Lengthening hair

Lengthening hair

God created man and his image in the best form. Man is always beautiful, beautiful in his mind, beautiful in his body, beautiful in his form, and poetry is one of the secrets of beauty, and his beauty increases with the increase in length; Therefore, many men and women alike seek to lengthen their hair, so that their brilliance and beauty increases with the brilliance and beauty of their hair, but when looking for a way to lengthen hair, you must look for a healthy and safe way; So as not to lead to hair or perish.

When do you need hair extensions?

The nature of human hair, which God created, is that it increases by 1 cm every month, the percentage may increase by 1 cm, or slightly less.

This is when the hair suffers from a symptom:

hormonal imbalance, health status, aging, aging, as a result of the medications that the person takes such as (antidepressants - blood inhibitors - ovarian cysts), weakness in the immune system, exposure to harmful sunlight, exposure to strong winds The genetic factor, neglecting proper nutrition, and not eating an integrated food devoid of important substances for the hair and body such as:

(proteins - vitamins - minerals), excessive use of hair care products, excessive hair styling, excessive use of heat-emitting hairdressing tools.

How to lengthen hair


In order for your hair to be long, fresh and attractive, there are things to follow that help you prolong your hair, and restore its vitality and freshness.

There are wrong behaviors that you deal with your hair by letting it lengthen your hair and restore its vitality and freshness.

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Here, Madam, is the matter in detail:

First: Follow things for hair extension:

  •  Eating a healthy, balanced diet: 

Healthy food helps the freshness of the body, and provides it with energy and strength, and it also helps to give the hair its vitality and freshness, and helps to lengthen it.

  •  Drinking a lot of water:

Water is the secret of life, without it there is no life.

  •  Oils that help prolong hair:

Castor oil to prolong your hair and its vitality:

Castor oil is a complete hair clinic, it helps to strengthen hair, limits its breakage, treats scalp infections, it is also a treatment for itching, a treatment for dandruff, and gives shine to hair, and helps to prolong hair. .

* How to prepare castor oil:

Mix several drops of castor oil with olive or coconut oil.

Then massage the mixture into your hair well for 10 minutes.

Take into account the distribution of the oil mixture over the entire hair until it reaches the scalp; This is to get a good result.

Leave the mixture on the hair for several hours, and you can stay overnight with it until the morning.

Wash the hair well with warm water, and you can add hair conditioner, then wash with shampoo.

You can repeat this process twice a week or more.

This preserves the freshness and vitality of your hair and helps to prolong it.

Coconut oil for hair extension:

Coconut oil contains a large amount of vitamins and nutrients necessary for hair care, intensification and lengthening, and coconut oil helps moisturize dry hair, moisturize the scalp, helps counteract dandruff, and protects hair from chemical damage. And increases the luster of the hair, as it has been proven to be an effective treatment for lice.

Coconut oil is placed on the hair, distributed well, and massaged into the scalp.

Leave it on the hair for several hours, and you can stay with it, sir, until the morning.

Then rinse with shampoo, which gives a good result with brittle and falling hair, and also helps to prolong the hair. 

 Jojoba oil for hair extension:

Jojoba oil is one of the very useful oils for hair; Because it improves blood circulation in the blood vessels, and thus reaches the hair follicles, jojoba oil also helps to prolong hair, and it also helps moisturize it.

How to prepare jojoba oil for hair:

Put 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil on 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, or olive oil.

Mix the two oils well, then massage the mixture into the scalp, as well as the hair.

Leave the mixture on the hair for several hours, or leave it overnight.

Wash hair in the morning with shampoo well.

Repeat this recipe twice a week.

This helps restore the vitality and freshness of the hair, and lengthen it.

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  • Masks that help to prolong hair:

 Fenugreek and milk mask for hair growth:

As the fenugreek and milk are distinguished, each of them contains protein and zinc, as well as important amino acids for hair.

Grind a little fenugreek, then add a little milk to it to make a smoother mixture.

Apply the mixture to the hair for 40 minutes.

Then wash with shampoo.

The mask is generally beneficial to the hair, and the mask helps to lengthen the hair.

 Egg mask for hair growth:

It is known that eggs are an ideal source of protein, as they are one of the best foods containing protein; So it helps to thicken the hair, and also helps to increase its length.

How to prepare an egg mask:

Mix an egg white with a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of white honey.

The mixture is well massaged into the scalp.

Leave the mixture on the hair for 30 minutes.

Then rinse hair well with shampoo.

Repeat the catcher once a week; So that it comes with an effective effect and helps to prolong your hair, madam.

Rosemary for hair growth:

The rosemary herb is very beneficial for the scalp. This is thanks to its antioxidant properties, which promote hair growth, prevent hair loss, and help improve blood circulation in the scalp, thus helping to increase hair growth and lengthening.

How to prepare the rosemary herb for hair extension.

Soak two or three sprigs of rosemary in hot water for five minutes.

Leave the liquid to cool, then drain well.

Massage it well with its ends and massage it into the scalp.

Leave on hair for 10 minutes.

Then rinse well with shampoo.

And rinse with rosemary again.

Repeat the recipe at least 3 times a week; It comes with a satisfactory result in hair extension.

Apple cider vinegar for hair growth:

Apple cider vinegar is rich in natural ingredients, acids and minerals that are beneficial and nourishing for hair.

* Prepare apple cider vinegar: by mixing it with warm water, mixing two tablespoons of vinegar with a little warm water, then massaging it into the hair well. 

After that, wash the hair well, preferably with a strong-smelling shampoo; To get rid of the pungent smell of apple cider vinegar.


 Rice water for hair growth:

It is known that rice water contains a large amount of proteins and vitamins that stimulate hair growth, and help to prolong it.

How to prepare the rice soak for hair extension:

Put half a cup of rice in a bowl, and pour an appropriate amount of water over it.

Leaves soaked for 15 minutes.

Put the soaked on the head, and massage the hair and scalp well for a few minutes.

Leave on hair for 5 minutes.

Then wash off the water with shampoo.

Repeat this process 2 times a week; Which helps to improve the condition of the hair, increases its freshness and vitality, and helps to prolong the hair.

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Second: The ideal methods of dealing with hair that help to grow it:

1- Reducing the use of shampoo as much as possible:

because many resort to washing their hair several times in one week; In order to get rid of dust, plankton and traces of sweat, washing hair with excessive shampoo leads to its fall, brittleness and shortness.

In order for your hair to be healthy, you have to use shampoo 2 times a week; To guarantee your hair its freshness and vitality.

(All types of shampoos are available in the hair care section of Adam's pharmacy).

2- Using conditioner with shampoo:

Using conditioner when washing your hair avoids the dangers of chemicals in some shampoos, which affect the health of the hair and lead to its breakage and consequently its shortness.

(All types of healthy and safe conditioners are available hair care Adam's pharmacy).

3- Cutting the ends of the hair monthly helps to lengthen the hair:

Trimming the hair monthly on a regular basis helps the hair grow in a healthy way, and helps reduce its breakage.

4- Reducing the use of heat combing and drying tools for hair extension:

The thermal drying and combing tools that many overuse are hair destroyers; Excessive use of them causes the hair to fall out in a large way, break it down, and reduce the length of the hair.

5- Rinsing the hair with cold water after washing it with shampoo or conditioner helps to prolong the hair:

Cold water is very important for the body, and maintains public health, as God Almighty mentioned it, and Ayoub, peace be upon him, commanded it. (and drink) cold water maintains the health of the hair, which helps to keep it fresh and prolong, so you should avoid hot water in dealing with your hair.

6- Avoid using hair products that contain harmful chemicals:

When choosing hair care products (shampoo - conditioner - cream - mask….) you should resort to products that are free of harmful chemicals, as they harm the hair, destroy it and cause it to fall out, and reduce hair loss. its length.

7- Periodic hair care to maintain its length:

Madam, you should take care of your hair on a regular basis: Make

  • an oil bath weekly that helps moisturize the hair, its softness and shine.
  • The work of hair masks and natural stimuli helps to strengthen the hair, and also increase its length.


Thus, we dealt with hair lengthening and mentioned:

the natural monthly increase in hair.

 causes of short hair; So it is avoided.

Natural hair extension methods.

hair handling methods; To avoid falling and shortening.




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