Hair Filler

Hair Filler

Many seek to improve the condition of their hair, and make it in the best form; It is one of the secrets of beauty, and therefore any problem that the hair faces causes insomnia and anxiety for the person, and he seeks to find a quick solution to this problem.

And sometimes some women want to improve the condition of their hair, and make it soft; So you resort to keratin, protein, or hair straightening sessions, and these things often lead to hair breakage, dryness and hair loss.

At this point, you need a safe and fast solution.

Medicines for treating hair problems are many:

vitamins for hair treatment and thickening.

Spray for the treatment of hair loss.

Shampoo, or foaming liquids to treat hair loss and weakness.

Oils to treat hair loss and weakness.

Paints and creams to treat hair loss and hair loss.

Among the safe and quick methods used in the treatment of hair loss and weakness, especially after sessions of protein, creatine, and hair straightening (filler), which has recently appeared, and has proven its efficiency in recent times, and brought fast and effective results.

As the nature of the filler works to repair the damaged bonds inside the hair follicles, and also helps to treat damaged and brittle hair, and also helps to increase the thickness of the hair, and also strengthens the scalp.

It is also effective for the treatment of embrittlement resulting from the use of some dyes.

All healthy and safe dyes are available in the hair care department of Adam's pharmacy.

Filler components:


It is a light substance that contains hyaluronic, which in turn works to moisturize the hair, and also helps to deliver minerals, vitamins and important elements that help prevent hair loss.

The scalp is covered with filler material; So that these elements can reach the hair quickly; Therefore, it is fast-acting and effective with cases of falling, splitting and weakness.

The filler contains argan oil:

is known for its multiple benefits, and its ability to moisturize hair, and argan oil provides the price with many vitamins that provide hair with what restores its vitality and freshness.


The filler is characterized by containing keratin, as it is one of the natural compounds that are included in the composition of the basic structure of the hair, and it is also an insulating layer on the outer surface of the hair.


The xanthelene that is included in the composition of the filler works on straightening and maintaining the hair, making it free of wrinkles, and giving it sufficient flexibility that maintains it, and prevents it from being split and broken.

Cases that need hair filler treatment:

1- The filler is used as an effective treatment for people who suffer from hair breakage, and also for those who suffer from split ends.

 The filler helps to increase hair density.

 Treats fine hair.

2- Elastic hair:

suitable treatment for rubber hair from the effect of dyeing, pulling, or some medications that damage the hair bonds, and work to break them, and the filler also repairs the bonds between the hair, and also restructures them again


aNourishing hair follicles, filling them from the inside, and having the ability to increase the thickness of the hair.

4- Pulled hair:

The filler is used to repair hair breakage from the ends, and it also treats hair breakage.

The filler also increases the density of the pulled hair, and treats hair damage.


Hair brittleness and brittleness: Fillers are an ideal solution for treating brittle hair, as well as treating brittle hair; Because it contains natural elements, these elements help nourish the hair fiber.

The filler helps to increase the elasticity of the hair, thus reducing the percentage of frizz, and reducing breakage.

The filler is highly efficient with curly hair.

6- Improving the appearance of hair:

The filler helps to improve the appearance of hair, thanks to its containing of keratin, and it also contains hyaluronic acid and natural protein, and all these ingredients together improve the appearance of hair and restore its natural luster.

The filler helps restore the natural luster of the hair.

Disadvantages of using hair fillers:

may cause some side effects:

1- The instability of the fillers for long periods, especially after dyeing the hair, or adding other preparations.

2- Itchy hair, especially in people who are allergic to this substance.

3- Pain in the scalp when injecting the filler.

4 - redness or swelling in some people; This is due to their sensitivity.

The doctor must know their health condition before injecting the filler.

Types of hair filler:

1- Therapeutic hair filler:

It is used with hair that suffers from symptoms of breakage, cracking, falling, fragility, or lightness, as it increases the vitality and health of the hair.

2- Hair coloring filler:

It has the advantage of being a hair treatment for breakage, brittleness and split ends, as it colors the hair with different dyes and attractive colors.

3- Therapeutic and cosmetic hair filler: 

It is used therapeutically as the therapeutic filler, but it is distinguished from the therapeutic by adding some other substances that increase the luster of the hair, and it also solves the problem of wrinkles and the cosmetic filler also maintains the position of the individual hair.

(All types of therapeutic, cosmetic and healthy and safe hair fillers are available at Adam's Pharmacy).

People who are prohibited from using the filler:

Using the filler to treat head problems is very safe for many people, but there are groups that should not use the filler:

1- Pregnant and breastfeeding women.

2- People suffering from immune diseases such as alopecia.

3- Allergy sufferers.

4- People who have previously transplanted hair.

E - People with severe hair damage.

6- Those who suffer from weak scalp. 

How to use the filler:

1- Wash the hair well with the filler shampoo from two to three times, and take care to clean it of all impurities and fats.

2- Towel dry the hair.

3- The filler is spread over the entire hair well without any breaks, and the filler is distributed over the hair in an amount of 25 to 30 milliliters.

4- Comb the hair well.

5- Leave the filler well after applying it to the hair for a period of 20 to 40 minutes, and apply a water-protective head mask.

6- Wash the hair well, and get rid of the remnants of substances stuck on the hair and have not been absorbed.


And so we took the hair filler and mentioned:

its unique beneficial formula.

Reasons for using it.

Its side effects are almost non-existent.

Persons prohibited from using it.

Types of hair fillers.

How to use it. 

And we stressed that when there are any side effects, whether sensitivity, inflammation, itching in the scalp, scarring, or any change in the scalp or hair, you should consult a doctor first; To find solutions to all these problems.


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