Fam feminine pads: indications for use, prices and side effects

Fam feminine pads: indications for use, prices and side effects

Fam feminine pads are pads for use during menstruation or bleeding, or the so-called menstrual cycle, and they are one of the most famous types of safe feminine pads because they are made of pure cotton that does not cause allergies, so it is considered the most appropriate option for women.

provides Pharmacy several types of pads, including night and thin pads, and sanitary pads with wings.

Indications for using feminine

sanitary napkins The use of sanitary napkins is one of the common matters among women and is used for several purposes, including:

  • the period of bleeding or the menstrual cycle, or the so-called period.
  • Prevents wetness and bleeds and provides protection all night long.
  • Protection and dryness throughout the night by using the Fam Night Pads .
  • Maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness of the sensitive area in particular and prevent infections.
  • Prevent unpleasant odors in the sensitive area.
  • Keep underwear dry and clean.
  • Helps absorb excess fluid and moisture.
  • Giving women a more comfortable feeling.
  • Provides the dryness needed to make you feel comfortable and refreshed.
  • Protection from bladder problems, such as uncontrollable drops in urine.
  • Prevent your period surprise, if your period is irregular.

Fam Towels Characteristics 

Towels are characterized by several characteristics that made them one of the best feminine pads, including:

  • The pads are made of pure cotton.
  • It helps absorb a large amount of menstrual blood and 
  • does not cause sensitivity or irritation to the delicate skin of women.
  • It also does not cause skin rashes or vaginal infections.
  • Their prices are reasonable to suit everyone.
  • There are many types, you can choose the one that suits you.

Fam Pads Prices 

In Adam's pharmacy, there are many types of feminine pads, including:

Types of sanitary pads 

There are many types of sanitary pads used during menstruation available at Adam Pharmacy.

They vary in shapes and sizes, and their use varies according to the type that the female prefers and what suits her, and according to the frequency of menstruation.

Most types of sanitary napkins have an adhesive on the bottom to hold the pad in place and prevent movement.


Types of sanitary pads available in the market according to their thickness:

  • Thick sanitary pads, which are called maxi, and are used on days of heavy menstruation.

  • Ultra thin sanitary pads.

Types of sanitary napkins available according to the presence or absence of wings:

  • Sanitary pads with wings, which is the preferred type for many females, because the wings fix the place of the sanitary napkin and prevent it from moving, in addition to the adhesive material underneath, thus preventing leakage and some wings are made of absorbent materials no leakage.

  • Sanitary pads without wings.

Types of sanitary pads available by size and length:

  • Sanitary pads are of medium size and length, or called regular, the type that is recommended on days when menstruation is heavy.

  • The sanitary pads are large in size, and their size is longer compared to the medium size, but they are smaller than the night sanitary pads, used on heavy menstrual days, and are often thicker than the average size.
  • Night sanitary pads, which are the longest and widest from the back among the sanitary pads used during the menstrual cycle, in order to cover the largest possible area of ​​underwear, to provide protection throughout the night. 
  • Pads can be used at any time of the day, but they are called pads, which indicates that they are more absorbent and provide greater protection than other types of sanitary pads.

Adam Pharmacy has a large collection of feminine sanitary napkins such as ( Fresh days long , comfortable night feminine pads , Always large feminine sanitary pads with soft cotton and wings )

How to use the sanitary pads 

  • Wash your hands and clean them well before using the feminine pads.
  • Remove the cover or bag from the towel.
  • Peel off the sticky paper on one side and start applying the pad to the clothes.
  • Peel off the sticky paper from the other sides and finish sticking the pad to the clothes.
  • Wash your hands after use.
  • Fam sanitary pads are suitable for women and girls during menstruation and for daily protection.
  • Choose what suits you from different shapes of towels.
  • Make sure to change the pad every 5 hours at most to protect against infection, fungi and bacteria.
  • Keep the personal area clean, especially during menstruation, using lukewarm, warm water.
  • It is preferable not to use ordinary soap, because it kills the beneficial bacteria with the use of vaginal shower medical


Tips for using feminine pads and caring for the intimate area

Here we will tell you a set of tips to reap all the above benefits in a healthy and disease-free way.


  • Pay attention to the fact that there are several types of femme pantyhose and different sizes to choose from to suit your different needs and underwear.
  • Make sure that there are no insulation materials or plastic materials on the pads before buying them and look for cotton pads with pores, as the sensitive area must be ventilated and absorb moisture completely so that infection does not occur.
  • Try to change the sanitary pads several times a day when using them every 4 to 6 hours maximum.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands after and before using daily sanitary pads to avoid infection.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the sensitive area, wash it constantly, clean it of excess hair, and search for appropriate tools for this process.
  • It is preferable to wash the intimate area periodically to protect it from infections, bacteria or microbes.
  • Washing is done from front to back and not vice versa to avoid transmission of bacteria from the urethra and anus to the front.
  • Avoid using irritants or soap when cleaning the sensitive area that contains aromatic or chemical substances, as there are cleaning materials specific to this area that maintain the acidity of the vagina and protect it from infections.
  • Always make sure to wear cotton clothes, and avoid what contains plastic or synthetic materials, and avoid wearing tight pants, because this may raise the heat and increase humidity and sweating in this area, making it a suitable environment for the reproduction of germs and thus infection.
  • Avoid sitting for long periods of time during the day and make sure to sleep in loose, comfortable clothes.
  • Try to avoid using deodorants for sensitive areas when using daily pads, as they contain irritants and fragrances.
  •  On the other hand, try to keep the area dry constantly.
  • Keeping the intimate area clean and hygienic should be a priority for you, so you should keep it dry and choose the best products to feel more comfortable and confident and avoid all infections and annoying health issues.
  • After using the sanitary pads, they must be disposed of in a correct manner by wrapping them in toilet paper and placing them in the trash and dispose of them quickly so as not to accumulate germs and bacteria resulting from menstrual blood and cause the spread of an undesirable odor.



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