Mouthwash: it won't make you replace it with another kind of strong scent

Mouthwash: it won't make you replace it with another kind of strong scent

The use of mouthwash while cleaning the teeth is one of the basic steps that must be taken into account and done daily in order to maintain the health of the mouth and teeth, as the toothbrush and medical floss do not clean the teeth perfectly, but rather they perform a superficial cleaning of the teeth that does not exceed 25% of the oral cleaning. Therefore, mouthwash is required at least twice a day for healthy teeth.
 What your teeth need to stay healthy for the longest time
Some believe that dental problems are most often the result of genetic diseases, but the matter is not true, as the lack of attention to the teeth and their cleanliness is one of the most habits that cause dental health problems, so we will present to you some healthy habits that your teeth need to be in better health:
Brushing the teeth at least twice a day, taking into account the accuracy of brushing the teeth, as many people brush their teeth quickly and this leads to the accumulation of bacteria and tartar in the mouth, which causes dental problems.
It is also recommended to use an electric toothbrush, as it has a higher ability to clean the teeth and get rid of stuck food residues more effectively than a traditional brush.
Using medical floss daily to clean the teeth, as doctors advise that it is necessary to use flossing to get rid of all food stuck in the spaces between the teeth, and it is also advised that it should be used carefully so as not to injure the gums.
Do periodic dental examinations, especially for people suffering from tooth decay and gum infections.
I have the dentist clean my teeth from time to time, especially if there are two accumulations of tartar and plaque.

 How to reduce your visit to the dentist
Wondering how to reduce your visits to the dentist? Well, I will tell you that the best way for you to do this is to maintain the health of the mouth and teeth, by constantly cleaning them by brushing and cleaning them with medical floss.
And when you go to the dentist for a periodic follow-up, the doctor will notice the cleanliness of the teeth and the absence of any caries or lime in them, which prompts him to tell you to do periodic follow-ups at intervals as a preventive matter and thus you have been able to reduce the visit to the dentist.

 Mouthwash mechanism of action with daily use
The use of a mouthwash is one of the most important steps that must be followed in the daily routine of oral and dental care, contrary to what some believe that the rinse is an optional step that is not necessary, but it is not the case. Let us first learn about the rinse and explain what it is:
Rinse is an aqueous solution that contains a high percentage of active ingredients that are highly effective in getting rid of bacteria and germs in the mouth and teeth, and one of its most important functions is to clean the mouth thoroughly, because it can reach the places that the brush cannot reach.
As for the use of mouthwash on a daily basis, the following method of use must be followed:
Brush and paste your teeth well at first, and this is an essential step in brushing your teeth.
Rinse the mouth thoroughly after using the toothbrush and paste with water and avoid using antiseptics.
It is recommended to use a mouthwash from the same family as toothpaste.
Avoid eating food or drinks after using the lotion until half an hour has passed.
The instructions indicated on the product label must be adhered to.
It is not recommended to dilute the lotion before using it.

 How to get rid of tartar formed in the teeth without visiting the doctor
The tartar accumulated on the teeth is one of the most common problems that afflict many people and makes them look for a way to get rid of it without the need to visit the doctor, so we will now offer you some way that enables you to remove tartar, the most important of which are the following:
Salt removal of dental tartar
Many believe that it is not possible to remove dental tartar without the intervention of a doctor, but let's mention the method:
Use salt with water and white vinegar
White vinegar contributes to dismantling the tartar accumulated on the teeth. As for salt, it has a major role in getting rid of bacteria and germs in the mouth, which contributes to protecting the gums and teeth and promoting their health.
The method of use is by using a solution of salt and white vinegar as a mouthwash, where 2 tablespoons of white vinegar are mixed in a cup of water with salt.
Sodium bicarbonate with salt
This method is used by mixing 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of salt and a glass of water and rinse your teeth well.
Other ways to remove the accumulated tartar on the teeth
Here is a group of ways that you can get rid of tartar formed on the teeth:
Use baking soda and put it directly on the toothbrush and then brush the teeth with it.
The use of coconut oil, olive oil or sesame oil in rinsing the teeth, and this greatly helps in reducing the bacteria accumulated in the mouth.
Rub the teeth with orange peels, which soothes the gums and reduces inflammation.
Teeth cleaning with an electric toothbrush.
In many cases, we were not able to get rid of the tartar accumulated on the teeth due to its depth, so it is necessary to visit the doctor in order to clean it deeply and get rid of it, so if you suffer from tartar and you cannot remove it by the mentioned methods, you can go to the doctor once every six months.

 The best mouthwash products
Denta Calm mouthwash is one of the best mouthwash products available in pharmacies and is characterized by the following:
Cleanses and refreshes the mouth, due to the mint flavor in it.
Immediate relief from toothache.
Reduces bleeding.
It contains a high percentage of active ingredients such as chlorhexidine.
It contains many natural substances such as clove oil, sage and peppermint oil.
As for how to use it:
To be used twice daily, take 15 ml of the rinse and rinse the mouth well for 30 seconds.
The lotion can be used undiluted.
Bottle size 300 ml.

Here we come to the conclusion of the article in which we talked about the importance of using mouthwash for relief

Maintain oral and dental health, avoid gum infections, and reduce dental problems in general. We also showed you a set of tips that will help you reduce visiting the dentist, in addition to providing information about Denta Calm Mouthwash.

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