Softening the diaper area in children

Softening the diaper area in children

A common type of dermatitis called diaper rash causes patches of irritated skin to appear on a baby's buttocks, so mothers look for ways to soothe a baby's diaper area. Simple home remedies for diaper rash, such as air drying, diaper changing or using ointment, often work.

Diaper Rash Symptoms


Mothers suffer from diaper rash in their babies. The signs and symptoms of diaper rash include: Diaper rash

  • on the genitals, groin and buttocks
  • irritation
  • Sores in the diaper area
  • Discomfort, anxiety or tears , especially when changing diapers. The

causes of diaper

rash in children are many reasons, but today we are talking about the causes of diaper rash, which are as follows:

  • If wet or dirty diapers are kept on the inflamed skin of the child for a long period of time, a rash may occur. 
  • The rash can be caused by diapers or tight clothing that rubs against the skin.
  •  A new type of wipe, baby diaper, or any detergent, bleach, or fabric softener you use while washing cloth diapers may cause a reaction on your baby's skin and ingredients made from fat, powder, and oil may make the problem worse.
  • Yeast or bacterial (fungal) infections can start as a direct infection, but have the potential to spread and infect the surrounding areas due to its warmth and moisture. The area covered by diapers is vulnerable and provides an ideal habitat for the development of germs and yeasts. Skin folds develop into this rash and these can be Wrinkles surrounded by red dots.
  • Include new nutrients in a child's dinner The content of children's stool changes when they start eating solid meals. Then, you will increase the chance of diaper rash. In addition, changing the baby's food speeds up the process of defecation, which can cause a problem with diaper rash due to the feeding of the nursing mother.
  • Diaper rash is more likely to appear in infants with skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis (eczema) or seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Use of antibiotics By eliminating microorganisms that prevent yeast from overgrowth, antibiotics can cause a rash.

Treatments for soothing the diaper area in children

There are many treatments for soothing the diaper area in children that can be prepared with simple ingredients from home, and we will list the best ones for you as follows:

  • Use of Kidi Soft Cream for the diaper area with its natural ingredients of zinc oxide and sesame oil, which are characterized by their effectiveness in preserving the skin of the child.
  • Experience has shown that starch is one of the greatest remedies for diaper rash because it dries up wet areas and reduces friction.
  • However, before using it, you should first wash the affected area with lukewarm water and dry it with a clean towel before placing a small amount on the palm of your hand and applying it to the inflamed skin of the child.
  • Since berries are known to contain antioxidants with anti-inflammatory qualities, this recipe is only suitable for children over one year of age.
  • Give the young child one or two cups throughout the day as it is very beneficial for him as it also strengthens the immune system and helps the body fight bacteria.

Tips for treating diaper rash

  • If your baby's skin is inflamed from a nappy, do everything you can to allow him to sit without a nappy, even for an hour each day, to help the healing process.
  • With the exception of pure soap with olive oil as an ingredient, soap is prohibited here.
  • Every time the baby urinates, the nappy should be changed and starch should be used because the infection helps spread by the presence of constant urine.
  • Use only lukewarm water to wash the baby, rather than very hot water to soothe the area.
  • Bring a zinc cream and olive oil if you want to use one.
  • Drying is critical before wearing a diaper, and at this time of inflammation, the diaper should be a little wider.

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