •  Use a special lotion for oily skin morning and evening.
  • Wash the skin with lukewarm water and avoid hot water because it irritates it. Pay 
  • attention not to cut pimples and pimples during the shaving process. Be careful to sterilize before and after shaving
  •  . Maintain pimples and not try to remove them. Or peeling 
  •  using a skin scrub and degreaser twice a week, to deeply clean the pores and get rid of dead cells that clog the pores
  •  . Avoid using any moisturizers and creams that contain fat. 
  • Pay attention to a healthy diet that contains a group of vitamins and minerals through natural food such as vegetables and fruits, and avoid processed foods and foods that contain high fats or fried foods.
  • Use care and beauty products that contain natural materials and stay away from chemicals.
  • Pay attention to the instructions and methods of treating oily skin with all its problems such as pimples, pimples and pigmentation.


oily skin care 

  •  for Oily skin twice a day, morning and evening  
  •   , be sure to gently dry the oily skin with a clean cotton towel, while avoiding rubbing so as not to harm the pimples or pimples
  •  . Choose a cleanser that contains acids to counter the secretion of excess oils on the face.
  • Avoid using hot water to wash the face so as not to cause irritation. Rather, he uses lukewarm water
  •  to repeat washing the face several times to try to get rid of excess oils with the use of oily skin lotion. 


  • Apply the routine of using a toner by placing it with soft cotton only in some places of the face that secrete oils, such as around the nose and in the forehead, and avoid using it in dry places and the toner works on Regulating the secretion of natural oils in those places that secrete profusely
  •  Using fat absorbent pads that contain acids that reduce the secretion of fat and fight the appearance of acne These pads are easy to use 
  •  using loose powder, which gives the same result as fat absorbing pads, which is a transparent powder that pulls excess oilsreduce        

its shiny effect on the skin 


  • , the use of moisturizers should not be avoided, but it is better to choose moisturizers that are suitable for oily skin and are devoid of oils
  •  . For a sun that is free of oils and moisturizers and protects from ultraviolet rays, and the appropriate types for oily skin must be chosen. 
  • care products that contain natural materials that are beneficial to the skin and are safe in the long run. Adam’s Pharmacy The best care products of all types 


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