hair removal

hair removal

removal is one of the ways of human nature, and cleanliness is one of the signs of faith. Hair is one of the reasons for human beautification, and it is known that God is beautiful and loves beauty, so everyone strives to remove their growing hair as a reason for the purity and cleanliness that a person should be in, but many suffer from hair removal, especially in sensitive areas, which causes anxiety for many; As it is difficult for many to remove it, and also because of the infections that may occur after removing hair from these areas.

  • Here are the safe ways to remove hair from sensitive areas:

There are many ways to remove hair, but despite their many, they are not compatible with all people; Each person has his nature, and each skin has its own pattern. A method may be compatible with one person, and not compatible with the other, but it is possible that negatives, complications and infections may occur with the other, knowing that it - Glory be to God - has proven its efficiency with the first, but as we mentioned every skin has its nature.

This qualifies you to choose the appropriate removal method for the nature of your skin; So that you do not occur with your skin any complications or side effects.

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Here are my lady hair removal methods;order for you to choose the right one for you:


plucking using tweezers:

When cleaning sensitive areas, many resort to using tweezers; It is characterized by its great accuracy in cleaning these areas, as it is characterized by its safety as it does not depend on chemicals.

Unfortunately, it does not give satisfactory results when used, and it consumes a lot of time, and it may hurt sensitive areas, and it may lead to inflammation when the follicles are irritated.

Hair removal by shaving:

Shaving is one of the most common methods among women; This is due to its speed of removal, and shaving is characterized by its ease, and is also characterized by the lack of pain caused when removing it.

But it may cause wounds to the skin if not used properly.

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Hair removal using cutting:

cutting is a quick way to remove hair, and it is characterized by its low damage and scarcity; So that the scissors do not touch the skin; However, it does not remove hair in a good way as it knocks out large hair traces after shaving, and does not clean the area satisfactorily.

Waxing hair removal:

Wax is characterized by its effectiveness in removing hair; This is because it has the advantage of a long hair growth period after its use, so that the sensitive area remains soft for a longer period.

But it may cause allergic reactions and skin irritation in some women.

Sugar hair removal:

Sugar, like wax, is effective in removing hair; It is characterized by the long period of hair growth after its use, and the sensitive area remains soft for a longer period.

But like wax, it may cause skin irritation and sensitivity after using it.

Laser hair removal: Laser hair removal

is the most effective method; This is because it weakens the hair follicles, and this prevents the appearance of hair in sensitive areas.

But this method may need many sessions, in addition to its high cost, which is not compatible with many women.

Hair removal using depilatory creams: Hair removal with creams

is one of the easiest, easiest and least painful ways.

  • The mechanism of action of the hair remover:

The remover can weaken the keratin substance in the skin and hair; Which leads to hair loss quickly, easily and conveniently.

But this method, despite its ease, speed and convenience, may lead to skin irritation and inflammation, especially for those with sensitive skin.

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Hair removal using hair removal sprays: The

sprays are like creams in the hair removal mechanism; It weakens the keratin in the skin and hair, which leads to hair loss easily.

But sprays, like creams, may irritate or inflame the skin, especially for women with sensitive skin.

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Creams are one of the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways for you, madam.

Benefits of hair removal hair removal cream:

- Hair removal cream is characterized by its ability to remove hair effectively quickly, and this saves you, madam, a lot of time, and also saves you the effort.

- The hair remover, madam, saves you a lot of the effort that we were suffering from, so it tears the traditional methods that drain a lot of time, and drains a lot of money


- It helps to slow hair growth afterwards, unlike the old traditional methods such as shaving or plucking with tweezers, which used to leave traces after them.

It is characterized by its ability to remove small hairs, which helps to smooth the body, and not to repeat the cleaning process more than once.

It works to remove hair from its roots, which brings a good result, as wax or sugar does.

The best way to use hair remover until it comes with a quick and safe result:

- Madam, you have to apply the cream to the area from which you want to remove hair.

- Take into account the coverage of the hair remover for each hair area.

Massage the cream onto the hair area, taking into account its penetration into the hair, and the remover also reaching the hair roots.

Leave the remover on the hair for 5 minutes without extra. Until the cream mixes with the hair and gives you a good result in hair removal.

Make sure to use the spoon inside the hair remover package.

- Be careful not to use razors to remove the remover; Because it may lead to wounds, and if the matter is safe from wounds, it may cause inflammation of the skin.

Madam, you must make sure that the cream is completely removed; So Tslama is dear to side effects and infections.

- To be sure of removing the cream, it is better to wash it with warm water, or take a warm bath after it.

Some of the side effects of hair remover:

There are cases, dear, in which you must avoid hair removal:

- If your skin is sensitive, you should test the cream before using it, and the test is conducted on a small area of ​​the skin.

- If you do not find side effects, madam, use it, otherwise the remover may lead to severe ulcers on the skin, or lead to a rash, and the occurrence of blue bruises on the skin; As the cream may lead to the thinning of the skin crust, and sensitive skin may cause infections or pimples, especially in the sensitive area.


Women who suffer from respiratory problems such as: (chronic asthma - chest crises) should beware of women who suffer from respiratory problems

Hair removers contain sulfur, which causes chest sensitivity, as well as coughing, severe coughing, shortness of breath, or a feeling of suffocation.

Those who suffer from allergies should be careful when using hair remover.

- There are some creams that are not good, hair sprouts after two days of use, which leads to the appearance of a lot of thick hair.

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Hair remover may cause uterine contractions and deformation of the fetus:

Some medical studies have proven that some creams may contain harmful chemicals, especially when pregnant women exaggerate the use of hair remover during pregnancy.

Excessive use of the remover during pregnancy may lead to fetal abnormalities, or uterine contractions.


In conclusion:

 If you, my dear, avoid these cases; You will enjoy safety and also save time with hair remover, and you will also enjoy a good and effective result when using the remover.

We have presented one of the Sunnahs of instinct, which is hair removal.

We mentioned several hair removal methods that may be compatible with one woman but not the other.

The fastest and easiest of these methods is hair removal with a depilatory, and we mentioned its positivity and effectiveness in removal.

And how to use the correct hair remover that guarantees you a good result.

We mentioned some cases that prevent some from using hair remover.

But without that, the remover brings good and effective results.  


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