Types of facial causes and treatment

Types of facial causes and treatment

Types of facial pimples are varied and different according to the causes of their occurrence, skin type and the conditions that led to their occurrence, and despite their many forms and types, they fall under two types, inflammatory face pills and non-inflammatory pills, the second type is inflammatory grains or bacterial grains in the face that are caused by infection Bacterial clogging the pores and resulting in painful pills that cause inflammation and redness of the skin around it and may leave scars after recovery

should be paid to searching for ways to treat the appearance of pimples on the face before it leads to complications or leaves traces in the face  


Facial Bacterial (Inflammatory)


  • Abscesses: It is one of the most severe facial pimples that may produce scars after healing if it is not dealt with properly during treatment. It is a solid mass resulting from clogged pores and damages the deep cells under it and is very painful.
  • Nodules:  under the surface of the skin and can cause complications such as dark spots 
  • pores blockage cells 
  • It isThe damage caused by black or white heads leads to the occurrence of a bump under the surface of the skin that is irritated and hard and is red in color, causing irritation to the skin around it. 


Types of facial pills and their treatment 

for For the non-inflammatory type, it is treated at home with some simple procedures, in addition to medical treatment from the pharmacy after consulting the doctor or pharmacist. As for the pills abscess through surgery or chemical peeling and complementary laser 

. treatments thetime.


Types of face pills in children

Children may also suffer from the occurrence of face pills, especially infants, as it is a common problem and we will talk about the 

types of face pills for children And its causes and common symptoms about it 

One of the most important reasons that expose infants to the occurrence of facial pimples is the transmission of hormones to them through the mother’s hormones in the last third of pregnancy and some children are exposed to pills in the face as a result of milk allergy or milk contact with the child’s face and perhaps the use of detergents and care products that cause allergies 


How Know the type of grain in the face?

You can distinguish between the types of pills 

on the face by the shape, texture and inflammation around them, so it appears whether they are bacterial or are they non-inflammatory, and since treating the pills of the cheeks and forehead requires topical treatment, cleaning and purification of the face and also the skin type and the most appropriate treatment for it, it can be expected that the pills are inflammatory if they aresecretions, and then the medical follow-up must be done immediately so that the face is not exposed to complications and effects that do not go away, such as dark spots and scars 

pusThis is because treatments that are not suitable for the type of pimples or skin type may lead to dangerous results. 



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