Omega 3 benefits

Omega 3 benefits

As one of the necessary nutritional supplements that the body cannot produce on its own, we present to you in this report the benefits of omega 3, where there are many benefits for men, women and children.

Omega 3 and its types

Omega 3 fatty acids One of the polyunsaturated fats that the body needs to perform many important functions; Like building brain cells, they form a large part of the cellular membranes in the body, although the human body can manufacture most types of fats; However, he cannot manufacture omega-3s, but rather obtains them from his own food sources. 


Omega is available in three main types:

  • Alpha-linolenic acid: It is available in some types of seeds and vegetable oils, in addition to animals that feed on plants, and the human body uses it for energy, and it should be noted that this acid is the most common type in Western diets.
  • Eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA, is primarily found in fish.
  • Docosahexaenoic acid: Also found primarily in fish.

What are the benefits of omega 3?

There are many benefits of omega-3, including:

  • Reducing the risk of high blood pressure: The results of studies differed about the effect of omega-3 on the level of blood pressure, as they found that this acid may contribute to lowering blood pressure, while other studies did not find this effect, Since alpha-linolenic acid has antihypertensive effects, reducing 
  • atherosclerosis: Consumption of this acid from its natural sources found in food has been found to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis in people who do not eat enough animal sources of omega-3, such as fish. 
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease: that increasing the intake of alpha-linolenic acid from its food sources reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease,
  • reducing the risk of developing pneumonia: that the intake of alpha-linolenic acid from a diet rich in forage may reduce the risk of developing this disease.
  • Reducing the risk of diabetes 
  • Reducing the risk of migraine: The results indicated that the consumption of alpha-linolenic acid, along with other elements of polyunsaturated fatty acids, can contribute to alleviating the severity and duration of a migraine attack, as well as reducing some symptoms such as Nausea and vomiting. 
  • Improve cholesterol levels and reduce triglycerides in the blood.
  • Improving and regulating symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle.
  • Reducing the exacerbation of ulcerative colitis.
  • Reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Improving male fertility.
  • Reducing symptoms associated with depression.
  • Maintain kidney health.
  • Improving systemic lupus erythematosus or systemic lupus erythematosus
  • to reduce the risk of heart disease.


of Omega-3 Natural Sources of Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are found naturally in many foods, most notably:

  • fatty fish, such as tuna, sardines, salmon, and mackerel.
  • Nuts such as walnuts and almonds.
  • Seeds, such as chia seeds and flax seeds.
  • Natural oils such as olive oil.

Omega 3 supplements Omega 3

is available in Adam's pharmacy in the form of a food supplement (tablets or oil) that can be relied upon to provide the body with its daily needs, but it must be taken into account under the supervision of a specialist, or you can order it from the specialized clinical pharmacist at Adam Pharmacy.


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