Wheaten skin is a complete care routine to maintain it

Wheaten skin is a complete care routine to maintain it

Wheat skin is a lovely type of skin. It symbolizes the Arab peoples, as they enjoy a wonderful wheat color. This skin, although it is better than white skin in that it is protected from sun damage, is also exposed to many problems that make it necessary for its owners to fully maintain a special care routine. To protect and preserve it, we will now learn about a care routine and tips for owners of wheaten skin.


The beauty of wheaten skin


The wheaten skin enjoys several aesthetic advantages. The inhabitants of the hot regions, the Far East and the Arab countries are the origin of the wonderful wheaten skin, as it is exposed to high temperatures and exposed to ultraviolet rays in abundance, and despite its tolerance, it is often exposed to pigmentation and spots as a result of environmental factors.

Therefore, she also needs to use special sun creams that protect against ultraviolet rays with a strong protection factor, and she always needs a special routine for moisturizing, as she loses moisture easily and in order not to be exposed to the risks and problems of dehydration, she must maintain a daily moisturizing routine and deep moisturizing appropriate for wheaty skin.

wheaten skin types

There are various types of wheaten skin according to the degrees of tan color, there is wheaten and wheaten skin, and there is wheatish skin that tends to white, and wheatish skin that tends to the sky, light and dark wheaten skin, and the difference is according to the degree of melanin pigment present in the skin cells where it rises more in the skin that tends to redness in a darker manner and decreases For those who have light skin, but all of these types combine to protect it from dehydration and sunlight, and to use a moisturizer for dry skin on a routine periodic basis.


wheaten skin care routine for women

  • Make sure to clean the skin with a gentle cleanser and moisturize it in a daily routine.
  • Clinical research has shown that wheaten skin dries out faster because it loses moisture faster. Adopt a deep moisturizing routine.
  • Use moisturizers that contain glycerin or hyaluronic acid.
  • It is necessary to apply sun protection cream and UV rays before leaving the house.


  • Attention to treating acne and skin problems and not letting them get worse.
  • Adopt the use of care products from natural ingredients that do not contain chemicals.
  • Follow a healthy diet that contains plenty of fiber and vitamins, with attention to drinking enough water for the body's needs.
  • Use natural masks to add vitality and purity to the skin.
  • Use international brands based on natural materials and you will find the best skin care products for women in our Adam pharmacy.

Learn how to take care of dry skin and the best treatment for dry skin wrinkles

Men's wheaten skin care routine

  • Take care to follow a comfortable skin shave.
  • Use a suitable shaving gel that has a rich formula.
  • Pay attention to the moisturizing product after shaving.
  • Use a suitable facial cleanser and avoid using soapy formulations that dry the skin.
  • Apply sunscreen daily before going out to work.
  • Protect the skin from drying factors and use a daily moisturizing cream enriched with high ingredients from the pure goodness of nature.
  • The best men's grooming products are available in Adam's pharmacy.

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