How to dye hair at home

How to dye hair at home

The general women love renewal; As a woman sees herself better when she renews her appearance, her clothes, or her hair, whether she changes her haircut, or changes its color.

When a woman dyes her hair a new color; This coloring brings her joy; Where she sees herself in a new way, which increases her beauty and charm.

You, my dear, are always beautiful and charming; But your charm increases, and your attractiveness increases when you appear in a new way resulting from coloring and dyeing your hair in a new color, but going to salons may be costly, stressful, wasteful and time-consuming.

As hair dyeing in beauty salons costs a lot of money, depending on the length of the hair, and it takes a lot of time to wait for the woman to reach her turn, and more time is spent during hair dye, and this is what prompted many women to dye their hair at home; Save time, effort and money.

But for hair dye to bear fruit, the following steps must be followed so that the process of dyeing hair at home is completed in the most complete manner:

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Dyeing hair at home with chemical dyes:

Before talking about hair dye, you must first know the appropriate and appropriate color for your hair so that the dye brings the desired fruits, and increases your tenderness, charm and beauty.

  • The hair color should be in proportion to your skin tone:

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The epidermis is divided into three sections:

  1.  white.
  2. the black.
  3. wheaten.

1. White skin:

it matches the light colors of the dye, which is characterized by classicism;

Where dyed its owner tenderness and classic.

And suitable for this skin are the numbers of dye (written on the dye box) from the number 6 to the number 10.

2. Black skin:

The dark colors of the dye written on the box are suitable for this skin, which is from number 1 to number 5, which increases its charm and attractiveness.

3. Wheat skin:

The owner of this skin is very fortunate. As the owner of all the colors of light and dark pigments suit him, and each of the colors can paint in her hair a painting different from the other color.

There is another way to know the right color for your hair:

This method is to expose your hair to sunlight, and see the color reflected from it.

Either it reflects on your hair, madam, a net black color.

Or that your hair is reflected in the sun a light red color.

Or reflected by a brown color.

(All types permanent dyes , suitable for all hair types, are available at Adam's pharmacy).

Steps for dyeing hair at home:


Allergy test before dyeing hair at home:

When you start using a new type of hair dye, you must conduct an allergy test on your hair and skin, and this is as a precaution, and to prevent negatives.

  • The sensitivity test is done as follows:

A little dye is placed on the hand, or behind the ear.

Leave the dye for 48 hours on the skin.

In the absence of any side effects from the dye; You should use it directly without hesitation.

In the event that the skin is allergic to this dye, you should replace it with another one.

Here is how to dye hair at home:

1 - You must make sure that all tools for mixing the dye and applying it to the hair are made of plastic: (brush - mixing bowl).

(All dye tools are available at Adam's pharmacy).

2- My dear, empty the contents of the oxygen bag in the dye package with the color bag and mix them well.

3 - Put the dye on the head and leave it for a short period - the period indicated on the dye box -.

4 - Wash the dye well, dear, and you will get the right color that you want.

How to dye hair at home:

When you dye your hair, dear, you should take into account the following:

  • Before thinking about dyeing hair, wash it well several times before performing the dyeing procedure two days before; In order to reduce the occurrence of itching in the scalp, my lady, and to obtain the desired result.
  • Before you start dyeing, free your face and hands of accessories such as: (rings - chains - earrings).
  • Take into account, before starting the dye, put a towel on the shoulders.
  •  Make sure your hair is dry before you start dyeing it. It has been proven that dry hair leads to the spread of the dye and its penetration into the hair, which gives the desired result, and also saves you, dear, the hassle of re-dyeing again, which costs you time and money.
  • You should use two mirrors when dyeing your hair yourself, one in the front and the other in the back, so that the view is clear.
  • You, my dear, have to comb your hair well.
  • Lift your hair with a hair clip.

(All hairdressing devices and brushes are available at Adam's pharmacy).

  • Before dyeing, you should apply a moisturizing cream to your face. In order not to be dyed with the color of the dye, especially when using a dark dye, as the cream paint facilitates the easy removal of the volatile dye on the face.
  • Be sure to wear gloves on your hands so you don't stain your hands and tender fingertips.
  • Put the dye on your head.

(All ammonia-free dyes at Adam's Pharmacy.)

  • Make sure to put it all over the head.
  • Divide your hair into 4 sections: a section extending from the middle of the forehead to the lowest part of the hair at the back of the head.

And a section extending from the middle of the hair in a straight line extending towards the right forehead, and another in the opposite direction.

  • After you divide, my dear, start dyeing it from the front of the hair.
  • Then, dear, move to the hair strands, and take a strand with the tip of the comb until the dye reaches the bottom of the hair from both ends.
  • Make sure that the tuft is small, my dear. So that it is easy for the dye to cover all the hair.
  • Leave the dye on the hair for the time period indicated on the dye box.
  • Wash your hair well using a shampoo to protect dyed hair.
  • You have to keep moisturizing your hair after washing it with a protective conditioner for dyed hair

How to dye your hair at home in gray blond:

Before you dye your hair in ash blond, you must pull the hair color, especially if your hair is brown. You should pull its color first and lighten it.

And if your hair color is black, the color must be withdrawn first.

And if you, my dear, are blonde-haired, You will not need to withdraw its color, then do the steps written on the package, and you will find what pleases you.

How to dye your hair at home (light brown):

Dyeing your hair, dear, in light brown, will not cost you much effort; Where you will bleach the hair , then put the dye according to the desired color.


Taking care that the dye penetrates the hair and covers the roots and massages it well; Until the color spreads in one proportion throughout the hair, and the dye comes with the desired result, and gives you your favorite color.

Some natural recipes for dyeing your hair at home:

Carrot juice:

Since ancient times, carrots have been used to color hair orange.

  • How to prepare carrots for hair dye at home:

squeeze the carrots and mix with any other oil, such as: (olive oil - coconut oil - almond oil - sesame oil).

(All hair oils are available in Adam's pharmacy).

Apply the mixture to the hair for 60 minutes, taking care to cover the hair with a plastic cap, or a shower cap. 

When you get a bright orange color, you can wash it well; To get a wonderful orange color.

Beet juice:

One of the good recipes that helps to get the red color of the hair since ancient times.

  • How to prepare beets for dyeing hair at home: 

Squeeze red beets.

Then it is mixed with one of the oils useful for hair, such as: (olive oil - coconut oil - almond oil - sesame oil).

Apply the mixture to the hair for 60 minutes.

Take care to cover the hair with a plastic cap, or a shower cap.

When you get the attractive red color, you can wash your hair well; In the end, you will get a wonderful red color.


We showed how to dye hair at home.

We mentioned how to prepare before dyeing hair.

And step by step dyeing steps.

And the precautions you should take, my dear; To guarantee your hair the desired color.

And methods of natural hair dyeing.



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