fluffy hair

fluffy hair

Lattice or fluffy hair is one of the problems that many women suffer from. This hair, although sometimes it is light and unnoticeable, and sometimes it is thick and long and its color is black, but in both cases it disturbs the woman greatly and worries her greatly. The woman suffers in removing this fluffy hair, which in many cases is very light. But it is cumbersome to remove, and you struggle to find an optimal way to remove it, as it is similar to the hair that spreads on the bodies of newborn children, and in adults it spreads to many parts of the body, and is more common in women than in men.

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Now we will deal with the fluffy lanugo hair in detail:

the places where the lanugo hair

spreads: the lanugo hair spreads in the face, earlobe, chest, back, abdomen, shoulder. Visible in sunlight or intense lighting.

There are two different types of hypertrichosis:

  • Localized 
  • hypertrichosis Total

hypertrichosis 1- Localized hypertrichosis:

This type of localized hypertrichosis is defined as being limited as it spreads in a specific area of ​​the body.

2- Total hypertrichosis:

This type of hypertrichosis is widespread in all parts of the body.


  • Hypertrichosis may be congenital from birth.
  • It may be acquired; Where hair spreads in separate areas of the skin except for the pubic hair and the armpits.

There is a big difference between lacy hair and what is known

as hirsutism: hirsutism is classified by some as (wit hair), and this is certainly a wrong classification; As hirsutism is the result of an increase in the growth of hair sensitive to the hormone androgen, hirsutism often shows hair in the chest and back in women with hirsutism.

And sometimes hirsutism in women is associated with an excess of male hormones, which causes the appearance of acne and irregular menstruation, and the woman's body takes a male-oriented shape, as well as leads to the depth of their voice.

The phenomenon of hirsutism is treated with drugs that reduce the proportion of hormones.

Forms of hypertrichosis:

Hypertrichosis is the result of a reverse mutation in chromosome 8q.

 1- Total hypertrichosis:

This is one of the types of congenital hypertrichosis as it is genetically linked to a woman's chromosome. A woman who carries this gene is 50% more likely to pass it on to her children.

While men with this type of hypertrichosis pass it on to their daughters only, not to the boys.

2- Permanent total hypertrichosis:

This type of hypertrichosis is the result of changes in the chromosome that affect the transcription of genes.

The appearance of acquired hypertrichosis may be due to cancer, as this type of hair growth is known as malignant inheritance.

Medicines containing minoxidil of different types, whether topical or oral, are considered one of the causes of hypertrichosis.

3- Acquired local hypertrichosis:

This type of hypertrichosis is also caused by the use of topical minoxidil.

4- Hypertrichosis may be the result of a defect in one of the hair life stages:

 where hair is exposed to three phases:

The first phase:

is the anagen phase and this phase in which hair grows in parts of the body.

The second phase:

is the catagen phase, which is the phase in which the hair follicles in the body die.

The third phase:

It is the telogen phase in which hair falls out in the body and the problem appears when the anagen phase increases from the normal level, the area in which this mutation occurs leads to increased hair growth in it.

Reasons for the appearance of lanugo hair:

1- Celiac disease:

When a person suffers from a disease of digestive disorders, this may lead to the appearance of lanugo hair in adults.

2- Loss of appetite:

Loss of appetite in adults, whether it is caused by psychological or neurological problems, this may lead to the growth of lanugo hair.

3- Cancer diseases:

Some cancer diseases may lead to the appearance of hair all over the body, and this hair is similar to lanugo hair, and this does not happen often.

Lattice hair removal methods:

There are many ways to remove lanugo hair, which are:

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 1- Waxing for hair removal:

It is one of the traditional and old methods known to many women.

Wax is characterized by its effective result, as it lasts for a long time, and this is because wax helps to remove hair from its roots.

  • How to use wax to remove lint hair:

The wax is heated by its own heating device.

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Wax is applied to the hair.

Use a waxing cloth to remove lint hair.

It is contraindicated to use wax with acne medications or with those who are being treated with retinoids.

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2 - Dry razor blade for lanugo hair removal:

This method is one of the common methods; This method is easy and fast.

The dry blade removes the hair from the surface of the skin without swallowing it from the roots, and this method is very suitable for removing the hair from the surface of the abdomen and face.

But the downside is that you may need to use the razor daily to get the best results.

And you have to warn my dear of injury when using the dry blade.

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3 - Hair removal cream:

Hair removal creams contain chemicals that break down the hair proteins, causing them to dissolve and then remove.

  • How to use a hair removal cream to remove lanugo hair:

The cream is applied to the area where the lanugo hair is spread.

Leave the cream on the area for a few minutes.

Wash off the cream and rinse well.

But sometimes hair removal creams have some potential side effects for some women with sensitive skin, such as:

burning sensation in the skin or burning in the skin, and sometimes it comes to peeling the outer layers of the skin.

It is forbidden to apply hair removal cream to wounds and infections.

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4- Laser hair removal: The

Laser is one of the effective methods of removing hair that is lanugo. As it gives good results in the long run.

Laser hair removal is easy, in addition to that it does not feel pain.

But it is necessary to consult a doctor before proceeding with laser hair removal.

  • There are some side effects that may occur when removing lanugo hair with a laser, such as:

Skin burns.

The occurrence of redness in the skin in some.


One of the downsides of laser treatment is its high cost.

5 - Electrolysis for lanugo hair treatment:

Electrolysis is very close to laser treatment; It works on destroying the hair follicles, and then dropping them, and it is one of the long-term solutions in removing lanugo hair, but it needs the supervision of specialists, and scars may occur in the skin, or a change in the pigment of the skin occurs.

6 - Dermaplaning technique in removing lanugo hair:

It is one of the techniques used in removing acne and getting rid of its scars, and it is also used in effectively removing lanugo hair.

  • How to use the dermaplaning technique in the removal of lanugo hair:

This process is carried out using a specific small scalpel to create the lanugo hair, under the supervision of specialists.

This technology is safe; It is suitable for all skin types.

But it may cause skin irritation.

It may cause very slight irritation on some skins.

Precautions for removing lint from the face:

  •  Avoid removing lint hair by wet shaving: wet shaving 

 may suit body parts such as feet and arms; But it can not be used with the face because of the thinness of the facial skin.

  • Avoid removing lanugo hair from the face with hair removers:

 This is because it contains chemicals that may be suitable for the body, but not suitable for the face, and this is because of its gentleness.

  •  Removing the lanugo hair from the face by plucking: 

because it may cause many infections in the face, and it takes a long time, and it is cumbersome. 

  • Bleaching of laureate hair in the face: 

Bleaching of lanugo hair is not a good method; This is because the lanugo hair is not noticeable with blonde hair, bleaching may do more harm to the face than good.


Thus, we have presented the laurent poetry.

We mentioned the reasons for it.

And the best way to remove it.

And the precautions that must be taken into account when dealing with lanugo hair, especially on the face.


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