Hair keratin: what is it? And how to do it at home?

Hair keratin: what is it? And how to do it at home?

In general, women find them in their lives looking for the best and the best.

You are my dear, may God bless you with beauty, you are always beautiful, always wonderful; But you like to be the best in everything, so you are looking for something that increases your beauty and makes you always radiant and charming, and you are also looking for a quick way to solve many of your hair problems, you are looking for a way to remove its wrinkles, a way to strengthen your hair, a product that softens your hair, and A way to polish it, and a way to give it freshness.

Everything you are looking for is found in (Hair Keratin).

It is one of the hair products that many resort to. Because it has the ability to straighten the hair, untie its wrinkles and strengthen it, make it more vibrant and shiny, and also increase its freshness, which also has the ability to facilitate hair styling. Which makes it more attractive to many women.

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What is hair Keratin ?

 Keratin is the naturally occurring protein in the hair, which helps to straighten the hair and make it look shiny.

The natural keratin substance is reduced in curly hair; Which causes dryness, and also causes roughness.

The protein substance used to repair hair defects is completely safe, but the problem in some of them is that formalin or formaldehyde is placed on them, which helps straighten hair, helps smoothness, smoothness and strength , and facilitates styling, which damages the hair when excessive use of keratin hair.

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Products that contain hair keratin:

There are some products in the market that contain keratin, such as: (shampoo - conditioner - keratin serums), these products help to repair dry hair caused by heat, dehydration caused by dyes, and dry scalp, and these products It may be practical, but its effectiveness is less than that of keratin straightening.

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 Food supplements that contain keratin:


There are nutritional supplements that contain keratin, and these supplements are in the form of capsules, and these nutritional supplements may be in the form of powder.

These supplements, despite their effectiveness, sometimes cause some risks when excessively used, as the proportion of protein in the body increases, which may harm the body.

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Keratin straightening at home:

Before you proceed, madam, keratin straightening at home, you must prepare the requirements for keratin straightening:

  • a towel placed on your shoulders to protect them.
  • Gloves to protect your delicate hands and fingers.
  • Keratin straightening brush for hair.
  • A container to put keratin in during the straightening process.
  • shampoo , preferably of the same type as the keratin.
  • hair dryer.
  • Ceramic hair straightener.
  • hairpins;
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How to straighten keratin hair:

  • Wash your hair well, and make sure to remove all traces of hair oils and styling cream , and use keratin shampoo, which helps to deeply clean the hair, and then rinse your hair well from the remnants of the shampoo.
  • Make sure, by reading the information on the keratin product package, whether the keratin is the type that is straightened on completely dry hair, or the type that is spread on wet or damp hair; So as not to harm your hair dear.
  • Divide your hair into small tufts; To ensure that the keratin reaches all the hair and distributes it properly, then my girl fixes all the hair strands with hairpins.
  • Wear a towel to protect your shoulders, and wear gloves.
  • Dear Empty the contents of the package into the bowl.
  • Take the keratin brush, then spread it on your hair, taking into account the permeation of the hair strands from the roots to the ends.

After you finish straightening the keratin well on your hair, comb your hair with the comb several times; To get rid of excess keratin.

  • Cover for 20 to 30 minutes, according to what is written on the keratin package.
  • After the specified period is over, dry your hair using a hair dryer, until the strands are completely dried.
  • Then straighten your hair with a ceramic iron.

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To ensure the success of the keratin straightening, make sure that you do not wash your hair for three days after the individual.

Important information after using keratin hair:

There are some precautions, dear, that you should take care of after applying keratin to hair; To ensure the success of the process of straightening the hair and nourishing it with hair keratin.

  • Dear, you should be careful to use sulfur-free shampoo, which is also free of sodium, after using keratin; This is to ensure the health of your hair.
  • Make sure that the duration of keratin treatment for hair is from two to two and a half months (60 days to 75 days).
  • Be careful not to wash your hair 3 days after straightening, and to get an ideal result, try to reach 7 days.
  • Do not tie your hair, and also make sure to wear hair-stressing hairstyles such as ponytails or braids, and this is for at least 48 hours after the keratin treatment, and try to keep your hair away from the face, or put it behind the ear.
  • Be careful, dear, not to use heat dryers on the hair.
  • Stay away from hair products with your hair after a keratin treatment.

Dangers of formalin in hair keratin:

The interference of formalin in the composition of keratin; Which helps to straighten the hair from substances that cause some damage and this is due to the fumes it emits during the keratin straightening process in interaction with heating devices and ceramic irons, but it has nothing to do with the hair or the head.

And the effect of these fumes is greater on the person doing the individual, especially the technicians in the salons who work on the individual daily.

  • Keratinized individuals may cause respiratory disorders.
  • The fumes from the keratin straightener may cause eye infections and nosebleeds.
  • The fumes rarely cause cancer in the respiratory system.
  • Pregnant women should refrain from applying hair keratin, so that harmful fumes do not adversely affect the fetus.
  • Keratin hair straightener causes unpleasant smell, and this smell disappears after washing the hair twice at the maximum.
  • Keratin may cause a white crust that falls on the shoulders, and this is the remnants of keratin and is not at all disturbing.


We showed Keratin hair and reminded us when it is needed.

And the composition of keratin.

And how is the process of straightening keratin hair at home.

And some of the negatives that result after the hair keratin straightening process.


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