Learn about the types and methods of straightening hair

Learn about the types and methods of straightening hair

God created man and his generosity in the best image and hair is an adornment for men and women, and from the wisdom of God Almighty that he made people different in their nature, shapes, colors, hair color, and hair type, some people have greasy hair, and some of them have dry hair, and there Some have mixed hair, and some have normal hair, but in the end everyone loves and tends to fine hair.

Therefore, many people seek to straighten their hair; For the soft hair of beauty and attractiveness.

But when searching for hair straighteners, we must use healthy, safe and effective materials at the same time. 

As for women, they all dream of silky hair free of waves and wrinkles, so they resort to the magic wand, which is straightening the hair and is the fastest way to get the perfect result.

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Individual hair:

It is styling and straightening the hair, as it gives the hair a soft, smooth, and smooth appearance.

The hair is straightened in several different ways, whether a hair iron, a hot comb, a dryer, or straightening the hair with treatment materials such as Brazilian hair straightening, in addition to some types of shampoo, conditioner and hair gel.

 Hair straightening methods:

 Hair straightening without any chemical treatment:

It is a set of tools that work on straightening the hair temporarily and not permanently. It has the advantage that it is without any chemical treatment and is safe if the individual performs it in the right way, but it is not the best because it is difficult for the individual to continue to do it always because it takes a lot of time. Time and effort, such as:


1- A hot straightening comb with heating it on the hair.

2- The hair iron uses heat directly on the hair.

3- A hair dryer with a comb or a round brush to straighten the hair, as it produces hot air that straightens the hair, and excessive heat can cause damage to the hair structure, so a low to medium temperature should be used to protect the hair and scalp and prevent hair from splitting and falling, and adding some Hair conditioner during drying keeps the hair moisturized to prevent dryness

5- Electric hair straightening brushes where the bristles produce heat that is absorbed by the hair by combing with the brush.helps Hair protection spray from heat prevent damage from the use of thermal dryers, but once the damage occurs, heat damaged hair can only be repaired by cutting the damaged hair and regrowth 


6- Hair can be straightened using large hair rollers for wet hair to straighten the hair along during drying.


Hair straightening with chemical treatment:

1- Keratin treatment:

The human body produces 54 types of keratin, half of which are found in hair follicles and the other half in the rest of the body.

Natural keratin works to strengthen nails, freshness of the skin, maintain the health of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and eyes, and it has a major role in wound healing and regulation of cell size, and is very useful and necessary for hair.

It is a type of protein (natural protein) found inside the human body, where it is found in the epithelial cells that form the surface of the skin, nails and hair. It is one of the basic components of hair, where hair consists of about 88% of keratin and appears clearly and in a greater percentage in fine hair compared to dry curly hair.

 Benefits of keratin for hair:

- Preventing exposure to hair problems in general, especially split ends and fall.

- Smoothes hair, moisturizes and increases its shine.

- Treatment of frizz and curly hair, as it works on straightening the hair efficiently.

Protect hair from the sun and external factors.

Maintains healthy hair, skin and nails.

Excessive exposure to the sun and chemicals causes the depletion of keratin, which makes the hair damaged and brittle.

- It is used in straightening the hair, to soften the hair and give it a silky smooth texture

. Reasons for the lack of natural keratin in the body:

Its deficiency in the body is due to several reasons:

- Genetic factors.

Diet deficiency.

Excessive use of hair care products that contain harmful chemicals.

How to get natural keratin:

elements that contribute to the production of keratin and play an important role in improving the health of the body in general, especially nails and hair.

The most important elements that contribute to the production of keratin:


Vitamin A

Vitamin C.



Keratin can be obtained from some foods that help produce keratin, such as:

Fish: It is a good source of protein as it contributes to the production of keratin protein.

Eggs: a rich source of protein, which stimulates the production of keratin protein

. Potatoes: Potatoes contain vitamin C, vitamin A, protein and a small percentage of zinc.

Onions: Rich in antioxidants, the body uses them to produce cysteine, which helps produce keratin protein.

* A layer of keratin is added to the hair and then a hot iron is applied.

Keratin treatment is safe for hair because it uses the natural protein found in hair strands and is suitable for most hair conditions, making the hair smooth without wrinkles and adding 


 The effect of keratin treatment lasts for a period of six months, and it can be increased when caring for the hair by using hair straightening products, and then the hair begins to gradually return to its original texture.

Tips after keratin straightening:

- Use a shampoo free of sulfur and sodium after keratin hair straightening in order to preserve the hair from damage.

Avoiding washing hair after keratin straightening, as it causes a shortening of its shelf life, and it is preferable to leave the hair a week after the individual without washing to obtain the best result.

Avoid using hot water, hair dryers, or any heat source to maintain healthy hair.

- Avoid using any hair products that are not intended for hair after the individual

. - Avoid making hairstyles that make the hair curly. It is also advised not to tie the hair or put it behind the ear, after the hair is straightened for at least 48 hours.

Hair straightening with protein:

It is a substance keratin, but some types of proteins are added to it with strong effectiveness in treating hair, because it contains a lot of proteins and amino acids necessary and important to nourish hair and smooth hair to become silky, and prevents split ends and dryness.

Protein has several types, each type specializes in treating a hair problem.


Damage to the individual with keratin:

In the composition of keratin chemicals, these substances help to break the bonds of curly hair and then turn it into smooth hair for a period of time.

Keratin also contains substances such as (ethylene glycol, metanidol, formalin or methanol), and all of these materials release formaldehyde gas when heated or when mixed with water.

Also, the hair particles are saturated with formaldehyde solution, which is the carcinogenic substance that keeps the hair smooth and straight for a long period of two to five months...

Therefore, formaldehyde-free individual creams should be avoided.

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There are natural alternatives to straightening hair:
Yolk and Yogurt Mask

Mix an egg yolk with 6 tablespoons of yogurt.

The mask is distributed on the scalp and hair, with the need to focus on the ends of the hair.

Cover the head with a shower cap and leave the mask on the hair for 20 minutes.

Then wash the hair well with cold water and shampoo.

While avoiding the use of hot water so that the eggs do not cook and become difficult to remove from the hair.

Banana mask

Mash 3 bananas in a blender bowl.

Then add two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of coconut oil to the banana. 

Beat the ingredients for 15 to 30 seconds.

A little water can be added if it is sticky, so that the mixture is suitable for the individual on the hair.

Then we massage the scalp and hair with this mixture.

Cover the head with a shower cap.

Leave the mask on the hair for 30 minutes

. Wash the head of hair well with water and shampoo to remove the mask.


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