Sinusitis treatment

Sinusitis treatment

Treatment of sinusitis, which is a common disease among people, and affects them at all ages, but once they receive the appropriate treatment, they are cured, and few of them appear to have some serious complications, so through the next lines, the best treatment for sinusitis will be identified.

Causes of sinusitis and the nose in general
Most people get sinusitis due to the following reasons:

The occurrence of growths in the tissues called nasal polyps, which block the sinuses.

Respiratory infection is one of the most common causes.

Complications of other conditions such as cystic fibrosis and immunodeficiency disease.

Allergies such as hay fever, which clogs the sinuses.

Deviation of the nasal septum, which is the wall separating the nose, blocking the sinuses.


Constant exposure to external pollutants such as smoke or cigarettes.

Symptoms of sinusitis
There are some symptoms that may appear on the patient, which should be noted before starting the treatment of sinusitis, which are:

Mucous discharge from the nose.

Not being able to breathe well.

Loss of sense of smell.


Pain in the face, especially near the nose.

Constant headache.

Feeling of pain in the teeth.

high body temperature;

Coughing and sneezing.

Unpleasant breath smell.

Seasons in which the symptoms of infections increase
Spring and fall are the seasons that cause sinusitis, due to fluctuations in the weather and the spread of dust.

There are reports confirming that sinus patients develop infections in the spring as a result of the spread of pollen in the air and climatic fluctuations.

There are also some patients who suffer from sinusitis all year round, and it gets worse in the spring and winter, so tips that help treat sinusitis are:

Using a home humidifier, which helps greatly in humidifying the air, or taking a steam shower.

Stay away from places where there is a lot of dust, as it increases sinusitis.

Cleaning the house of pet hair in it, it causes sinusitis.

Avoid eating sugars and dairy that increase inflammation.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants, which is the best way to treat sinusitis.

Is there a permanent sinusitis treatment?
Some people wonder about the permanent treatment of sinusitis, but in fact, it can be treated in most cases, but this depends on the treatment, its type and effectiveness, for example:

The cause of the infection is bacterial: it was acute or simple and not chronic, so it can be treated with antibiotics.

The cause of the infection is non-bacterial: such as chronic sinusitis or inflammation associated with allergies, it cannot be treated with antibiotics, but it is treated with anti-allergic drugs.

Experiences in treating sinusitis
There are some experiences about treating sinusitis that can be used to relieve or treat pain, and these experiences are:

Use a nasal rinse to keep the nose clean and moisturized.

Sprays used to treat sinusitis

Placing a warm wet towel on the face, especially the nose area, which helps open the nasal passages.

Lying on two pillows, making sure the head remains elevated, this makes breathing comfortable.

Avoid bathing in swimming pools that contain chlorine, as it is a substance that irritates the membranes in the nose.

Drink plenty of fluids, which help thin the mucus and prevent blockage in the sinuses.

Lotion: treatment of sinusitis
Otosan daily nasal wash is the best in the treatment of sinusitis, as it contains a saline solution that cleans the nose, and it is also free of preservatives, so it is safe for pregnant women and does not irritate the nose from the inside.

its uses

Otosan nasal wash is used in many matters, including:

Prevention and relief of congestion associated with colds or seasonal colds.

It moisturizes the nose and protects it from dryness or daily pollution.

It treats congestion that occurs during pregnancy.

the ingredients

Otosan Nasal Wash contains moisturizing hyaluronic acid and sodium bicarbonate.

How to use

The next vial in the package is filled to the indicated mark with lukewarm water.

Add one sachet of salt to the lukewarm water.

Shake the bottle well until the salt is dissolved.

Gently squeeze the bottle so that the solution enters the nose

Warnings for use: This lotion is not safe for children under five years of age.

In conclusion, and after learning about the methods of treating sinusitis and how to use Otosan daily nasal wash, which is a safe medical product that helps treat congestion, moisturizes the nose from the inside and protects it from dehydration as a result of exposure to external factors such as dust and smoke.

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