pull hair color

pull hair color

renewal is a Sunnah of God Almighty in His being; So many people like innovation in all their circumstances.

You find a lot of people who like to renew their style and lifestyle, in their food, in their home, in their car, in their appearance, and women always like innovation; In order to increase their attractiveness, femininity and charm.

You always like to be charming, charming and sparkling.

And you like to be unique from others, you like your hair to be different from what many girls do.

In search of renewal, many have recently resorted to pulling hair color; As pulling hair color helps the pigments With women's hair.

This improves the color of the dye in the hair, and increases its luster.

Also, pulling hair color helps you, my lady, to color your hair in new, unfamiliar colors; As pulling hair color robs the hair of its dark color; Which makes him acquire colors that were impossible to acquire before, and what helps him to renew is to pull the hair color.

Hair color:

The main reason hair acquires color is melanin. The higher the level of melanin, the darker the color of the hair.

Melanin levels may vary over time and this results in a person’s hair color changing, and it is possible to change the degrees of hair follicles to obtain more than one color for the same person.

The process of pulling hair color aims to lighten the hair color by ten degrees, as its dark color does not absorb the desired light pigment colors to obtain a new look and a desired color.

Let's get acquainted with the hair color pullers:

Hair color pullers:


- The color puller:

It is a chemical substance with a high concentration that works to lighten the hair color from the darker shade to the desired light shade.

Liquid hydroxide (oxygen):

It is responsible for the degree of lightening when hair color is drawn, and the hair is affected according to the increase or decrease in the added quantity.

When the concentration is 40%, the lightning reaches ten degrees.

And we use the 30% concentration when using the normal dye.

And to fix the color after the hair pulling process, we use a concentration of 20%.

Creamy lightening products:

Some cosmetic companies offer hair color removal, which saves time and effort and is safer.

(All hair is available at Adam's pharmacy).

How to pull the hair color:

- Prepare the hair well before pulling the hair color in terms of:

Repairing and rebuilding the hair if it is damaged or stressed.

- Use hair moisturizers before pulling the color long enough, as they work to moisturize the hair and prevent dryness.

 - Personal care, where the hair is washed well with water and shampoo, and then waits long enough to completely get rid of the water and become dry.

- Mix the ingredients of the hair color puller and prepare it as enclosed on the package in the designated dish.

Divide the hair into very small strands and put a clip in each strand.

Wear gloves on the hands so that the skin is not affected by the hair color puller.

- Using a hairbrush, the coloring agent is spread over the hair from the front of the head to the end of the head..

- Avoid getting close to the scalp and the hairline; So as not to cause skin irritation.

- After completing each hair strand, the hair is straightened and gently rubbed with the color puller until the hair absorbs the substance.

Cover the hair with a transparent cap for easy visibility of hair color.

- Leave the color pulling material on the hair for a period of 20 to 30 minutes.

- Do not leave the coloring agent on the hair for a long time; So as not to cause hair damage, split ends and dryness.

Wash hair well with cold tap water and shampoo.

Tools used to pull hair color:

- Bleaching materials.

Hair dye brush.

- An old towel.

Shampoo and conditioner with the properties of rebalancing hair proteins and moisture.

- A plastic bowl.

Thin comb.

Plastic hair clips.

- Gloves or leather.

- Discarded clothes that allow hair to be washed after the hair color has been pulled out.

(All dye kits at Adam's Pharmacy.) 

Natural ways to

withdraw hair color: Hair color can be withdrawn before dyeing in natural ways:

Vitamin C:

5 capsules of Vitamin C.

2 tablespoons of shampoo.

2 tablespoons of balm.

Grind the vitamin C and add the rest of the ingredients, mixing the mixture well until it turns into a fluffy foam.

 Then the hair is divided and the mixture is placed on it and left for an hour.

 Then rinse the hair with warm water without using shampoo, but conditioner can be added to moisturize the hair.

Vitamin C nourishes the hair with many elements and vitamins and is not as harmful as hair color pullers.

To get the best result, this method can be repeated more than once. It is preferable to make an oil bath, and apply moisturizing creams to the hair, as it is citrus, and it works on drying and brittle hair.


A little cinnamon can be mixed with the conditioner according to the length and density of the hair. Cinnamon works to lighten the hair, and keeps the oils in the hair, so it does not cause dehydration and gives the conditioner softness to the hair.


Read and stick to the directions that come with your color pulling product. To avoid damaging the hair.

Hair color pulling damages:

Hair loss:

Color pulling substances work to change the hair color, resulting in a chemical reaction in the outer layer; From the hair, which results in weak hair and hair loss and causes the presence of dandruff and infections in the scalp.

 Skin irritation:

When using a hair color extractor in a high concentration, it leads to burning the scalp and irritating the skin, so the appropriate amount should be applied without excessive.

Dry hair:

the hair becomes very porous; Due to hair color pullers its healthy and shiny appearance, and becomes more prone to frizz and dryness.

Damage to the outer layer of the hair:

It is the layer that works to strengthen the hair, preserve it and protect it from many external factors, and when this layer is damaged due to the substance that pulls the hair color, it results in hair loss and weakness.

Loss of hair keratin:

It is a type of important protein that makes up hair, and due to the hair color pulling, it becomes brittle and weakens the hair structure.

Premature aging:

Repeated exposure to hair color extractors increases the chance of hair aging and turning white.

Ways to prevent hair color pulling damage:

  • Choose good hair color pulling products carefully; Where it is safer and less harmful, to avoid a lot of damage and damage to the hair. 
  • Test the hair color puller first on the skin and on a small strand of hair to avoid skin irritation and hair damage, 48 hours before using the hair color puller.
  • The hair color extractor is tested by placing a small swab on the skin and a lock of hair and leaving it for 30 minutes, then rinsing it with water to see the result.
  • Avoid excessive use of the hair color puller, and do not repeat pulling the color too often; To avoid the dangers of hair.
  • It is preferable to pull the hair color by a specialist so that the appropriate amount is placed and distributed, and the specified amount is adhered to; So that the hair is not damaged.
  • It is necessary to repair the hair if it is stressed or damaged before performing hair pulling so as not to cause hair loss and loss.

Hair care after hair color removal:

  • After hair pulling, hair needs attention, and therefore it is preferable to use a complete set for hair that works to moisturize the hair and protect it from damage.

( treated hair protection is at Adam's Pharmacy.)

  • Completely refrain from using any chemicals after pulling hair color so as not to increase hair problems.
  • Use products that rebuild and repair hair periodically to restore its vitality and shine.

(Hair rebuilding and repair products are available at Adam Pharmacy).

  • Make hair oil baths after pulling the color and use moisturizing creams to prevent hair from drying out and splitting.

(All hair moisturizing creams are available at Adam's pharmacy).

  • Avoid using hair dryers for two weeks after pulling hair color; To avoid damaging the hair.


We had hair color pulls.

We discussed its possibilities to rejuvenate your hair color, and how it enables you to acquire colors that were difficult or even impossible to color your hair with before the drawing, and we mentioned the precautions that you should take so as not to damage your hair after the hair color extraction process.


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