Causes of facial pimples Ways to deal with and treat them 

Causes of facial pimples Ways to deal with and treat them 

Causes of facial pimples are multiple and different according to age factors, skin type, weather and environmental factors exposed to them, as well as according to the life system of each person. Also, what are the causes of facial pills that can be avoided 

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Different causes of facial pills 


  • Pregnancy is one of the most famous causes of acne in the face, due to the increase in the secretion of the hormone progesterone, which works to stimulate the sebaceous glands and makes them produce fat in abundance, which Clogged pores and 


  • cause hormonal fluctuations during and after adolescence, which leads to the occurrence of 

      hormonal fluctuation is also one of the causes of facial pimples at the age of twenty,


  • near the time of menstruation, which leads to an increase in pimples in the face, which is due to the imbalance in the secretion of hormones in the body and its change 
  • . There are some Taking medications is one of the causes of facial pills, as a side effect of the drug’s 
  • composition Harmful beauty products or skin products with a chemical formula that clogs the pores of the skin 
  • An unhealthy diet that contains excess fat. 


Types of grains in the face and methods of treatment


There are many types that include bacterial grains in the face, such as acne, abscesses and boils and contain pus that needs to be treated with antibiotics. Many of them are medicines and products, including steam and laser sessions. All types of products, medicines and devices that treat facial pills are available at Adam Pharmacy most famous international brands. 


Ways to treat the appearance of pimples on the face 


The appearance of pimples on the face suddenly Event It is undesirable, but it is widespread, as you are surprised by its appearance at a time when you need the purity of the face and the look.  

safe medical wash with therapeutic ingredients and put athe ion of the pills and the use of exfoliators in In an attempt to reduce the matter, face masks contribute to a speedy recovery, and you can consult your pharmacist to choose the best product suitable for your skin type. 


The forehead pills indicate 


what are the reasons for the appearance of pills in the forehead and why does this happen and spread, especially in oily skin, some medications that cause increased secretion of fat or hormonal imbalance lead to the spread of front pills even if it is not in adolescence and contributes to diet and unhealthy bad habits such as smoking In the occurrence of forehead pimples, 

tension and anxiety are also a catalyst for the occurrence and formation of forehead pimples, which leads to hormonal imbalances that in turn help in the occurrence of forehead pimples, the use of an inappropriate lotion for the skin or neglect of hygiene and washing the face in the proper way and with the components of a pure lotion contributes to the pimples of the forehead and is a major cause of Causes of facial pimples. 


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