Best health supplement

Best health supplement

It is known that the body needs a lot of nutrients, but it cannot manufacture them or obtain them from foods, which calls for taking nutritional supplements that work to compensate the body of the elements it needs.

 best natural supplement for health

cannot be determined for everyone. When there is a deficiency in a nutrient in the body, the element in which the deficiency occurs is the best natural food supplement.


However, some groups are prone to deficiencies in nutrients not available in common foods, which makes their need for natural nutritional supplements greater than the rest of the groups, including:


  • Women during pregnancy.

  • women during lactation.

  • People who follow a strict vegetarian diet.

  • Those who are allergic to certain foods.

  • the elderly.

  • People with diseases such as cancer, kidney disease or bone disease.


Among the best nutritional supplements that can be obtained in the form of tablets or from their natural sources:


  • Fish oil is available in Adam's pharmacy and is considered the best natural supplement for heart health and reduces the risk of heart disease, available in tablet form, and it can also be obtained from fatty fish and beans Soy and walnuts.

  • Vitamin D and calcium , where vitamin D is the best natural nutritional supplement to maintain bone health, and is available in the form of tablets or by eating foods fortified in it, and whole grains, salmon and tuna are rich sources of it, in addition to the importance of exposure to sunlight to manufacture it naturally. inside the body.

  • Glucosamine and chondroitin are the best natural supplement for maintaining joint health, especially in people with arthritis.

  • B vitamins, which are considered the best natural supplement in the elderly, as the body's ability to absorb them decreases with age, and their natural sources are grains, dark green vegetables, orange juice, and foods fortified with them.

  • Magnesium : regulates muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels and blood pressure, and helps you produce protein.

Magnesium also appears to support testosterone production, with one research study showing that increasing your intake can raise testosterone levels within a month.

Taking magnesium can also help treat symptoms of andropause, such as poor sleep, low energy, and fatigue.

Omega 3 forte 

is available in Adam's pharmacy Omega forte 60 capsules , and it is the best food supplement as it is a fatty acid available in fish and works to produce many substances that help maintain the balance of vital processes such as:

  • blood pressure.

  • Body temperature.

  • infections.

  • the pain.

  • A blood clot or thrombus.

  • sensitive.

Omega 3 is also a very important nutritional supplement for children and infants, because of the important role it plays in the proper development of the brain from the embryonic stage in the womb, and it has an equally important role in children with learning difficulties, concentration disorders and even behavioral disorders.

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Benefits of Omega 3


Among the most prominent benefits of Omega 3 are:


Promoting heart health

Several studies have proven that increased consumption of fish oil, which is one of the sources of Omega 3, may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce the risk of heart failure, and lead to a lower death rate.


It also positively affects endothelial function, reducing the risk of developing ventricular fibrillation.


Reducing triglyceride levels

Omega-3 protects against atherosclerosis, because it reduces triglyceride levels, and treatment with a dose of 3 to 4 grams of fish oil per day has been shown to reduce the level of triglycerides by an average of 30%.


Reducing the risk of preterm labor

Research has shown that pregnant women who were at high risk of preterm labor and were treated with a dose of 2.7 grams of fish oil per day had a lower preterm delivery.


It should also be noted that a lack of omega-3 consumption during pregnancy causes a deficiency of DHA in pregnant women, which may increase the risk of postpartum depression.


Contribute to the fight against depression

Several studies have shown the relationship between omega-3 consumption and depression. It has been proven that:


  • the more fish and fish products are consumed, the lower the incidence of depression.

  • The higher the omega-3 consumption, the lower the incidence of postpartum depression in women, and behavioral disorders.

Helps treat inflammation

The effectiveness of omega-3 fatty acids has been proven in the prevention and treatment of several diseases, as many studies have indicated the primary role that omega-3 plays in some cases of inflammation, as it contributes to the following:


  • Reducing the symptoms of lung infections such as: asthma.

  • Improving the condition of arthritis patients.


Promote brain health

Regularly supplying the body with an adequate amount of omega-3 is important for maintaining and protecting the brain during life, and reducing the decline in cognitive and intellectual abilities with age.

 The level of omega-3s in brain cells begins to decline with age, leading to an increased risk of dementia. And Alzheimer's disease, so it is always recommended to add it to the diet and its health necessity.

Nutritional supplements in Adam's pharmacy Adam's 


pharmacy provides many important nutritional supplements, we will present to you some of them: 

  • A nutritional supplement is a  type of nutritional supplement that can be used to increase protein and calorie intake and maintain good nutrition.



It can also be used as a meal replacement or part of it in order to maintain weight or gain weight, and children or adults can use this milk because it does not contain any percentage of lactose or gluten.

  • Centrum Lutein  is used to treat vitamin deficiency caused by malnutrition or due to some diseases. It is available in Adam's Pharmacy, a package of 100 tablets, at a price of 55 riyals.

  • Zinc Optimal is a group of integrated vitamins that in turn compensate the body with the necessary elements it needs. It also raises the immunity in the body to confront any external microbe, as it meets the body's needs for vitamins for adults and does not affect the stomach.

  • Marines Royal Jelly 5000 Royal Jelly  , Bee Pollen and Propolis in a handy drinking bottle.

Marnys Royal Jelly 5000 provides energy for those people in cases of intense physical activity, stressful work, convalescence, hormonal disturbances, or nutritional decompensation.

 Presented in a practical, easy-to-use, drinkable bottle, Marnisroyal Jelly contains royal jelly, bee pollen and pure propolis. 

MARNYS Royal Jelly 5000 | 20 x 11ml Available in Adam Online Pharmacy at a price of 330 SAR.

In the pharmacy there are many nutritional supplements. You can learn about them by visiting Adam's pharmacy  




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