Hair cutting days Hair

Hair cutting days Hair

is one of the secrets of beauty for women; Therefore, many women seek to improve and refine him and fix his situation, and they are also upset if any accident happens to him or he is harmed.

When a woman's hair begins to fall out.

Or her hair begins to break.

Or it slows down its growth.

Or the hair becomes dry.

Or when the crust in a woman's hair.

Or when the fat percentage in the hair increases.

Or at early graying.

Or when the hair is short.

Or when he loses the oils that lead to dull hair.

They often resort to hair cutting, so that the hair regains its vitality and activity.

Cutting hair for you, madam, on a regular basis, restores your hair's vitality, and also helps to strengthen it, increase its abundance and increase its density.

It also helps, as mentioned above, to solve hair problems that are difficult to treat.

Situations in which women must cut their hair:

General women strive to improve and beautify their hair, and to give it freshness, vitality and luster; They resort to cosmetics, whether creams, shampoos, or oils.

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Cosmetics yield good results if they are safe and free of harmful chemical compounds.

Unfortunately, the preparations may help to maintain the beauty of the hair; But it is not effective in treating the problem, and here the best solution is to cut hair.

Your hair, my lady, always needs care and attention. It is always in need of a healthy, balanced diet that contains protein, vitamins and minerals; So that the hair is nourished and compensates for what it loses from these important elements.

It is possible to get vitamins, proteins and minerals useful for your hair from vitamin drugs that help intensify the hair and restore its freshness, and repair its defects, which helps to repair and nourish it safely and quickly.


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And your hair also needs to be treated gently and softly while taking care of it, whether it is during combing, or when using heated hair care tools.

It also needs moderation in washing, as well as in the use of shampoo, and needs moderation in the use of creams, oils and other hair care products.

When is hair cutting necessary?

  • Cutting the hair when it is thick:

 Some women resort to cutting their hair so that it is easier for them to style it and take care of it; This is because they are suffering in layoff.

  • Cutting the hair when the hair is tangled:

difficult to solve knots with a comb or brush, so the only suitable solution to this problem is to cut the ends of the hair; So that the comb or brush can walk in the hair, and style it well.

  • Cutting hair when it is dry:

This dehydration results from the excessive use of chemical dyes, or the use of creatine, protein and other chemically manufactured materials, as they cause significant dehydration of the hair, which can only be treated by cutting hair.

  • Cutting hair when it is brittle:

There are many reasons for hair breakage, and the use of heat styling tools is one of the most common causes of split ends. 

The danger of split ends is that it penetrates and extends into and out of the hair, causing the hair to split completely.

So the best solution to save hair in this case is to hurry to cut hair without hesitation.

Cutting the hair to straighten it and restore its balance:

Sometimes there are unbalanced layers in the hair, which necessitates speeding up the cutting of its ends, and the imbalance is known when doing two braids on both sides of the hair and then comparing them; If you find an imbalance and consistency between the two braids, madam, you should hurry to cut it.

  • Cutting hair due to its lack of volume:

women's hair volume is very worrying. Explain the beauty of a woman in her hair. You must hurry, madam, to cut your hair when you find a noticeable lack of it; This will improve his condition. 

The best days to cut hair to lengthen it, and fix its flaws:

You must know, my lady, that you must and must cut your hair from time to time, and it is preferable that this cut be periodically; Until its damaged, split and dry ends are eliminated.

Cutting also makes it easier and easier for you to style your hair, which saves your time and effort, and relaxes your mood.

Suitable days for hair cutting:

There is a belief prevailing among many women that the best days for cutting hair for women are the white lunar days of every Arab or Hijri month, which is the thirteenth day of the Hijri month, the fourteenth day of the Hijri month, and the fifteenth day of the Hijri month, These are the days of the full moon.

These are the days of the tide, and the days of implant fertilization, and they see that these days there are hormonal changes in the body. These changes are also related to the hormonal changes that occur in the woman’s body during the days of menstruation or the so-called menstrual cycle.

Unfortunately, this belief was not based on legal evidence, or scientific or medical evidence confirming its validity. It is devoid of convincing evidence, and is not based on evidence, research or study.

It has also recently spread that there are days in the Gregorian month that vary between several days at the beginning, several days in the middle, and several days at the end. Especially in this year 2022.

Where they set different and different days of each Gregorian month that differed from the beginning, middle and end of the Gregorian month.

And they claimed that cutting hair these days helps to speed up its recovery, and also helps to intensify it and its freshness.

Unfortunately, their words were also stripped of any evidence, whether legal, scientific, or medical, and they were also devoid of any research that satisfies their words, confirms them, or even supports them.

That is why, my lady, you must not be carried away by these superstitions and superstitions, which are not true and preponderant; Because this comes under the heading of being attached to the stars or astrology that Islam has forbidden, and it stresses on Muslims to follow it. Where Islam confirmed the lies of astrologers, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) said: “The astrologers lie, even if they happen to be truthful.”

  • Here, madam, are the best days for a haircut: The

The best days for a haircut, madam, are the ones in which your hair has a bug or a reason to cut. In these cases, the best days to cut your hair, dear.

The best days for a haircut are when your hair is

  •  tangled up, it is difficult to comb and brush and comb, these are the best days to cut your hair.
  • If your hair has been very dry, this is the best time to cut your hair.
  • A lot of split ends that are afraid of spreading in the hair and causing damage and splitting altogether, this time is the best time to cut your hair.
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  • Your hair is getting thinner and less voluminous, so this is the best time to cut your hair.
  • The crust is increasing in your hair, madam, or graying is spreading in it, then this is the best time to cut your hair.

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Benefits of hair 

cutting: Hair cutting has multiple benefits:

  • It protects hair from damage caused by heat styling tools.
  • Helps grow healthy hair properly; It helps to get rid of damaged hair, and makes way for new, fresh and undamaged hair to grow smoothly and easily.
  • Maintains the attractive appearance of decent hair.
  •  Maintains hair density.
  • It helps to get rid of split ends that lead to hair thinning, as well as lead to its weakness.
  • Hair cutting is easier than styling your hair, madam.


Thus, we have explained to you, madam, the ideal days for a haircut.

And when should you cut your hair?

As we explained to you, my girl, the great benefits of hair cutting. 


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