Acretin cream: its benefits and uses

Acretin cream: its benefits and uses

Acretin cream for the face is one of the most famous therapeutic products that are commonly used to whiten and lighten the skin and face and treat acne, and it also plays a role in ridding the skin of pigmentation, and in this article more details about this product and its benefits and method of use, and what causes any side effects or damage .

Acretin cream for pills Acretin 

cream is one of the creams used in the treatment of acne.

 It is one of the very common skin problems that affects girls and young adults from their teens to young adults. 

They appear in the form of scars in the face area in particular and appear in the palm of the hand and the back as well.

Youth pills also appear in periods of hormonal changes from one age stage to another age stage or with the menstrual cycle of girls.

There are many types that are used to treat this phenomenon, such as acritin cream 0.05 and acritin 0.025. 

The cream treats the outer layers of pimples or scars, as this is the first visible layer of acne, and then the cream works to remove layer by layer, which acts as a peeling process for the layers of pimples on the face, shoulders or back.


The cream treats certain types of acne and scars in some girls, and treats all types of acne in others, according to the quality of the skin and the health condition that causes the scars and acne to appear.

 The cream is also used to treat blackheads and acne that are not inflamed in the first place.

Acretin cream

for the face Here is some important information about Acretin cream: 


  • It is a cream that is used topically only on the skin and consists mainly of tretinoin, which is a type of retinoid, that is, it is a form of vitamin A.

  • The company producing this medicine is Jamjoom Pharma for Pharmaceutical Industries, but there is the same cream with the same active substance as the version of other companies.

  • The cream is usually a long-term solution and treatment option used to clear acne from the skin.

  • There are several concentrations of cretin cream, of which 5% is 0.025%, and the dermatologist determines the appropriate concentration for each case.

Benefits of acretin cream for face and skin

The benefits of acretin cream for face and skin include:


  • Treatment and removal of acne and blackheads.

  • Acretin cream works to lighten the skin tone, especially in sensitive areas, underarms and knees.

  • Reduces the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots on the skin.

  • It is used to exfoliate the skin.

  •  It works to soften the skin and get rid of the roughness of its texture.

  • Helps improve the appearance of wrinkles. 

  • Reduces the effects of acne scars. 

How to use acretin cream for the face

You can use acretin cream for the face through the following steps: 

  • Wash your face with warm water and dry it well before use, then wait a few minutes until there is no trace of water left on your face.

  • Take a little cream and apply it to the pimples on your face, being careful not to get close or touch the cream to both eyes, eyelids, lips, nose holes or eyebrows.

  •  And make sure that the process of applying it takes place at night and completely isolate your face from light and avoid exposure to heat sources of all kinds.

  •  It is advised that the place where you will be is airy.

  • Wait for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash your face well with water.

What are the results of using acretin cream?

Using the active ingredient tretinoin can increase acne in the first weeks of using the cream, but it disappears soon after.


It may take up to 12 weeks to see results using tretinoin for acne. 

If your skin becomes irritated by using it, you should consult your doctor or healthcare professional to see if your side effects are within the normal range.


Retinoids like tretinoin help speed up the regeneration of follicle cells and release trapped bacteria or irritants that cause acne.

 It also helps your skin regulate the production of natural oils that can prevent future breakouts. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that clear active acne pimples. 

Acretin cream side effects 

Like any other skin cream, it has a number of side effects including:

  • Sometimes itchy skin and dermatitis due to frequent use or application of excessive amounts than the prescribed dose. 

  • The cream also causes excessive redness in the face with exposure to sunlight after use or due to sensitivity to the components of the drug, depending on the nature of the skin.

  •  Therefore, it is preferable to use a moisturizing lotion suitable for acne in case of severe redness.

  •  But in the case of excessive inflammation that leads to eczema of the skin, it is necessary to stop using the cream immediately and visit a specialist. As well as the use of creams for treatment and protection from the sun's rays, especially with cases of sensitivity to light from the sun.

  • The dose of the cream should also be reduced day by day until the intensity and intensity of redness disappears.

  • Minor peeling of the skin may occur.

  • You may feel a slight stinging of the skin.


Before using ACTIN SKIN CREAM, pay attention to some tips: 

  • Use this medication only as directed by your doctor, do not exceed the recommended dose, do not use it more often, and do not use it for longer than your doctor ordered, as this may cause skin irritation.

  • Read this leaflet carefully and follow the information carefully.

  • The cream should not be used on places with wounds or burns from the sun.

  • Do not use the cream around the eyes, lips, or inside the nose.

  • Acretin cream is for external use only on the skin. 

  • In case of contact with the eyes, the cream should be rinsed quickly with water.

  • Before using the cream, wash the skin with a gentle soap or cleanser and warm water with your fingertips, then gently pat dry.

  •  Do not rub your face with a sponge or towel. 

  • Wait 20-30 minutes before using the cream to make sure the skin is completely dry. 

  • Using it on damp skin can cause irritation.

  • You may need to use a moisturizer while using the cream.


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