Hair spaces: treatment and best tips to avoid them

Hair spaces: treatment and best tips to avoid them

God Almighty has blessed us with many different blessings, and one of the greatest of these blessings is the creation of man in the most beautiful form; Until he is satisfied with the worship of God Almighty and he is satisfied and happy that he is God’s successor on his land, how beautiful is this harmonious body that does not lack anything, and God Almighty confirmed when he denied the arrogant human being for his obedience (Did we not make him eyes * tongue and lips), and the person is terrified And panic when this beautiful body is injured by something bad, especially if this injury is apparent or something is one of the secrets of its beauty, which is hair.

One of the frightening and disturbing problems of both women and men is the problem of hair spaces that afflict a person, which causes him to suffer severe insomnia and great annoyance; Where areas of the scalp are emptied, devoid of hair, and anxiety increases when they are in different areas of the head of women and men, which makes it necessary to urgently intervene.

Here is the talk about this annoying and disturbing problem of hair spaces:

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Hair spaces: Hair

spaces appear in men and women, but when the word hair spaces is associated with men, it is called baldness. In women, the appearance of hair spaces is due to multiple reasons.

Places of the appearance of hair

spaces: hair spaces in men start with the hair receding from the front of the head and the sides of the head gradually until it reaches the middle of the hair and then loses it completely. The head, but does not reach the stage of baldness as men.

Causes of the appearance of hair spaces:


 The reasons for the emergence of hair spaces are many, including health problems, and some of them are genetic.

  • Health problems that cause hair voids to appear:

  • Iron deficiency.

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  • thyroid hormone. 
  • Psychological stress. 

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  • Pregnancy and Birth .

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  • Increased secretion of the hormone androgen. 
  • chronic diseases.

All of these things cause complete hair loss from the scalp, so the hair appears in an inappropriate appearance, as its density decreases, and the spaces between the entire hair follicle expand and hair spaces appear.

  • Genetic and hereditary causes that cause the appearance of hair spaces:

the emergence of the gene begins in adolescence and above, as it causes weak hair follicles and the hair becomes thinner and lighter and the scalp becomes empty, and it is difficult to notice this from the beginning of the occurrence of hair spaces because it is not accompanied by hair loss, but it becomes apparent when The presence of spaces between the hair, similar to baldness in men.

Tips to avoid hair spaces: Hair

  • spaces appear among women due to following some wrong habits when styling hair, so you should avoid hairstyles in which the hair is pulled too much for a long time.
  • Avoid doing hair braids, as some believe that they improve hair, which is a misconception, as it is one of the most harmful things that lead to hair loss and damage, when it is maintained for a long time.
  • Follow a good diet that contains hair vitamins and omega 3 to strengthen hair and reduce hair loss.
  • Promoting hair growth and strengthening it by massaging the scalp daily while continuing to do so, especially for those who suffer from alopecia, as it contributes to the ease of blood flow to the scalp and stimulates hair growth.
  • Lack of attention and care for hair leads to hair voids.

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  • Washing hair twice at most and at least once a week because excessive washing of hair weakens the follicles and causes damage and the appearance of hair voids.

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  • Drink a lot of water, which moisturizes the hair and prevents it from drying out.
  • Avoid the use of heat dryers, which result in damaged and brittle hair , and the matter develops and causes hair loss.
  • Using hairdressers to easily detangle the hair and not have to tighten the hair follicles, causing hair loss and the appearance of hair voids.

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  • Avoid using any chemicals on the hair such as hair dyes and hair straightening creams that cause damage to the scalp.
  • Use ammonia-free dyes.
  • Avoid rubbing the hair when using the towel.

Treatment of hair spaces:

Before starting the treatment of hair spaces, the causes leading to hair spaces must be known and treated if the causes are satisfactory or the causes are genetic.

Here are some treatments for hair spaces:

Treatment of natural hair spaces: Natural

treatments contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, in addition to vitamins and minerals that hair follicles need to grow and regrow hair in the areas with hair spaces.


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  • Coconut oil: 

It is one of the natural oils rich in fatty acids in abundance that helps fill hair spaces as it promotes hair growth, reduces hair loss, maintains hair hydration and makes it softer and more shiny.

  • Rosemary oil:

It is one of the best oils that help treat hair spaces, as it has many benefits for hair from hair density, increasing its growth, nourishing hair follicles, stimulating blood circulation, and also increases hair luster and maintains its hydration in addition to its beautiful and pungent smell. It is recommended for all hair types, especially for those who suffer from thinning hair.

  • Aloe vera:

one of the best treatments used and tested in filling hair spaces, as it is an ideal solution to get rid of the problem of hair loss, as it promotes hair growth, makes it more flexible and smooth, and helps moisturize the hair and increases its density.

It is also easy to use on hair. You do not have to, my dear, but put an appropriate amount on the scalp, especially on the hair spaces, and repeat this matter from 5:3 times a week to get the best result.

  • Onion:

Putting a little onion juice on the hair promotes hair growth, so you can chop an appropriate amount of onions and fill the hair spaces and leave it on the scalp from 10 to 15 minutes, then wash the hair well with shampoo to remove the smell of onions and keep it daily to get a good result, which is New hair growth after two weeks of maintenance.

  • A mixture of a group of oils:

(sweet almond oil - sesame oil - olive oil and carrot oil).

The oils are mixed well and the skin is massaged in the hair spaces in the evening and washed in the morning twice a week for a long time.

Treatment of hair voids with topical medicines:

  • a topical spray:

It is one of the solutions that treat hair voids, as it promotes and improves blood circulation in the scalp in a healthy manner, which increases the speed of hair growth, especially in areas that suffer from hair voids, as it strengthens hair follicles and contributes to Germination of new follicles and restores the hair's vitality and helps to increase the thickness of the hair and increase its density.

Use the spray on the hair daily to get the best result. 

  • Minoxidil:

Minoxidil is available to treat hair spaces in the form of shampoo, foam, gel or spray, where it is used topically on the hair spaces area, which contributes to slowing hair loss and increasing the speed of its growth and works to get rid of hair spaces.

  • Finasteride:

It is a medicine to treat hair spaces in men, and it is available in the form of pills. It works to reduce the level of the hormone that causes hair loss, which improves hair growth and germination.

  • Spironolactone:

It is prescribed for the treatment of hair spaces, as it works to reduce the production of testosterone that causes hair loss, reducing hair loss in men and starting hair growth again.

  • Plasma injection:

It is a modern technique for treating hair spaces. It is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that stimulate cell renewal, facilitate blood movement and transfer nutrients to damaged cells. Plasma cells are injected into hair spaces with fine needles, stimulating the growth and germination of hair roots.

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We talked about the problem of hair spaces.

And places where hair spaces appear.

We mentioned the reasons for it.

And tips to avoid hair voids.

And how to treat the phenomenon of hair vacuum by natural and pharmacological methods.


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